The Graduate College is the only academic unit at Boise State University whose sole concern and primary advocacy is graduate education. The Graduate College provides institutional oversight for more than 70 graduate curricula established across six academic colleges, with approximately 2,000 registered graduate students each semester. These programs span the breadth of graduate education, from practice-oriented master’s programs that prepare students for leadership roles in a wide variety of professional settings, to research focused Ph.D. programs that develop the next generation of scholars.

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Theses/Dissertations from 2011


Nutritional and Chemical Factors Shaping Diet Selection for Two Sagebrush Specialists: Pygmy Rabbits and Sage-Grouse, Amy Colleen Ulappa


Design Guide for CMOS Process On-Chip 3D Inductor using Thru-Wafer Vias, Gary VanAckern


Geochronologic and Isotopic Investigation of the Koipato Formation, Northwestern Great Basin, Nevada: Implications for Late Permian-Early Triassic Tectonics along the Western U.S. Cordillera, Nicholas Quentin Vetz


Temporal and Spatial Analysis of Stream and Groundwater Interactions, Ryan Eugene Warden


How Do Human Disturbance, Beach Characteristics, and Coastal Engineering Affect Snowy Plover (Charadrius alexandrinus) Habitat Selection on the Florida Panhandle?, Alyson F. Webber


Magnetic Field Induced Strain in Polycrystalline Magnetic Shape Memory Foam, Cassie Lynne Witherspoon


The Design, Fabrication, and Calibration of a Micro-Newton Thrust Measurement Stand, Jack T. Woldtvedt


Introducing Dialogue Back Into the Classroom: Blending Narrative Storytelling in Social Studies, Eun Kyoung Yu

Theses/Dissertations from 2010

The Fourth-Century Rediscovery of Christian Jerusalem, Daniella Makram Morgos Abdelmasih


Review of Randomized Control Trials Assessing the Efficacy of Noninvasive Ventilation (NIV) in Acute Hypoxemic Respiratory Failure (AHRF) in Non-COPD and Non-Trauma Cases, Marja AlYami

I Want to Steal Your Stop Sign, Amanda Bennett


Bio-Terror Agent Multiplex Detection Compatible with Low Temperature Co-Fired Ceramic, Jason Besecker


High-Voltage Programmable Delta-Sigma Modulation Voltage-Control Circuit, Lucien Jan Bissey


Religiosity and Fear of Crime, Jonathan Bolen


Developmental Understanding of the Equals Sign and Its Effects on Success in Algebra, Ryan W. Brown


The Inquiry Learning Model as an Approach to Mathematics Instruction, Michael C. Brune


High Temperature Fatigue Crack Growth Behavior and Microstructural Evolution in Alloy 230, Jatuporn Burns


An Exploratory Study of 2007-08 Idaho Early Childhood Special Education Outcome Data, Brenda Mortensen Cannon


Impact of Ground-level Aviation Emissions on Air Quality in the Western United States, Eric Edward Clark


Differentially Encoded Quadrature Phase Shift Key Communication and Real-Time Implementation, Robert Walton Conant


Geochemical and Geochronological Constraints on the Tectonothermal History of the Central and Eastern Nepal Himalaya: Implications for Thermal-Mechanical Models, Stacey Lynn Corrie

Trigger Men: Novel Excerpt and Stories, Matt Crosby


Ancient and Recent Demographic Events Influence Mitochondrial DNA Diversity in an Immigrant Basque Population, Michael Christopher Davis


Synthesis, Characterization, and Device Fabrication Utilizing Novel Metal-Doped Germanium Selenide Phase-Change Memory Materials, Morgan Gregory Davis


Burning Down the Trailer Park, Timothy Owen Davis


The Elderly Somali Bantu Experience of American Health Care: The New Way, Cathy Marie Deckys


Jesús Urquides: Idaho’s Premier Muleteer, Max Aaron Delgado III


Does Mean Osteon Size Change with Age, Sex or Handedness? Analysis of the Second Metacarpal in a 19th Century Sample from Belleville, Ontario, Canada, Bridget Jennifer Denny


Galois Theory for Differential Equations, Soheila Eghbali


Sex Education Decision Making at the Independent School District of Boise, Annabeth D. Elliott

Transitioning New Graduates into Practice, Anne Erickson


The Role of Minor Fibrillar Collagens During Craniofacial Development in Zebrafish, Ming Fang


Using the Continuous Wavelet Transform to Characterize Differences Between Impact Signals from Non-Cleated and Cleated Turf Shoes, Wayne Robert Fischer


A Culture Of Divisions: Cultural Representations of La Bruja and La Curandera in Nuevo Mexicano Folklore and Literature, Annemarie Lynette García


Stepping Away From the Ring: An Autoethnographic Study of Hero Worship Created Through Media Consumption, James Ross Gatfield


Hardware Implementation of Real-Time Operating System’s Thread Context Switch, Deepak Kumar Gauba


A Reconfigurable Pattern Matching Hardware Implementation Using On-Chip Ram-Based FSM, Indrawati Gauba


How Do Idaho’s Lineups Line Up? An Exploratory Study on Congruence to Nationally Recommended Practices in Eyewitness Identification Procedure, Nichole Jolein Gerhard


Factors Influencing Soil Moisture at the Hillslope Scale in a Semi-Arid Mountainous Environment, Ivan John Geroy


Determining Intensity Levels for Selected Wii Fit Activities in College Aged Individuals, Joshua D. Grieser


Child Mothers in Children’s Literature: Victorian Gender Negotiations in Burnett’s Girlhood Fiction, Hailey Siobhan Grist


A Case Study on the Use of Athletic Performance Strategies in an Elite Athlete’s Management of Pancreatic Cancer, Brooke Elisabeth Harris


"Sore Vexation," The Utah Saints and the Gentile War: The Development of the LDS Church During the Civil War, Rebecca Ann Hawks


CELL(F), Nicole Lynn Herden


An Examination of the Effectiveness of an 8-week Bikram Yoga Program on Mindfulness, Perceived Stress, and Physical Fitness, Zoe Louise Hewett


The Effects of Interaction on Adolescent Reading Motivation, Greg A. Hoetker


Camp Cooke: The First Army Post in Montana – Success and Failure on the Missouri, Rodger Lee Huckabee


Crime is Not Just a Man's World: Perceptions of Female Offenders Through a Feminist Lens, Marianne Hudson


Exploring Brain-Based Instructional Practices in Secondary Education Classes, Constance Darcy Jack


School Size and Student Academic Achievement in Idaho High Schools, Barbara J. James


Teaching for Social Justice with Students from Privileged Groups: Integrating Social Justice into Middle School Curriculum, Bong Seok Jang


Exploring Managed NAND Media Endurance, Mark G. Jurenka


Energy-Efficient Fault Tolerant Coverage for Wireless Sensor Networks, Rahul Kavalapara


Caspase Activation in Neurodegenerative Diseases Classified as Tauopathies and Alpha-Synucleinopathies: Caspase-Cleaved TAR DNA-Binding Protein-43 in Pick's Disease, Parkinson's Disease, and Dementia with Lewy Bodies, Polina Kokoulina

The Law of Marine Constancy, Breonna Vinikas Krafft


Seditio Saturnini: The Sedition of Saturninus, Joseph Michael Kurth


Geochemical, Isotopic, and U-Pb Geochronologic Investigations of Intrusive Basement Rocks from the Wallowa and Olds Ferry Arc Terranes, Blue Mountains Province, Oregon-Idaho, Gene Alan Kurz


Identifying Controls on Surface Carbon Dioxide Efflux in a Semi-Arid Ecosystem, Katrina Elsie Ladd


Stepfamily Stories: How Stories about Rituals Communicate a Sense of Family, Donna Jean Lang


Use(ful In(form)ation, Dustin Lapray


Between the Great Idea and Kemalism: The YMCA at İzmir in the 1920s, Samuel David Lenser


Design of Computer-Based Assessment Secondary Education for Understanding of Mathematics, Mark Damian Lewis


Microstructural Evolution of Nickel During Spark Plasma Sintering, Matthew Thomas Luke


Still Flying: The Communicative Constitution of Browncoat Fandom as Culture, Jonathon Nicholas Lundy


A Great Appearance of Force: Puritan Family Government in Colonial Connecticut, 1672-1725, Alicia Desiree Martin-Cowger


Design and Analysis of a Low Temperature Co-Fired Ceramic Micro Combustor, Matthew H. McCrink


Hip Power Asymmetry in Older Adult Fallers and Non-Fallers, Lauren Grace McDonald


Stably Free Modules Over the Klein Bottle, Andrew Misseldine

Crystallization Characteristics of Thermally-Induced Phase Transformations of Chalcogenide Alloys for Non-Volatile Memory Applications, Rebecca L. Munoz


Revisiting the Margaria-Kalamen Staircase Test: Reliability and Validity in a Modified Anaerobic Power Test for Recreational Masters Athletes, Elizabeth Ellsworth Murdock


Energy-Efficient Reliable Sensor-to-Sink Data Transfer for Wireless Sensor Networks, Vamsi Krishna Venkata Naga Nandanavanam


Trading in Spirits: European Alcohol and the Indigenous Population of New France, Stacy Jo Nation-Knapper

Electric General, Amber Nelson


Pharmaceuticals and Personal Care Products in Ground Water from Municipal Lagoon Treatment, Teresa Nicholas


Characterization of Englacial Voids Using Radar Velocity Anisotropy, Joshua D. Nichols


Douçaine Vivant: The Life, Death, and Resurrection of a Cylindrical Survivor, Aage Bent Nielsen


To a Landscape Unknown: The Mythology and Ecology of Land in John Steinbeck’s To A God Unknown, Danielle Packard


Islands in the Stream: Searching for Structure in the Aboriginal Fishery Along the Snake River, Travis Jay Pitkin

Notes on a Downer Peninsula, Jacob Patrick Powers


The Effects of Walking on Measures of Depression and Anxiety with Court-Ordered Clients, Michael Ray


An Examination of Strength Training Practices in a Sample of Varsity High School Athletic Programs in Idaho, Monica Lynn Reynolds


Effects of Old Nest Material on Occupancy and Reuse of Artificial Burrows, and Breeding Dispersal by Burrowing Owls (Athene Cunicularia) in Southwestern Idaho, Corey S. Riding


Schools, Community, and Family: The Promises of Community-Based School Reform and School Success, Shannon Sue Rishky


Extending Transfer in Composition: Exploring a Model for Conceptualizing Rhetorical Problems, Janet Roser


Combinatorics and Topology of Curves and Knots, Bailey Ann Ross


K-Delta-1-Sigma Modulators for Wideband Analog-to-Digital Conversion, Vishal Saxena


Differences in Muscle Activation in the Lower Extremities While Performing Traditional Squats and Non-Traditional Squats, Christopher M. Scotten


Ldcommunity.Com: Helping Educate Students and Postsecondary Instructors About Learning Disabilities, Ryan Stauffer Scott


A MATLAB®-Based FM Demodulator for the Radio Broadcast Data System, Sandeep Subhash Shende


Using Soil Moisture Trends Across Topographic Gradients to Examine Controls on Semi-arid Ecosystem Dynamics, Toni Jo Smith


An Investigation of Carrier Transport in Hafnium Oxide/Silicon Dioxide MOS Gate Dielectric Stacks from 5.6-400K, Richard G. Southwick III


Reproductive Failure and the Stress Response in American Kestrels Nesting Along a Human Disturbance Gradient, Erin Hennegan Strasser


Fire and Climate in a Lodgepole Forest of Central Idaho: Annual, Decadal, Centennial, and Millennial Perspectives, Lar Osvard Svenson


Age and Isotopic Investigations of the Olds Ferry Terrane and its Relations to Other Terranes of the Blue Mountains Province, Eastern Oregon and West-Central Idaho, Kyle P. Tumpane


Degradation Specific OCR, Subramaniam Venkatraman


Convergent Validity between Field Tests of Isometric Core Strength, Functional Core Strength, and Sport Performance Variables in Female Soccer Players, Jeffrey Scott Wagner


Environmental Impact of the Euro-American Emigration Through Southwestern Idaho (1840-1862): Effect on Native Lifeways, Garrett G. Webb


Costs and Benefits of Variable Nest Density in Burrowing Owls: Effects on Predation, Ectoparasites, Egg Yolk Hormones, and Productivity, Justin Lamar Welty


Structural and Stratigraphic Age Constraints of the Inskip Formation, East Range, Nevada: Implications for Mesozoic Tectonics of Western North America, Joshua David Wilkins


Extending the Page Segmentation Algorithms of the OCRopus Documentation Layout Analysis System, Amy Alison Winder


Gain and Offset Error Correction for CMOS Image Sensor Using Delta-Sigma Modulation, Kuang Ming Yap


Oppression, an Artist’s Experience, Asaad Zangana

Theses/Dissertations from 2009


Boeing's Impact on Seattle, William Anderson


Household and Property Relations in Tuva, Tayana Arakchaa


Mouse Oncostatin M Receptor RNA Interference and Novel RNA Analysis Gel, Patrick S. Aranda


Phase Change Memory: Array Development and Sensing Circuits Using Delta-Sigma Modulation, Mahesh Balasubramanian


Electrical Switching Properties of Ternary and Layered Chalcogenide Phase-Change Memory Devices, Martin Jared Barclay


New Species and Expanded Geographic Ranges of Gut Fungi and Their Symbiotic Relationship with Insect Hosts, Molly Elizabeth Bench


Differences in Upper Body Posture and Postural Muscle Activation in Females with Larger Breast Sizes, Mindy Bennett


Yolk Androgens and Development in American Kestrel Nestlings, Melanie Dawn Berg


The Effects of Gender on the Biomechanics of the Hip During Athletic Maneuvers, Mikaela Boham


Women in White Coats: Female Physician Role Enactment in Medical Clinic Interactions, Katie Lynn Bohannon

Memory Line: Poems, Steffen A. Brown III


Improving Success of Translocating Southern Idaho Ground Squirrels (Spermophilus Endemicus), Katie Lea Busscher


Elders with Diabetes: Implications for Depression Screening, Cynthia Clinkingbeard


Among the Stars, Bradley Cook


Traction Characteristics of Cleated Athletic Shoes at Various Angles of Internal Rotation on Artificial Turf, Benjamin S. Cooper


Internal Structure and Geochronology of the Gerrei Unit in the Flumendosa Area, Variscan External Nappe Zone, Sardinia, Italy, Ashley V. Dack


Assessment of Lactate Response after the Completion of Three Different Volume Patterns of Power Clean, Anand Date


Writing in the Middle: A Qualitative Study of Seventh Grade Language Arts Teachers, Cherie Jolene Dockstader


Exploring Red-tailed Hawk Migration Using Stable Isotope Analysis and DNA Sexing Techniques, Kara Clare Donohue


The Root Causes of Errant Ordered Radiology Exams, Benjamin Duman


Survey of Adult Cystic Fibrosis Patients and Parents of Cystic Fibrosis Patients on Nutrition Education, Dixie Lea Durham


Bringing Science to Scale Through Increased Technical Assistance, Marybeth Flachbart

The G.A.P.S. Project: Development of an Interactive Data-Mapping Tool, Chris Florez


Concept Booklets: Examining the Performance Effects of Journaling of Mathematics Course Concepts, Todd Stephen Fogdall


Criterion Validity of the Air Displacement Plethysmography Technique in the Assessment of Percent Body Fat, David Gonzalez


Differential Cellular Responses to Metal Oxide Based Nanoparticles and Potential Biomedical Applications, Cory L. Hanley


Wide I/O Dram Architecture Utilizing Proximity Communication, Qawi IbnZayd Harvard


Hadrian’s Wall: Romanization on Rome’s Northern Frontier, Joshua P. Haskett


Digitally-Tunable Surface Acoustic Wave Resonator, Robert Russell Hay


Opium Use in Victorian England: The Works of Gaskell, Eliot, and Dickens, Jessica Rae Henderson


Rubrics and Revision: What are the Effects of 3rd Graders Using Rubrics to Self-Assess or Peer-Assess Drafts of Writing?, Gabriel Cameron Horn


Dependence of Bone Microarchitecture Upon Collagen α1(XI) Expression During Embryonic Development, Nathan James Hoskins


Introduction and Spread of Bromus tectorum (Cheatgrass) into Midwestern United States: Population Genetic and Evolutionary Consequences, Temsha D. Huttanus


The Archaeology and Mobility at 10-Cn-05, an Archaeological Site, Middle Snake River, Idaho, Tedd D. Jacobs


Visions/Versions of the Medieval in C.S. Lewis’s the Chronicles of Narnia, Heather Herrick Jennings


Constructing Marriage: A Thematic Analysis of Self-Help Books on Marriage, Stephanie Mae Jones


Information Technology Infrastructure Library Problem Management Practices in Higher Education: A Maturity Model Approach, Peter Allyn Jurhs


Histomorphometry of the Human Rib Cortex in Methamphetamine Users, Robert Chancey Karinen


Diet and Behavior of Ferruginous Hawks Nesting in Two Grasslands in New Mexico with Differing Anthropogenic Alteration, William Hanlon Keeley


Numerical Modeling of Time-Lapse Seismic Experiments to Monitor CO2 Sequestration in a Layered Basalt Reservoir, Murari Khatiwada


A Wireless Sensor Data Fusion Framework for Contaminant Detection, Joshua Kiepert


Behavioral Interactions of Breeding Bald Eagles (Haliaeetus luecocephalus) at Lake Cascade, Idaho, Scott Allen Kimball


Idaho Building Capacity: Developing a Statewide System of Support for Districts and Schools in Need of Improvement, Lisa L. Kinnaman


Another Look at Reflection: Promoting Student Voice, Self-Efficacy and Student/Teacher Dialogue Through Structured, Guided Reflection Prompts in a College Reading and Study Skills Course, Linda Kirby


A Descriptive Study Examining Motivation, Goal Orientations, Coaching, and Training Habits of Women Ultrarunners, Rhonna Zena Krouse


Characterization and Quantification of Ground Heat Flux for Late Season Shallow Snow, Aurele LaMontagne


Continuity in Iranian Leadership Legitimization: Farr-i Izadi, Shi’ism, and Vilayet-i Faqih, Tamara C. Mackenthun


Immunomodulatory Effects of Diesel Exhaust Particles, Ashley Kay Masterson


Effective Sample Size in Order Statistics of Correlated Data, Neill McGrath


A Bold, Hopeful, Tolerant, Progressive Way” – Progressives in the Idaho Legislature, 1908-1915, Michael Carl Moore

A Comparison of Two Types of Warm-Up to Improve Cricket Bowler's Speed, Pravin More


Holocene Fire and Climate in Rangeland Ecosystems of Southwestern Idaho, Nathan Alfred Nelson


Limitless and Free, David Nicholas


Materials Consideration for Nanoionic Nonvolatile Memory Solutions, Manasseh Okocha Obi

A Plan of Action for Victims' Rights Week Events, Katherine Elizabeth Orcher


Conservative Conservationists: Water Rights, Wilderness, and Idahoan Political Identity, Kelly M. Orgill


Cross Sections Used to Elucidate Differences in Wavelet Transforms of Ground Force Reactions, Wesley John Orme


Comparison of Four Techniques of Body Composition Assessment in Older Adults, Nilesh D. Pawar


Traditions in Transition: Basques in America, Alissa Peterson


Transparency in Formal Proof, Cap Petschulat


A Parallel Computing Test Bed for Performing an Unsupervised Fluoroscopic Analysis of Knee Joint Kinematics, Renu Ramanatha

A Snake in Eden, Susan Bruns Rowe


Computational Fluid Dynamics Modeling of Atmospheric Flow Applied to Wind Energy Research, Alan Russell


Virtually There: Social Structure Over Time and Space, Wayne Erik Rysavy

Evaluation of Biotic Metrics to Distinguish Between Reference and Impacted Rheocrenes (Springbrooks) in Southern Idaho, Johnna Lyn Sandow

Weight Selection by Misfit Surfaces for Least Squares Estimation, Garrett Saunders

Daniel Deronda Steps Out of the Closet: Examining the Queer/Jewish Strategies of Identity-Formation, David Scott


Response to Intervention at the Secondary Level: Identifying Students At Risk for High School Dropout, Carrie Lisa Semmelroth


The Effects of a Standards-Based Mathematics Curriculum on the Self-Efficacy and Academic Achievement of Previously Unsuccessful Students, Cindy Chesley Shaw


Carbon-Free Compressed Air Energy Storage, Dustin Andrew Shively


The Sweet Air, Ann Braley Smith


Analytical Upstream Collocation Solution of a Quadratic Forced Steady-State Convection-Diffusion Equation, Eric Paul Smith


Solvability Characterizations of Pell Like Equations, Jason Smith


Investigating Raptor Migration Behavior Using Orientation Cages and Wing Measurements: A Comparison of the Flammulated Owl and Northern Saw-whet Owl in Southwestern Idaho, Rhonda F. Smith

Proposal for Integration of Economics, Global Perspectives and the Senior Project, Mark A. Snodgrass


Static Postural Variables and Patellofemoral Pain in Females, Daniel E. Stenger


Mental Health Provision to Hispanics in Idaho: Findings from a Provider Survey, Nicole Stickney


Static and Accent, Naomi Beth Tarle


Implementation of a Cartesian Grid Incompressible Navier-Stokes Solver on Multi-GPU Desktop Platforms Using CUDA, Julien C. Thibault


From Screen to Page: Japanese Film as a Historical Document, 1931-1959, Olivia Umphrey


“The Greenery of a Nightmare”: Paradise Sought, Found and Lost in the Essays of Joan Didion, Christy Claymore Vance


Confronting Environmental and Social Crises: Octavia E. Butler’s Critique of the Spiritual Roots of Environmental Injustice in Her Parable Novels, Melissa Vargas

Speaking Engagement: The Correlation Between Communication Apprehension and Student Involvement in the University Environment, Danielle Ashley Verhulp


The King and His Council, Karen I. Wadley

Singles Going Steady: Poems, Jason Richard Walsh


Evaluating the Effects of Credit-Based Transitional Programs on High School Students' Critical Thinking Skills, Jane M. Walther


Seed Predation on Slickspot Peppergrass by the Owyhee Harvester Ant, Joshua P. White


Searching for Patterns of Discourse in a Sea of Professional Development: Professional Learning and Teacher Discourse, Brian T. Whitney

Lateral Water Redistribution During Spring Snowmelt and Simulated Rain-On Snow Events, Michael David Whitson


American Friends Service Committee Efforts to Aid Japanese American Citizens During World War II, Theodore Wilbur

A Geochemical Investigation of Groundwater Sources, Blackfoot River, Idaho, Jennifer S. Wilson


An Organizational Communication Perspective on the University: Understanding How Individuals Constitute Organizations, Charles Ritchie Woffinden

A Modern Case of Feral Children, April Wolfe


Biomechanical Evaluation of Glenohumeral Joint Stabilizing Muscles During Provocative Tests Designed to Diagnose Superior Labrum Anterior-Posterior Lesions, Vanessa J. C. Wood


Rational Drug Design: An Information Driven Approach to the Design of an Anthracycline Analog, Charlene Rebecca Young

Educator Learning: Certainty or Untidy Diversity, Julia A. Zarbnisky

Theses/Dissertations from 2008

Collagen Type XI in Zebrafish Axial Skeletal Development, Jason Samuel Adams

Hardware Implementation of Finite State Machine Watermarking Technique, Sudhangi Ambekar

Design of an Integrated Half-Cycle Delay Line Duty Cycle Corrector Delay-Locked Loop, Eric A. Becker


Analyzing Leaders’ Perceptions to Enhance the Use of an Employee Engagement Survey, Shelley A. Berg

The Impact of Crystal Orientation on Initial Stage Oxidation of Polycrystalline Nickel and Chromium, Louis P. Bonfrisco

Captivating Distractions: Marketing Music in Consolidated Markets, Jaclyn Dawn Brandt


Ground-Penetrating Radar and Thermal Modeling of Active Layer Thaw Beneath Arctic Streams, Troy Richard Brosten

Factors Controlling the Concentration of Arsenic in the Treasure Valley Shallow Aquifer, Idaho, Montague W. Busbee


Title I Program Models of Delivery: The Impact of Paraeducator Instruction on Idaho Fourth Grade Reading Proficiency, Janet S. Byers-Kirsch

Low-Voltage CMOS Temperature Sensor Design Using Schottky Diode-Based References, Curtis Wayne Cahoon

Transient Liquid Phase Sintering and Joining of Lanthanum Calcium Ferrite, Patrick G. Callahan

The Application of Ferromagnetic Shape Memory Alloys in Power Generation Devices, David R. Carpenter

Love Wave Propagation in Viscoelastic Media, Gottumukkula Vijaya Raghavendra Chakravarthy

Influence of Towing Force Magnitude on the Kinematics of Supramaximal Sprinting, David A. Clark

Tube-Equivalence of Spanning Surfaces and Seifert Surfaces, Thomas Glass

Characterization of Mechanical and Magnetic Properties of Ni-Mn-Ga Shape Memory Thin Films Deposited onto Silicon and Alumina Substrates, Michael Hagler

Seasonal Variation in Immunocompetence and Other Physiological Parameters of the American Kestrel (Falco Sparverius), Eric C. Hallingstad

Scale and Heterogeneity in Hydraulic Properties of the Fractured Granitic Boise Front, Boise, Idaho, Bernadette Acker Hoffman

The Development and Evaluation of Ground, Model and Satellite-Based Snowmelt Depletion Curves, Joel William Homan

Simple Tests for Short Memory in ARFIMA Models, Timothy A. C. Hughes

Incomparable Metrics on the Cantor Space, Trevor Jack

Brick: Investigations of History, Architecture, Sculpture and Metaphor, William Jamieson

The Synthesis and Sintering of Nitrides of Uranium and Dysprosium, Brian J. Jaques


MOSFET Modulated Dual Conversion Gain CMOS Image Sensors, Xiangli Li

Hardware and Software Design for a Large Gas Engine Detonation Simulator, Tracy Lowder

Using Delta-Sigma Modulation for Sensing in a CMOS Imager, Dennis Glen Montierth

Richards' Equation and Its Constitutive Relations as a System of Differential-Algebraic Equations, Shannon K. Murray

Comparison of the Trunk and Pelvis Range of Motion Between Gymnasts and Non-Gymnasts, Teri J. Penza

Compatability Assessment of HfN, ZrN, and Graphite with Molten LiCl-NaCl-KCl-UCl₃, Prakash Periasamy

In Search of Lingua Franca: The Myths of English Only, Michael K. Peterson

Soft-Core Processors in Computer Engineering Education, C. Arlen Planting

An Evaluation of the Effectiveness and Utilization of Idaho's Tobacco Cessation Program from 2000 to 2007, Kathryn R. Quinn

A Geochemical and Multi-Isotopic Approach to Determine Mantle Source and Petrogenesis of Late Cenozoic Basalts in the Western Snake River Plain, Idaho, Tiffany A. Rivera

Microstructural Stability in Grain Boundary Engineered Copper and Creep-Tested Inconel 617, Scott Michael Schlegel

Wireless Access in Vehicular Environments Using Bit Torrent and Bargaining, Barsha Shrestha

A Novel Approach to Investigate the Reliability of Titanium Nitride/Hafnium Oxide/Silicon Dioxide/Silicon Gate Stacks, Richard G. Southwick III

Evaluation of the Spatially Varying Water Balance Processes in a Semi-Arid Mountainous Watershed of Idaho Using the Soil Water Assessment Tool (SWAT) Model, Benjamin T. Stratton

Investigating Recharge Routes to the Treasure Valley Aquifer System, Idaho Using Noble Gas Thermometry, Michael Thoma

Room Temperature Ferromagnetism in Nickel Doped Cerium Oxide Nanoparticles, Aaron Paul Thurber

Image Registration Using Phase Correlation, Geng Zheng

Theses/Dissertations from 2007

Geochronology of the House Mountain Gneiss Complex in the Atlanta Lobe of the Idaho Batholith, Jeremy Alexander

PTK: A Parallel Toolkit Library, Kirsten Ann Allison

A Dynamic Loop Detection, Profiling and Optimization Tool, Ravi Ayyagari

Ecology, Habitat Use, and Probability of Detection of Flammulated Owls in the Boise National Forest, Keith P. Barnes

The Effects of Functional Fatigue Elicited by Rapid, Repetitive Acceleration and Deceleration on the Ground Reaction Forces of a Jump Landing in Female Collegiate Soccer Players, Kathleen Berg

The Effects of Functional Fatigue on Ground Reaction Forces of a Jump, Land, and Cut Task in Female Collegiate Soccer Athletes, Mikaela Boham

The Effects of Roadway Mortality on Barn Owls in Southern Idaho and a Study of Ornamentation in North American Barn Owls, Than James Boves

On the Contradictory Effects of Oncostatin M in Human Breast Cancer, Amanda Joy Bruesch

Code Crackers and Meaning Makers: An Exploration of Comprehension Strategy Instruction in Kindergarten, Mary Ann Cahill

Fusing Parameters Effect on Gloss, Brandon Micheal Chaffin

Training, Microstructure, and Magneto-Mechanical Properties of Ni-Mn-Ga Magnetic Shape-Memory Alloys, Markus Chmielus

The Use of a Field Programmable Gate Array in a Compact Ion Mobility Spectrometer Sensor System for Subsurface Volatile Organic Compound Detection, Jonathan Paul Cole

Design and Validation of an Automated Multistep Outflow Apparatus for Measuring Soil Hydraulic Properties, Jordi Figueras

Ground Water Modeling of an Arsenic Contaminated Sandy Aquifer with Response to Transient River Level, Mekong Delta, Cambodia, Somenath Ganguly

Theorem Proving in Elementary Analysis, Joanna Porter Guild

Active Drive Train Control to Improve Energy Capture of Wind Turbines, Nathaniel Haro

Ferromagnetism in Transition Metal Doped Nanoscale Tin Dioxide, Jason Hays

An Investigation of Lucas Sequences, Dustin E. Hinkel

Regulation of CD40 Ligand Gene Expression: Implications in Asthma, Alma Hodzic

A Canonical Countryman Line, William Russell Hudson

Migratory Landbird Stopover Habitats in Southern Idaho: A GIS and Geostatistical Approach, Bonnie C. Hunt

Automated Installation of Linux High-Performance Computing Clusters, Paul Kreiner

Biomechanical Evaluation of Provocative Tests for Superior Glenoid Labrum Lesions, Seth M. Kuhlman

Emplacement and Compositional Variations of the Dikes at Sinker Butte Volcano, Western Snake River Plain, Idaho, Kimberly R. Kurz

Pollination and Florivory by Insects Visiting the Flowers of Lepidium Papilliferum (Brassicaceae), Hollie Leavitt

Dendroclimatological Reconstruction of Streamflow Variability in a Small, Semi-Arid Mountain Catchment, Valerie Joy Lenhartzen

Noise-Shaping Sense Amplifier for Cross-Point Arrays, Matthew B. Leslie

Early Food Restriction and Phenotypic Development in Captive American Kestrels (Faldo Sparverius), Vittoria G. Marzot

Quantifying Noise Effects in Bilevel Document Images, Craig D. McGillivary

Inversion and Resolution Analysis of Electromagnetic Data: Examples from Geothermal and Watershed Characterization, Carlyle Richard Miller

A High Resolution Pennsylvanian-Early Permian Seawater ⁸⁷Sr/⁸⁶Sr Curve, Lyndsey Needham

Deterministic Modeling of Bromide Tracer Transport During the Tracer/Time-Lapse Radar Imaging Test at the Boise Hydrogeophysical Research Site in August, 2001, Gregory Nelson

Portable Wireless Multipurpose Sensor System for Environmental Monitoring, Michael Owen

Determination of Hydraulic Conductivity from SH-Waves, Laura Pool

Influence of Topography, Soils, and Vegetation on Densities and Body Condition of Southern Idaho Ground Squirrels, Kristin L. Ross

Design and Implementation of a PCI Express (PCIe) Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) Memory Functional Tester, Naovarat Sajjapongse

Indirect Feedback Compensation Technique for Multi-Stage Operational Amplifiers, Vishal Saxena

Movements of and Habitat Use by Bull Trout in Arrowrock Reservoir, Idaho, Carl Bernard Stiefel

The Effects of Wildfire and Debris Flows on Small Headwater Stream Ecosystems in Central Idaho, Quenton Tuckett

Preventing Pathology in a Transgenic Mouse Model of Alzheimer's Disease Following Over-Expression of BCL-2, Veera Vyas

Host Selection in the Douglas-Fir Beetle Following Extended Periods of Flight: The Effect of Depleted Fat Reserves on Pioneer Behavior, Wyatt I. Williams

Theses/Dissertations from 2006

Influence of Saturated Wedge Hydrodynamics on Hillslope-Stream Connectivity, Daniella Makram Morgos Abdelmasih

Groundwater Recharge Estimation Using Chloride Mass Balance Dry Creek Experimental Watershed, Pamella Sarah Aishlin

Invasion by nonnative brook trout in Panther Creek, Idaho : roles of habitat Quality, Connectivity and Biotic Resistance, Joseph R. Benjamin

Deposition and Characterization of a Ferromagnetic Semiconductor Chromium Doped Zinc Oxide, Russell Benson

Reproductive Performance as a Function of Outcrossing Distance in Lepidium Papilliferum (Brassicaceae), a Rare Plant Endemic to Southwest Idaho, Stephanie A. Billinge

Wide Range, Low Jitter Delay-Locked Loop Using a Graduated Digital Delay Line and Phase Interpolator, Eric R. Booth

Home Ranges, Movements, and Multi-Scale Habitat Use of Pygmy Rabbits (Brachylagus Idahoensis) in Southwestern Idaho, Gregory S. Burak

Neonatal Stress and Avian Development: Effects on Growth, Immune Function, and Plumage, Michael W. Butler

Application of Borehole Radar and Fresnel Volume Tomography to Characterize a Heterogeneous Alluvial Aquifer, Mark Leonard Buursink

Development and Implementation of the Circuit-Level Oxide Reliability Switch Matrix Technique for Evaluation of CMOS DC and AC Circuit Performance Characteristics, Betsy J. Cheek

Germination, Initial Seedling Establishment and Water Status of Bromus Tectorum and Vulpia Microstachys on Lichen-Dominated Biological Soil Crusts of the Northern Great Basin, Lynell D. Deines

Analytical Modeling of Fully Penetrating Pumping Tests at the Boise Hydrogeophysical Research Site for Aquifer Parameters and Wellbore Skin, Jessica Joan Fox

Pattern-Based Fault Diagnosis Using an Artificial Neural Network Implemented in VHDL, Corey Dean Gates

Immuno-SEM Characterization of Developing Bovine Cartilage, Michelle Lee Gerritsen

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Theses/Dissertations from 2005

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Using Pipelining to Save Power in Field-Programmable Gate Arrays, Steve Bard

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Accounting for Time and Space Variations of δ18 in a Snowmelt Isotopic Hydrograph Separation in the Boise Front, Patrick R. Kormos

Accounting for Time and Space Variations of δ18 in a Snowmelt Isotopic Hydrograph Separation in the Boise Front, Patrick R. Kormos

Thermal Stability of Barrier Layers for Copper Metallization, Bhavna Mantha

Enforcing Non-Hierarchical Access Control Policy Without Public Key Cryptography, Quan Ma

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Theses/Dissertations from 2004

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Cross-Well Radar Attenuation-Difference Tomography to Monitor a Bromide Tracer Test, Sarah Elaine Goldstein

Micro-Controller Based Potentiostat, Ashwini Vittal Gopinath

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Theses/Dissertations from 2003

Improving Patient Satisfaction of Pediatric Dietary Services, John David Bishop

Modeling of RF CMOS Devices for Wireless System-on-a-Chip Applications, Franklyn George Burke

Listening with Ricoeur: A Hermeneutic for Listening Theory, Jerald Catt-Oliason

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Development, Implementation, and Simulation of a Source Policy Route Discovery Protocol, Wei Zhang

Theses/Dissertations from 2002

Development of a High Frequency Probe Station Built to Study Spin Valves, Jake Anderson

Interspecific Hybridization in the Seed-Harvester Ant Pogonomyrmex (Hymenoptera: Formicidae): Evidence for a Mosaic Hybrid Zone, Kirk E. Anderson

An Exploratory Study on Impact of Participation in Youth Action Councils on Development of Assets, Rhiannon N. Avery

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Changes in Local Groundwater Elevation Following Stream Restoration in the Lower Red River Meadow, Idaho, Kenneth Douglas Donley

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Current Density Limitations of Spin-Valves, Terry Gafron

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Internet-Based, Asynchronous Connected Learning and the Role of Course Management Software in Higher Education, Eric Kellerer

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Theses/Dissertations from 2001

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Attendance Patterns of Invasively and Non-Invasively Treated Myocardial Infarction Patients in a Cardiac Rehabilitation Phase 2 Program, Charles F. Barnhart

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Theses/Dissertations from 2000

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Multi-Scale Habitat Influences on Northern Goshawk Occupancy and Reproduction on Washington's Olympic Peninsula, Sean Paul Finn

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Performance Relationship Between Parents and Their Offspring on a Tapping Task, ChungGon Kim

Sedimentation Rates and Pacific Plate Motion Calculated Using Seismic Cross-Sections of the Neogene Equatorial Sediment Bulge, Marie B. Knappenberger

The Effect of Clear or Unclear Teaching on the Number of Student Disruptions in the Classroom, Christopher C. Nordfelt

Flammulated Owl (Otus Flammeolus) Breeding Ecology in Aspen Forests of Northern Utah: Including Responses to Ski Area Development, M. David Oleyar

Structural Analysis of the Pioneer Thrust Fault, Big and Little Fall Creek Drainages, Pioneer Mountains, Blaine and Custer Counties, Idaho, David M. Palleiko

Fate of Nutrients and Pathogens from On-Site Disposal Systems to Ground Water and Application of Different Models Used as Screening Tools to Detect Hazardous Parameters, Hala G. Rafla

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Qualitative Assessment of an Electronic Health Record in an Integrated Health Care Delivery System, Corey Surber

Breeding Ecology of the Crane Hawk in Tikal National Park, Guatemala, Jason A. Sutter

Outcomes Assessment Study Comparing High Schools Employing an Nataboc Certified Athletic Trainer with High Schools that Do Not Employ an NATABOC Certified Athletic Trainer, Eric A. Taylor

Antibiotic Resistance Rates of Methicillin-Resistant Staphlococcus Aureus and Vancomycin-Resistant Enterococcus in Idaho Hospitals from 1994 to 1998, Richard S. Taylor

Artificial Nests, Their Predators, and Their Ability to Represent Real Nests, Kevin S. Warner

Environmental Conflict Resolution Through the Use of a Citizen Advisory Group, Stephen E. West

Toward a Framework of Covert Interaction, Kerenza Williams

Mouse Oncostatin M Transgene Construction, Yumei Lynda Zhang

Theses/Dissertations from 1999

Hydrogeologic Investigation of Ground Water Nitrate for Analysis of Implemented Best Management Practices, Eastern Snake River Plain, Idaho, David John Baumgarten

Ferritin Iron Release by Anthracyclines: Investigations of the Basis for Cardiotoxicity and Implications for Drug Development, Julie L. Brown

Geostatistical Assessment and Hydrogeologic Implications of Agricultural Best Management Practices to Reduce Nonpoint Source Nitrate Pollution Southern Minidoka County, Idaho, Rick A. Carlson

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Investing in the Public Sphere: A Public Service Proposal Based on the Theory of Communicative Action for Mass Communication Research, Ines Hoess

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