Submissions from 2019

Investigation of the Conduction Mechanisms in the Ag- and Cu-Based Self-Directed Channel (SDC) Memristor, Tonglin Lu

Racial Complexity in Postbellum Literature, Jamie Maas, Kacy Frickle, Kiah Lowe, and Audrey Hatfield

Observational Changes in the Boise River, Alexis Manthie


Scanning Probe Microscopy for Nanoscale Characterization of Electrical and Magnetic Properties, Olivia Maryon, Kari Higginbotham, Medha Veligatla, Armen Kvryan, Peter Müllner, Mike Hurley, and Paul H. Davis

Eating Disorder Recovery Outcomes in Correlation with Interpersonal Skills Levels and Perceived Quality of Life, Laura Matthiesen and Patricia Ellis

12th Street Bridge Replacement, Dillan Mattison, Aisha Alawadhi, Sarah Galo, Jenn McAtee, and Chris Peña

Examining Standard Environmental DNA Sample Extraction and Archival Methods, Kelly A. Mazur and Matthew B. Laramie

Reduction and Analysis of Pavement Profiler Data to Quantify the Bump at the End of the Bridge, Jenn McAtee

Triboelectrification of Polymers, Tragon McFall, Trevor Robertson, and Ryan Caldwell

Lucky Peak Dam Assessment of Antrhopogenic Pollutants, Neva McFarland and Conner Protzman

Tension and Release: Tone Production on the Viola, Brooke Mickelson


Mechanisms of Toxin Resistance by Wild Mammalian Herbivores, Jennifer Miles-Rhoades, Janae Wilson, Debbie Conner, and John Vucetich

Commercial Robotic Arm for Eating Assistance, Carlee Miller, Brayan Vazquez, Anjelica Lee, Jacob Garofolo, Max Wojcik, Noah Salzman, and Vicki Stieha

Water Current Effects on Ocean Plastic, Chloe Millington, Hope Thompson, and Claire Paschke


The Effect of Bubble Bottle Humidifiers on Absolute Humidity When Using Low Flowrates in Neonates in Critical Care Settings: A Bench Study, Marselle Mitchell, Lexi Stolz, and Jeremy Gibbs

Role of Autophagy in Osteogenic Differentiation of Mesenchymal Stem Cells Under Simulated Microgravity, Omid Mohammad Mousa, Elena Paz Muñoz, Hunter Underwood, Julia Oxford, and Brad Morrison

Assessment Strategies and Pay for Performance: What Forms of Assessment Are Correlated With “Quality Teaching”?, Julianne Mori, Claire Oberg, and Lane Pitts

Purification of Acyl ACP1 for Pseudomonas Aeruginosa RHLI Quorum Signal Synthase, Elizabeth Mosqueda, Ashley Poppe, and Shibani Basu


Bunny Bot V3.0, Jayanth Mouli, Lynaya Herberholz, Josh Marino, and Elisa Barney Smith


Grazing Usage Over Time and Space in the Thunder Basin Ecoregion, Jessica Mueller and Vicken Hillis

Ni-Mn-Ga Single Crystal Casting, Ali Mustafa, Brent Johnston, and Andrew Armstrong

Synthesis of Boron Carbide Reinforced Aluminum Alloys Through Mechanical Stir Casting, Kaelee Novich and Samuel Pedersen

Establishing Presence in an Online Course Using Zoom Video Conferencing, Emily Oe and Ellen Schafer


The Interaction of Passion and Sport Type on Injury Among Collegiate Athletes, Allie Ostrander and Eric Martin

La Sagrada Familia, Barcelona, Spain, Mariah Owsley, Jenn McAtee, Christopher Goodale, and Jack Bronken

Internet Attitudes and Behavior Survey, Chris Palasch


Stride Length, but Not Body Borne Load Impacts Gait Stability, Luke Parker, Nick Lobb, AuraLea Fain, Kayla Seymore, and Tyler Brown

Sea-Floor Basalt Type Classification from Machine Learning, John Paustian, Emma McCully, and Dorsey Wanless

An Analysis of Signal Stabilization Heat Treatments of High Temperature Irradiation Resistant Thermocouples, Beck Perrine, Scott Riley, and Richard Skifton

Assessment of Currently Available Suicide Screening Tools for Adolescents, Brynn Peters, Kelsey Morey, and Jordan Purvis

Closing the Gap Between Modern Technology and the College Engineering Classroom, David Pinkerton

Middle Fork of the Boise River Water Quality Concerns and Watershed Health Education, Keaton Poe and Paul Smith

Memory Malleability: Falsifying True Memories, Raeli Prescott


LGBTQA+ Sex·U·Al Ha·Rass·Ment & Intercollegiate Speech & Debate Activities, Ron Price and Rulon Wood

Scavenger Interactions With Oryx Gazella Carcasses in the White Sands Missile Range, Anton Pugel, Zack Szymczycha, Christopher J.W. McClure, Leah Dunn, Chris Parish, Paul Juergens, Trish Cutler, and Doug Burkett

Estimating Anthropogenic Influences on Species Occupancy at La Selva Biological Station, Costa Rica, Julie Ramirez and Amanda Wendt

Polypropylene-Fiber-Reinforced Silica Fume Concrete, Hailey Reynolds and Anish Pathak

Go Native or Go Home: A Linguistic Analysis of Beliefs About Accents, Jesús Rivera Orozco

Lander Street Water Renewal Facility, Brett Robbins, Steve Huber, Taylor Hedrick, Uzair Siddiqui, and Titus Owen


Load and Sex Impact Active Lower Limb Muscle Volume During Running, Jeremy Roberts, Nick Lobb, AuraLea Fain, Kayla Seymore, and Tyler Brown

Carbon Fiber and Steel Fiber Concrete with Internal Curing, Joe Roletto and Karl Davies

Statue of Liberty, Brooke Ross, Phillip Roemer, Brittany Bishop, and Hope Stauffer

Realist Art and Music, Kylie Ruble, Katherine Bowers, Alfredo Ocaranza, and Marissa Streeter

Source and Evolution of “Popping Rocks” Magmas at Mid-Atlantic Ridge Near 14°N, Courtney Rundhaug and Darin Schwartz


Proportional Ventilatory Support: A Comparison of Proportional Assist Ventilation, Proportional Pressure Support and Proportional Pressure Ventilation, Alex Sanders, Morgan McEwan, Camille Stover, and Lonny Ashworth


Variability of Exoplanetary Secondary Eclipse, Wesley Sandidge, Brian Jackson, Steven Kreyche, and Jennifer Briggs

Design Evolution in the Manufacturing of MSM Micropumps, Sierra Sandison, Andrew Armstrong, and Paul Lindquist

Muir, Pinchot, and American Conservation, Benjamin Sargis

Impact of Scooters on Related Public Transit Alternatives, Christina Schaeffer, Austyn Hazen, and Deborah Tuttle

Happy Hours Are a Godsend, Samantha Schauer

Living Learning Communities and Their Impact on First Year Engineering College Students, Samantha Schauer


Probing the Nanomechanical Behavior of Cells and Cell Nuclei, Jesse Schimpf, Josh Newberg, Gunes Uzer, and Paul H. Davis


Social Entrepreneurship as a Path to Alleviate Global Socio-Economic and Environmental Issues, Amy Schneider, Gissell Palacios, Karina Carretero, Tristan Clark, Jared Brodd, Lucas Jarrett, Domenic Winfrey, and Paola Gutierrez Guzman

Romantic Revivals in Realism, David Schwartz


Formation of Lava Samples Collected by Three Alvin Submersible Dives at 14°N on the Mid-Atlantic Ridge, A. R. Schweitzer and V. D. Wanless

AdaptLidarTools: Full Waveform LiDAR Data Analysis, Ravi Shankar, Aaron Orenstein, and Floriana Ciaglia

Synchronization of Stress-Strain Data for Analyzation of 3D Cellular Constructs Using a Biaxial Bioreactor, Danielle Siegel

Who is That Author: Edith Wharton or Henry James?, Katie Skinner


Detection of Acrylamide in Food Using Near Infrared Spectroscopy, Mark Skinner, Maranda Cantrell, and Owen M. McDougal

St. Louis Arch, Jacob Smith, Jaden Green, Gage Murray, and Nathan Squires


Emic and Etic Perspectives on Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women: Analysis of Media Coverage, Sonja Smith

Pizza Box Game Board, Erin Sorensen, Brian Browning, Gianna Stelluto, Trevor Klabo, and Halle Robertson

Making College a Place for Me, Madeline Squires

A Perception Study of Rioplatense Spanish, Cecelia Staggs

Barriers to Workplace Violence Prevention Programs, Nate Stanger and Jill Henggeler

Idaho Alzheimer's Disease and Related Dementias 2019 Needs Assessment, Megan Stanley, Pamela Craig, Jessie Dexter, Christi King, and Lynn Fyanes

The Practical Effects Renaissance, Leland Stewart

Assistive Robotic Arm, Jacob Stutzman, Jeremy DeLisle, Ryan Miltenberger, Atticus Rosenkoetter, and Joey Rodoni

Nest Box Characteristics for >3000 American Kestrel (Falco Sparverius) Artificial Nest Sites Registered With the American Kestrel Partnership, Jeremiah Sullivan, Christopher J.W. McClure, and Leah Dunn


School and Work Stress: Finding the Balance, Taylor Swetavage and Karen R. Breitkreuz

Edge Preservation in Parameter Estimation Using Total Variation Regularization, Jennifer Thibodeau


I-86B / Pocatello Avenue Intersection Redesign, Aubrey Thomas, Hailey Reynolds, Morgan Sandberg, Melanie Villaneuva, and Nicholas Greene


Impact of Social Media Use on Mental Health, Debbie Thompson, Greta Hedrick, Mari Medellin, Lacy Archer, and April Makujina

A Study of Transcriptional Activation by the Transcription Factor Gal4 in Saccharomyces Cerevisiae by 3D Orbital Tracking and in Vivo RNA Labelling, Iris Torres, Michael Pool, Julianna Goelzer, Anh Huynh, Micah Buckmiller, Daniel R. Larson, and Tineke Lenstra

Optimizing an Extraction Method of Organosulfides in Onion Oil, Rebecca Torres and Maranda Cantrell

Resident and Community Assistants’ Interpersonal Relationships, Codi Townsend

Development of a Cold Atmospheric Plasma Array, Steven Tran, Megan Sheets, and Zach Simmons

Sex Ratio Correlates with Both Male and Female Suicide Rates Across US Counties, Hallie Turner

Influence of Cholesterol on the Transport Properties of Bilayer Lipid Membranes, Ana Velasquez, Daniel Prather, Camille Bryner, Jeffrey Henry, Gigi Finn, and Zoe Hutchinson

Defining Resilience Across Disciplines and Programs, Delaney Vesciano and Eric Martin


Asymmetrical Landing Forces Detect Neuromuscular Fatigue, Elijah M. Walker, Jeff W. Wilkins, Kayla D. Seymore, and Tyler N. Brown

Influence of Voltage Rate on the Diffusion of Organic Ions Through Bilayer Lipid Membranes, Malyk Walker, Daniel Prather, Michelle Nuttall, Catherine Alex, Adam Pettyjohn, and David Shin

Fortilin- An Evaluation of Affinity Tag Viability for the Use in Mass Production of Recombinant Protein, Jackson Wall and Maranda Cantrell

How Does the Privatization of Higher Education Affect the Incorporation of Refugees, Patrick Wangoi

Performance and Scalability of the NUMO Project, Alec Ward

Droplet Bilayers as a Novel Means of Adjustable Stable Synthetic Membrane Formation, Jason Ward, Aaron Smith, and Peter Müllner

PPCPs: An Unregulated Threat to the Environment, Sage Warner and Brady Hansen

Bioactivity and Spectroscopic Characterization of a Novel Cyclopamine Isomer Isolated From V. californicum, Jeffrey Watkins and Matt Turner

Relation Between Soil Samples and Ph in the Water, McKenna Wegner, Ilah Hickman, and Bennett Kalpakjian

Analyzing the Effects of Gold Reflective Coatings on GaAs Quantum Dot Photoluminescence, Ariel Weltner, Christopher Schuck, Kevin Vallejo, and Kathryn E. Sautter

Racial and Gendered Education in the United States (1860-1910), Jodie Wheaton and Caitlin Recla

A Test Suite to Support the Optimization of Scientific Applications, Jared White and Tobi Popoola

“This IS What You Want! This Is What You Signed Up for!”: How Agencies Responsibilize Resettling Refugees, Kelsey Wilber


The Burj Khalifa, Savannah Wilson, Thomas Jenkins, and Kamal Boksmati

Using a Convolutional Neural Network to Segment the Knee, Donovan Wright and Oliver Alvarez

Free Silver: A Divisive Proposition, Cade Yates

Establishing the Power of Truth in Creative Nonfiction, Cade Yongue