Submissions from 2011

Defining Quality in Distance Education: Examining National and International Standards for Online Learning, Barbara Lockee, Ross Perkins, Ken Potter, John Burton, and Sigrid G. Kreb

Toys and Mathematical Options for Retention in Engineering (Toys’n MORE): Initial Implementation of the Four Intervention Strategies, Janice M. Margle, Catherine L. Cohan, Yu-Chang Hsu, Jill L. Lane, Amy Freeman, Javier Gomez-Calderon, Dhushy Sathianathan, and Renata S. Engel

Identifying and Repairing Student Misconceptions in Thermal and Transport Science: Concept Inventories and Schema Training Studies, Ronald L. Miller, Ruth A. Streveler, Dazhi Yang, and Aidsa I. Santiago Román

Cross-Cultural Differences in Undergraduate Students’ Perceptions of Online Barriers, Larisa Olesova, Dazhi Yang, and Jennifer C. Richardson


ICT International: Developing an “International Issues in ICT” Course, Ross A. Perkins


Using Research-Based Practices to Increase Response Rates of Web-Based Surveys, Ross A. Perkins

Beneficial Interview Effects in Virtual Worlds: A Case Study, Ann Randall

Teacher Video Production: Techniques for Educational YouTube Movies, Chareen Snelson


YouTube Across the Disciplines: A Review of the Literature, Chareen Snelson


The Impact of an E-Portfolio Program in a Music Education Curriculum, Linda Thornton, Norene Ferris, Glenn Johnson, Khusro Kidwai, and Yu-Hui Ching

The Future in Educational Technology Research, Constance Wyzard, Kerry Rice, and Chareen Snelson

Digital Age Teaching Skills: A Standards Based Approach, Constance Wyzard, Barbara Schroeder, and Chris Haskell

A New Approach Toward Digital Storytelling: An Activity Focused on Writing Self-Efficacy in a Virtual Learning Environment, Yan Xu, Hyungsung Park, and Youngkyun Baek


The Development of a Content Analysis Model for Assessing Students’ Cognitive Learning in Asynchronous Online Discussions, Dazhi Yang, Jennifer C. Richardson, Brian F. French, and James D. Lehman

Books from 2010


Twice-Exceptional: Students with Both Gifts and Challenges or Disabilities, Diane Boothe

Blogging in Higher Education: Issues, Challenges, and Design Considerations (D & D), Yu-Hui Ching and Yu-Chang Hsu


Examining Online Learning Patterns with Data Mining Techniques in Peer-Moderated and Teacher-Moderated Courses, Jui-long Hung and Steven M. Crooks


Image and Video Disclosure of Substance Use on Social Media Websites, Elizabeth M. Morgan, Chareen Snelson, and Patt Elison-Bowers

Creating Context for Educational Research in Virtual Worlds: An Invitation to Dialogue, Jonathon Richter and Lisa Dawley

Mapping YouTube "Video Playlist Lessons" to the Learning Domains: Planning for Cognitive, Affective, and Psychomotor Learning, Chareen Snelson


Virtual Movie Sets and Branching Video: Developing Interactive Educational Machinima with Second Life and YouTube, Chareen Snelson

Looking Ahead at YouTube Research, Constance Wyzard, Chareen Snelson, and Kerry Rice

Submissions from 2009

What We Know About Assessing Online Learning in Secondary Schools, Art W. Bangert and Kerry Rice

Priorities in K–12 Distance Education: A Delphi Study Examining Multiple Perspectives on Policy, Practice, and Research, Kerry Rice

Using YouTube Videos to Engage the Affective Domain in E-Learning, Chareen Snelson and Patt R. Elison-Bowers


From Silent Film to YouTube™ : Tracing the Historical Roots of Motion Picture Technologies in Education, Chareen Snelson and Ross A. Perkins

Digital Storytelling in a Web 2.0 World, Chareen Snelson and Annie Sheffield

TechTactics: Technology for Teachers, Carolyn Thorsen

Digital Age Teaching Skills: A Standards Based Approach, Constance Wyzard, Barbara Schroeder, and Chris Haskell

E-Learning in Supplemental Educational Systems in Taiwan: Present Status and Future Challenges, Ke Zhang and Jui-long Hung


Online Collaborative Learning in a Project-Based Learning Environment in Taiwan: A Case Study on Undergraduate Students’ Perspectives, Ke Zhang, Shiang Wuu Peng, and Jui-long Hung

Submissions from 2008

Health Science Students and Their Learning Environment: A Comparison of Perceptions of On-Site, Remote-Site, and Traditional Classroom Students, Patt R. Elison-Bowers, Chareen Snelson, Mario Casa de Calvo, and Heather Thompson

Understanding and Preparing Teachers of Millennial Learners, Chris Haskell and Constance Pollard


Computer-Based Instruction and Cognitive Load, Jui-long Hung, Brandon Randolph-Seng, Kittikunanant Monsicha, and Steven M. Crooks

Mining Longitudinal E-Learning Research: Trends and Patterns, Jui-long Hung and Chareen Snelson


Revealing Online Learning Behaviors and Activity Patterns and Making Predictions with Data Mining Techniques in Online Teaching, Jui-long Hung and Ke Zhang


Challenges and Questions Concerning “Culturally-Sensitive Design”, Ross Perkins

Online Health-Related Fitness Courses: A Wolf in Sheep's Clothing or a Solution to Some Common Problems?, Lynda B. Ransdell, Kerry Rice, Chareen Snelson, and Josh DeCola

Web-Based Video in Education: Possibilities and Pitfalls, Chareen Snelson

YouTube and Beyond: Integrating Web-Based Video into Online Education, Chareen Snelson

Books from 2007

The Tools for Successful Online Teaching, Lisa Dawley

Getting Started with Online Paralegal Instruction, Patt Elison-Bowers and Chareen Snelson

Educating Teachers: Technology Skills for the Classroom, Constance Pollard, Todd VanDehey, and Richard Pollard

Virtual Design Based Research for Multimedia Integration Studies, Chareen Snelson


Micro-Level Design for Multimedia-Enhanced Online Courses, Chareen Snelson and Patt Elison-Bowers

Submissions from 2006

Sampling the Web: The Development of a Custom Search Tool for Research, Chareen Snelson


Virtual Design Based Research, Chareen Snelson

TechTactics: Technology for Teachers, Carolyn Thorsen

Books from 2005

The BEST Standards in Teaching: Reflection to Quality Practice, Sharon A. Kortman and Connie J. Honaker


Designing Dynamic Online Lessons with Multimedia Representations, Chareen Snelson

Integrating Multimedia Representations in Online Educational Technology Courses, Chareen Snelson

Books from 2004

In the Eyes of the Beholder: Critical Issues for Diversity in Gifted Education, Diane Boothe and Julian C. Stanley

Online Professional Development for Project Based Learning: Pathways to Systematic Improvement, Jason Ravit, John Mergendoller, Thom Markham, Carolyn Thorsen, Kerry Rice, Chareen Snelson, and Sherawn Reberry

Books from 2003

TechTactics: Instructional Models for Educational Computing, Carolyn Thorsen

Submissions from 2002

Online Mathematics Instruction: An Analysis of Content, Chareen Snelson

Books from 1977

Once Upon a Time: A Guide for Storytellers, Ruth A. Marks