Submissions from 2019

Development of the Campus and Career Resource Inventory, Cierra Abellera

Educational Barriers and Resources for University Refugee-Background Students, Cierra Abellera and Shukuru Kamulete

Teaching an Autonomous Vehicle to Detect and Report Defects on Road Surface, Maruf Ahmed

Korean Language Speaking Contest, Danielle Isam Ali, Emily Baldwin, Julianne Gee, Tailee Long, Eric Vincent Marquart, Grace McGrorty, Maryam Hasan Naser, Phuong Phan, Ashley Preston, Emily Shannon Sanchez, Sandra Siharath, and Ruth Mburu


ARSIS 2.0: Augmented Reality Space Informatics System, Liz Altmiller, Taylor Campbell, Tyler Chapman, Dean Cohen, John Garrison, Graham Hill, Daniel Lambert, Brenna Leonard, Katelyn Schuettke, Marie Shirley, Olivia Thomas, and A. J. Trantham

Concussion Knowledge and Reporting, Adriana Amador

The Dark Dark Wood, Eric (Ariel) Amador and Mitchell Wieland

Shell-Shock, Micah Andersen

Over-the-Counter Culture: Appropriating the Arts to Vocationalize Higher Education, Alejandro Andonaegui

Cooperative Manipulation of Polygonal Objects with Nonholonomic Wheeled Mobile Robots, Nardos Ayele Ashenafi

Can Media Depictions Change Attitudes Toward People Who Are Blind and Visually Impaired?, Akioni Babauta


Math Vocabulary and Achievement, Steven Barcenes

Characterization of the Optically-Gated Transistor in Response to Light Pulse Shape and Wavelength, Randall Bassine

The Relationship Between Cultural Involvement and Education Performance for Native American Students, Tanyka Begaye

Volumetric Wear Analysis of Meniscus Degeneration, Kate Benfield and Katie Hollar


Deep Creek Bridge, Austin Berry, Hanna Irving, Luke Spath, and Cait Williams

Optimization of Alnico’s Processing Route to Enhance Magnetic Properties, Omar Betancourt


The Association Between Sex Ratio and Domestic Violence Against Women in New York State, Zoey Bevington

E-Scooter Impact on Traffic Congestion, Peyton Blackwell, Kate Carter-Cram, and Emily Pape

A Comprehensive Study of the X-Ray Pulsar Population in the Small Magellanic Cloud, Amanda Bohney

The Impact of Job Insecurity on Psychological Distress, Holly Bossart

Economic Dependence and Spousal Abuse in an Exit-Voice-Leave Framework, Haydn Bryan


Ignoring the Dangers Behind the Wheel: Distracted Driving Among College-Aged Students, Charles Buffington


Risk Premiums and Political Cycle Sentiment: Exploring the Role of Small Cap Valuations, Josiah Bynum

From Great Ideas to Classroom Implementation: A Case Study on Barriers World Language Teachers Encounter with OER, Abby Cain

Protocol-Adherence Behaviors of the American Kestrel Partnership’s Citizen Scientists Efforts, Leticia Camacho, Chris McClure, and Leah Dunn

Investigating Child Abuse: Examining the Resources of Multidisciplinary Teams, Savannah Carter and Karen Godard

Poverty Delivered: How Rent-to-Own Businesses Make the Poor Poorer, Jeff Cates

"The Burden of Liveness": DACA Recipients and the Rhetoric of Resistance, Mitzi Ceballos

Snake River Watershed, Jeonghyun Chae, John Felin, Kelvin Cobbley, and Sungbin Lim

Cole-Lake Hazel Bridge Design, Kelli Chiles, Richie Chikonde, Brenda Barron, Kain Shaffer, and Samantha Headley

Flexible Piezoelectric Force Sensor Monitoring Pianist Performance, Linda Choi

Median Frequency Shift of EMG During Prolonged Load Carriage, Fred Christensen, Micah Drew, and Samantha D'az

Sampling Ungulate Diet Composition with the Use of Collar-Mounted Video Cameras, Brent Clark, Stephanie Berry, Rachel C. Cook, John Cook, and Lisa A. Shipley

Using Cubic Splines to Evaluate Shear Wave Velocities of the 1886 Charleston Earthquake Region, Nicole Clizzie

Synthesis of Small Molecule Inhibitors for Metastatic Breast Cancer Pathways, Thomas Conrad, Thaaer Muhammed, and Joseph Tuccinardi

Workout Wednesday, Alexis Constantine

Anadromous Fishing on the Snake River Plain as Seen Through the Archaeology of the Columbia Plateau, Alberto Conti

Environmental Quality & College Attainment: An Envirodevonomic Study, Kelsey Cooper

Printed Carbon Nanotube Sensors for Ammonia Gas Detection, Jasmine Cox, Twinkle Pandhi, David Estrada, and Jessica Koehne

Jump Regression Analysis in R, Ryan Cox

The Effects of Load Frequency on the Tensile Fatigue Behaviour of Meniscus, Katelyn Cudworth

To Switch or Not to Switch: Does Code-Switching Reveal a Speaker's Stance in Relation to Others?, Anh Dang


Simulations of Ocean Circulation Under an Ice-Shelf: Problem Feasibility Study Using Non-Hydrostatic Unified Model of the Ocean (NUMO), Chithkala Dhulipati and Michal Kopera

Staphylococcus aureus Isdc and Esxa Chimeric Vaccines to Prevent Bovine Mastitis, Kim Dueno


Trace Analysis of Wine from 6000 BC, Kim Farrar, Patrick E. McGovern, and Michael P. Callahan

The Figure in Bronze, Madeline Fluharty

Punishment Beyond Bars: Pursuing Higher Education with the Degree of Incarceration, Michelle Fretwell

Naturalizing Inequality: How Neoliberal Higher Education Engineers Elitism, Michelle Fretwell and Jeff Cates


Startup Culture Analysis: Crowdfunding Reimagined, Rohit Gangurde and Gitesh Musale

From Atoms to Nanomaterials: Controlling Atomic Behavior to Create Useful Nanostructures, Trent Garrett, Christopher Schuck, Katie Sautter, Kevin Vallejo, and Ariel Weltner

“Just Get It Done”: How Online Classes Are Contributing to the Expectation of Low-Quality Education, Jessica Gaston

“No Problemo”: Mock Spanish and Language Hierarchies in the United States, Ben Geffon

Women and Poetry: American Realism, Chelsea Gerard

Water Quality of Schools in Idaho and Oregon, Noah Gluck and Nicholas James

Measuring Mrna Expression of LARP6 and Collagens, Rafael Gomez, J. T. Titmus, and Matt Turner


Child Fatality Review Boards: Increasing Collaboration in Rural America, Rebecca Gomez and Max Veltman

The Fetish for Corporatization: How Students Adopt Darwinian Neoliberalism, Yasmine Goodman

1-D NMR Spectroscopy of C-13 Labeled Metabolites, Bri Grantham

Early-Triassic Nevadan Ammonite Assemblages: Key Indicators of Marine Biotic Recovery After the End Permian Mass Extinction, Kate Grosswiler

Model Validation for Molecular Interactions of PDMS and Ni-Mn-Ga, Jaime Guevara, Matthew L. Jones, and Eric Jankowski

A Game-Theoretic Decision Model Based on the Privacy Threat Accuracy, Nealon Hager and Rezvan Joshaghani


Deer Flat and Linder Road Redesign, Justin Hammond, Abdulatif Aldihani, Ali Buhamad, Chris Sigrist, and Joseph Roletto

Thermal Denaturation of Whey Proteins Characterized by Circular Dichroism, Tyson Hardy

The Symbolic Change in the Confederate Flag, Jacob Hatcher and Connor Jackson-Sevy

Cloning and Purification of the A Subunit of a Novel Enterotoxin in Salmonella enterica Typhimurium, Elizabeth Heller

Neoliberal Higher Education and Diversity, Allyssa Hernandez

Developed Western Democracies and Their Fall to Totalitarianism, Robert Herold

Affects of BSU on Housing Availability and Affordability, Michaela Hill, Alyssa Mehan, Adrienne Weatherly, and Nick Kostovny

Neoliberal Feminism and the Racialization of Higher Education, Ramona Hinrichs

Physical (Elastic) vs. Chemical (Thermodynamic) Disparities in Reconstructing Pressure Temperature Paths for Alpine Metamorphic Rocks, Allie Howell

Assessing the Impact of Potential Road Closures on 8th Street in Downtown Boise, Ryan Hurlburt, Hailey Neff, Sophie Croome, and Aaron Thomas

Designing Something That Won't Last, Erin Hurley, Chelsi Haskin, Edward Bowers, Emily Kuehl, and Roy Olvera

The Chunnel, Hanna Irving, Austin Berry, and Jacob Wolcik

Evaluation of Two Expression Vectors for Cholera Toxin CTA2/B Chimera Expression, Christian Johnson

Better Estimates of Creep Rate Along the Hayward Fault, CA Through High-Resolution DEM's and Insar, Joel Johnson, Magali Barba, and Kristy Tiampo

Discovering Ultra-Short-Period K2 Exoplanets, Samantha Johnson, Elisabeth Adams, and Michael Endl

Structure of the Ebembe Language, Emma Jones, Cecelia Staggs, Caitlyn Moyle, Kierra Hansen, Alexis Araiza, Paige Ashmead, Haley Byers, Anh Dang, Karly Davis, Justan Gochanour, Austin Robishaw, Matt Johnson, and Galvin Olsen-Smith

Biobanking and Human DNA Sequencing, Informed Consent in Research Participation, Nichole Jones

The Association Between Mental Health and Olfactory Function, Eva Kanneberger

Inductive Social Science Research as a Necessary Element of Data Science: Theory, Methods, and Scientific Convergence, Katherine Kappelman and Bryant Hay

Evaluation of Featureless Strategies for Relative Simplicity Prediction, Devan Karsann


Discrimination, Mental Health, and Coping Among Mexican-American Adults: Exploring Gender Differences, Archie Keeton III and April S. Masarik

Developing Nucleus Specific Finite Element Models Using Confocal Microscopy Scans, Zeke Kennedy, Josh Newberg, Jesse Schimpf, Paul H. Davis, and Clare Fitzpatrick

Eagle Sewer District Wastewater Treatment System, Sarah Knue, Michael Allison, Grant Argain, Robison Martin, Mariah Owsley, and Sondra Miller

The Power of Standard Oil, Krista Kofoed

Does Grit Predict Perfectionism in Division I Student-Athletes, Erica Korbel

Understanding the Effects of Plasma Parameters on Plasma-Jet Printed Material Films, Kyle Kramer, Jessica Carlson, Joe McCarver, Cory Ravenscroft, Adam Croteau, Amanda White, Zeke Kennedy, Nirmala Kandadai, David Estrada, Don Plumlee, and Jim Browning

Constructing the Guggenheim Museum, Emily Kuehl, Erin Hurley, and Jack Burton


Women Writers in The Atlantic Monthly: 1865-1900, Sydney Kuisti and Karah Frazier-Harrold

Actuating MSM Alloy With Motionless Drive, Jiheon Kwon, Andrew Armstrong, and Paul Lindquist

Neoliberal Martyrdom at Boise State, Aaron Jacob Lampé

S. Cole - Victory Intersection, Cory Leenders, Trent Essex, Michael Klug, Sam Oberting, and Thomas Jenkins


Economic Evaluation of Health and Wealth, Jesse Leija

Impact of the 2009 Station Fire on Trace Elements and Aquatic Life, Conrad Lin

Addressing Food Insecurity in Higher Education: Strategies to Support Students, Megan Lomas and Ofelia Herrera-Sullivan

Comparison Study of Atom-Centered and Plane-Wave Basis Sets in Solid-State DFT Calculations of Structure and Dynamics of Molecular Crystals, Bradley Lopes

VAR (Virtual and Augmented Reality) Scent, Lionel Lopez, Andrew Armstrong, Casey Kawamura, Jon Kido, Dakota Kimble, Brennon Leman, Keegan Provo, Sierra Sandison, and John Bieter


Mapping the Mid-Atlantic Ridge at 14°N: Analysis of Small-Scale Tectonism Across Regions of Varying Magma Supply, Genesee Lucia, Adam Soule, Dorsey Wanless, Dylan Mikesell, and Mark Kurz

City Mystery Novels and Urban Development in Nineteenth Century US and Europe, Spencer Lurcook