2024 Undergraduate Research Showcase

2024 Undergraduate Research Showcase


The Undergraduate Research Showcase is a celebration of research and a forum for Boise State undergraduate students from all academic disciplines to share their research with the campus community. Its purpose is to provide students with a low-stakes opportunity to present their work and receive constructive and helpful feedback.

The 2024 Undergraduate Research Showcase took place on Friday, April 19th in the Student Union Building at Boise State University. Featuring in-person poster presentations and an in-person reception featuring lightning talks.

This event is supported by the Institute for Inclusive and Transformative Scholarship at Boise State University. Please see the following link for more information: https://www.boisestate.edu/undergraduate-research/showcase/


Submissions from 2024

Portable Water Filtration System, Tori Abbott, Sondra Miller, and Lucas Arsenith


Sniffing Out Alzheimer's, Natalia Allen, Avery Hann, Nick Kohl, Skylar Moody, and Sianne Urlacher


MACRO for Underwater Data Centers, Alex Anta, Tyler Baker, Marina Durfey, and Daniel Strilets

A Statistical Analysis Investigating the Phenomenon Known as "Kitten Season" and Its Correlation to Climate, Bentley Arnold and Kristin Snopkowski

The Lingering Effects of NAFTA: An Ethnographic Dialectical Analysis of Neoliberalism, Resistance, and Hegemony in Michoacán and Idaho, Julian Arreguin Vega and Christopher Courtheyn


Effect of Terrain Resolution on Rockfall Dispersion, Lucas Arsenith and Nick Hudyma

Impact of Smoke on Potato Growth, Storage and Profitability, Ajay Atkinson, Owen McDougal, Priscila Santiago Mora, Logan Mallory, and Alder Escobar

Prairie Falcon Predation Continues on Dwindling Prey Populations, Andrew Baker, Zoe Bonerbo, Eden Ravecca, Kevin Myers, Kevin Warner, Zoe Duran, Megan Yrazabal, Charles Baun, and Jen Cruz

Assessing the Accuracy and Precision of LA-ICP-MS Compared to SEM Analyses for Feldspar Characterization, Romy Bekeris and Darin Schwartz

Brain VR Health, Youssef Ben Ameur, Gavin Coon, Connor Morton, Jessica Schneider, David Tomlinson, John Bieter, Sydney Boutros, and Peter Mullner

Seedy Behavior in Slickspots: Breaking Dormancy and Increasing Germination in a Rare Endemic Plant, Sam Billingsley, Sven Buerki, Phoenix Willard, Ian Robertson, Teo Geisler, and Peggy Martinez

Impacts of Two Typologies of Agricultural Land Loss in Idaho, Arlo Boyle, Jodi Brandt, Carolyn Koehn, Maurie Cichomska, Bentley Arnold, and Ty Haws

Assessing CO2 Levels Exhibited in Nose Deformation, Giada Brandes, Erin Mannen, Holly Olvera, and Andrew Bossert

Environmental Influences on Ground Squirrel Activity within Sagebrush Steppe, Niamh Brennan, Amy Ulappa, Zoe Bonerbo, Jen Cruz, Addysen Abmont, Carson Benzinger, Emme Maendel, Jack Knutson, Jeffrey Do, Martin Cuntz, Nate Bozeman, P. J. Shippy, and Shylo Lloyd

Glass Crystalline Materials as a Nuclear Waste Solution, Brianna Brown, Sondra Miller, and Lindsey Wiggins

Vertically Integrated Projects: Art Science Integration, Emilee Brugger, Megan Cattau, Sarah Dalrymple, Stephanie Galla, Allison Simler-Williamson, Lillie Scofield, Hayden Levy`, Mikael Strix, and Amina Catovic

Eat the Raw Cookie Dough: Salmonella Vaccine Development by Exploring Salmonella Toxins, Samantha Butler and Juliette Tinker


Geospatial Interpolation of Soil Depth in the Magic Valley: Benefits and Pitfalls of Using Public Data, Akira Byrne, Dylan Thompson, Skyler Barzee, Sophia Huber, Scott Robbins, Jisong Ryu, Robert Welle, Jen Pierce, and David Huber

From Growth to Fixed Mindset: The Impact of Motivational Mindsets and Success Criterion on Motor Learning and Performance, Perri Carroll Kesl, Mariane Bacelar, Carmela Lencioni, and Jet Taylor

Infrasound-Based Avalanche Event Classification: Leveraging Deterministic and Visual Techniques for Machine Learning Dataset Creation, Skyler Chase and Jeffrey Johnson

Off Grid Renewable Energy, Josh Clayton, Sondra Miller, Jesse Reyna, Justin Estes, and Trenton Doty

Using Machine Learning to Model Disease Mortality Rates Across the U.S., Ethan Cobb, Liljana Babinkostova, Marion Scheepers, Max Tumir, and Will Lawrence

Fabrication of Uranium Nitride Surrogate Nuclear Fuel, Sarah Cole, Brian Jaques, Ryan Finkelstein, and Elizabeth Sooby

Pandemic Housing Shocks and the Effects on US Labor Markets, Rhys Cooper, Kelly Chen, and Rafael Ribas

Combining Self-Talk and Attentional Focus: An Investigation of the Optimal Implementation of Self-Talk in Sports, Katelin Crutcher, Mariane Bacelar, Jet Taylor, Amaia Espinal, Perri Carroll Kesl, Alicia Johnson, and Adam Curley

It’s 110° Fahrenheit Outside!: Managing Heat & Protecting Workers, Maria Jessica Cruz, Cynthia Curl, and Carly Hyland

Exploring Low-Cost Potentiostat Devices for Portable Electrochemical Research, Brian Cummings and David Estrada

Investigating the Neural Mechanisms Underlying Instructional Self-Talk: An EEG Study, Adam Curley, Mariane Bacelar, Katelin Crutcher, Amaia Espinal, Perri Carroll Kesl, Alicia Johnson, and Jet Taylor

A Mountain of Challenge: Exploring the Social Determinants of Suicide Rates in Idaho, Emily Davis, Kirk Ketelsen, Jianna Gimenez, Sydney Frost, Anita Suljic, Amy Josey, Joe Pollard, Chris Murphy, and Gina Pannell


Is Campus Involvement a Possible Cure for Student's Mental Health Challenges?, Calvin Doerr, Eric M. Martin, and Kelly Rossetto

Piute Ground Squirrel Population Emergence Patterns Affected by Habitat Types, Brooklyn Dormer, Amy Ulappa, Zoe Bonerbo, Jen Cruz, Lindsey Taylor, Mackenzie Giles, McKenna Gafford, Kennice Quick, Sydney Smith, Brenna Inman, Tanner Paxton, Sora Xi, and Madeline Myers

Investigating the Growth Dynamics of Sagebrush Leaf Microbes at Different Temperatures, Mitchell Edwards, Leonora Bittleston, and Adedotun Arogunda

Climate Change Opinion Dynamics, Leah Engle, Vicken Hillis, Uwaila Ekhator, Coryn Irish, and Mike Kramer

Stability Analysis of Nanomaterial Inks Used in Inkjet and Aerosol Jet Printing, Lauren Estes, Tony Valayil Varghese, Josh Eixenberger, Felix White, Hailey Burgoyne, and David Estrada

Understanding the Impact of Mindfulness on Student Academic Performance in Undergraduate Health and Public Health Students, Jackie Evans, Naomi Foxall, and Andy Hyer


Clothing on Fire: Health Risk Assessment, Nikki Falcon

Recovery and Quantification of Folic Acid, D-Calcium Pantothenate, and Ascorbic Acid from Whey Protein Concentrate, Braydn Fielding, Owen McDougal, Logan Moynagh, and Mia Rheede

Breaking the Chain: Synthesizing Quinoline-Based Small Molecule Inhibitors to Suppress Breast Cancer Metastasis, Christina Fischer, Don Warner, Lauren Snider, and Sebastian Bones

Mechanistic Studies of DNA-Protein Crosslink Formation Facilitated by Aziridinomitosenes with Varying Substitution Patterns, Rosie Foltz-Ahlrichs, Don Warner, and Matthew Lindley

EAE-Induced Blood-Brain Barrier Dysfunction and Aberrant Angiogenesis are Attenuated in Brain Endothelial-Specific Decorin Knockout Mice, Tracy Y. Forbes, Brian A. Hoettels, Kristina Chapman, Travis S. Wertz, Dylan Hrkach, Brogan Doyle, and Richard S. Beard

Leaf-Associated Microbial Communities Shift Between 2012 and 2021 in an Idaho Common Garden, Siena Fox, Leonora Bittleston, and Elle Horwath


SuperBowl Advertising Story/Non-Story Influencing People Liking of the Ads, Kaushik Gadekari and Anne Hamby

Childhood Trauma and Resilience: A Look at the Impact of Protective Factors, Tionna Gardner and Jennifer Weaver

Fostering Emotional Literacy in Male Student Athletes, Angel Gutierrez and Matthew Genuchi

Atomic Force Microscopy Approach in Studying Topographical and Mechanical Properties of Bovine Lens-Lipid Nuclear Membrane, Dieter Haemmerle, Laxman Mainali, and Nawal K. Khadka

The Feasibility of Carbon Projects on Public Lands in the Western United States, Erin Hajek and Jared Talley

Houses of Hope, Library Photography Project, Teri Harrison and Laurie Blakeslee

Flux Mapping of a High Flux Solar Simulator, Jadyn Hart and Todd Otanicar

The Effects of Pulsed Electric Field (PEF) on the Polyphenol Content and Maceration of Idaho-Grown Sangiovese Grapes, Amber Hawley, Owen McDougal, Priscila Santiago Mora, Rose Saxton, and Matthew Lorentz

The Effect of Print Parameters on the Mechanical Behavior and Chemical Composition of Additively Manufactured Nickel Based Alloys, Kyle Holloway, Brian J. Jaques, Allyssa Bateman, and Noah Montrose