Submissions from 2017


Data for Partitioned Carbon and Energy Fluxes Within the Reynolds Creek Critical Zone Observatory, Aaron W. Fellows, Gerald N. Flerchinger, Mark S. Seyfried, and Kathleen Lohse


Dataset for Predicting Soil Thickness on Soil Mantled Hillslopes, Nicholas R. Patton, Kathleen A. Lohse, Sarah E. Godsey, Mark S. Seyfried, and Benjamin T. Crosby


Mapping Soc Distribution in Semi-arid Mountainous Regions Using Variables From Hyperspectral, Lidar and Traditional Datasets, Ryan M. Will, Shawn Benner, Nancy F. Glenn, Jennifer Pierce, Kathleen A. Lohse, Nicholas Patton, Lucas P. Spaete, and Christopher Stanbery

Submissions from 2016


31 Years of Spatially Distributed Air Temperature, Humidity, Precipitation Amount and Precipitation Phase From a Mountain Catchment in the Rain-snow Transition Zone, Patrick R. Kormos, Danny Marks, Mark Seyfried, Scott Havens, Andrew Hedrick, Kathleen A. Lohse, Matt Masarik, and Alejandro N. Flores