Submissions from 2019


What Do Middle Grades Preservice Teachers Believe About Writing and Writing Instruction?, Tracey S. Hodges, Katherine Landau Wright, and Erin McTigue

Submissions from 2018


The Utility of Manifest Needs Questionnaire (MNQ) for Better Selection and Training of Youth Workers in Therapeutic Residential Care: One Agency's Exploration, Kenneth M. Coll, Roger A. Stewart, Kathryn A.F. Coll, Stacey Scholl, and Nicole Hauser


Retrieving and Recommending for the Classroom: Stakeholders, Objectives, Resources, and Users, Michael D. Ekstrand, Ion Madrazo Azpiazu, Katherine Landau Wright, and Maria Soledad Pera


A Content Analysis of Visuals in Elementary School Textbooks, Daibao Guo, Katherine Landau Wright, and Erin M. McTigue


Transacting with Characters: Teaching Children Perspective-Taking with Authentic Literature, Tracey S. Hodges, Erin McTigue, Katherine Landau Wright, Amanda D. Franks, and Sharon D. Matthews


Priorities for Vocabulary Intervention Design Using Texting — Data to Examine the Critical Role of Language Learners' Behaviors and Perceptions, Jia Li and Qizhen Deng


What Influences the Effect of Texting-Based Instruction on Vocabulary Acquisition?: Learners’ Behavior and Perception, Jia Li and Qizhen Deng


Investigating Differences in Teacher Practices Through a Complexity Theory Lens: The Influence of Teacher Education, Susan D. Martin and Sherry Dismuke


Improving the Accuracy of Teachers' Judgments of Student Learning, Keith W. Thiede, Jonathan L. Brendefur, Michele B. Carney, Joe Champion, Lindsey Turner, Roger Stewart, and Richard D. Osguthorpe


The Impact of a Teacher Education Program Redesign on Technology Integration in Elementary Preservice Teachers, Guy Trainin, Laurie Friedrich, and Qizhen Deng


Meeting in the Middle: Eight Strategies for Conflict Mediation in Your Classroom, Katherine Landau Wright, Matthew J. Etchells, and Nancy T. Watson

Submissions from 2017


New Literacies and Technology: Keeping Current in a Writing Methods Course, Susan D. Martin and Sherry Dismuke


Deploying Guns to Expendable Communities: Bloodshed in Mexico, U.S. Imperialism, and Transnational Capital—A Call for Revolutionary Critical Pedagogy, Lilia D. Monzó, Peter McLaren, and Arturo Rodriguez


Re-Culturing Educator Preparation Programs: A Collaborative Case Study of Continuous Improvement, Jennifer Snow, Sherry Dismuke, A. J. Zenkert, and Carolyn Loffer

Submissions from 2016


Diversity, Neoliberalism and Teacher Education, Arturo Rodriguez and Kevin Russell Magill


Beyond the Region: Cuban Libraries, a Humbling Experience, Stan Steiner

Submissions from 2015


Maneuvering Together to Develop New Practices: Examining Our Collaborative Processes, Susan D. Martin and Sherry Dismuke


Teacher Candidates' Perceptions of Their Learning and Engagement in a Writing Methods Course, Susan D. Martin and Sherry Dismuke


“We Do More Than Discuss Good Ideas”: A Close Look at the Development of Professional Capital in an Elementary Education Liaison Group, Jennifer L. Snow, Susan D. Martin, and Sherry Dismuke

New Literacies, Lee Ann Tysseling


Science Fiction in Education: Case Studies from Classroom Implementations, Charalambos Vrasidas, Lucy Avraamidou, Katerina Theodoridou, Sotiris Themistokleous, and Petros Panaou

Submissions from 2014


Sequencing and Graphic Novels with Primary-Grade Students, Maggie Chase, Eun Hye Son, and Stan Steiner


The Battle for Higher Standards, Tom Luna, Mike Rush, Rod Gramer, and Roger Stewart


Using Children's Literature and Drama to Explore Children's Lives in the Context of Global Conflicts, Gumiko Monobe and Eun Hye Son


Film & Education: Capturing Bilingual Communities, Claudia Peralta, Fulvio Orsitto, and Fabio Caramaschi


Children's Choices Through the Years: Some Surprising Results, Stan Steiner, Maggie Chase, and Eun Hye Son


Enhanced Storytimes: Effects on Parent/Caregiver Knowledge, Motivation, and Behaviors, Roger A. Stewart, Stephanie Bailey-White, Staci Shaw, Erica Compton, and Saroj Ghoting

Submissions from 2013


Trapped in a Cycle of Low Expectations: An Exploration of High School Seniors' Perspectives About Academic Reading, Diana S. Hooley, Lee Ann Tysseling, and Beverly Ray


Using Genre Charts to Guide Planning and Writing, Gabriel C. Horn and Susan Martin


Working an Academically Rigorous, Multicultural Program, Bob Hughes, Elizabeth Meador, Patricia A. Whang, Linda Rogers, Ka-ni Blackwell, Peggy Laughlin, and Claudia Peralta-Nash


Engaging Teachers in Digital Products and Processes: Interview Feature Articles, Susan D. Martin and Sherry Dismuke


Biliterate Literature Circles: Talks as Tickets to Ride, Claudia Peralta


Community, Home, and School Partnerships: A Critical Issue in Bilingual Education, Claudia Peralta


Fractured Memories, Mended Lives: The Schooling Experiences of Latinas/os in Rural Areas, Claudia Peralta


Success Factors Impacting Latina/o Persistence in Higher Education Leading to STEM Opportunities, Claudia Peralta, Melissa Caspary, and Diane Boothe

Effectiveness of Understanding Relations Between Community, Home, and School for Future Educators, Claudia Peralta and Sonia Galaviz

Family Background of Beginning Education Students: Implications for Teacher Educators, Roger A. Stewart, Kenneth M. Coll, and Richard Osguthorpe


Taking Technology From Clinic to Classroom, Lee Ann Tysseling and B. P. Laster

Submissions from 2012

VideoPoetry: Evocative Representations of Cultural Pioneers in Southern Idaho, James Armstrong, Peter Lutze, and Laura Woodworth-Ney

Revision Process and Practice: A Kindergarten Experience, Maggie Chase


VideoPoetry: Collaboration as Imaginative Method, Peter Lutze, James Armstrong, and Laura Woodworth-Ney

Finding Contemporary Voices of Native Americans Through Critical Reading in the Classroom, Eun Hye Son and Gumiko Monobe

Thinking About Literacy in a Time of Transition, Stan Steiner

Word Travelers: Using Digital Tools to Explore Vocabulary and Develop Independent Learners, Lee Ann Tysseling

Books from 2011

Reading Tools for College Study, James Armstrong


Putting the Fun Back Into Fluency Instruction, Mary Ann Cahill and Anne E. Gregory

The Odyssey: Finding Our Way to Student Engagement, Lee A. Dubert, Peter Erickson, Susan D. Martin, and Heather Sinnes

Technology in Practice: Educators Training in Reading Clinics/Literacy Labs, Lee Dubert and Barbara Laster

Negotiating Complex Relationships in School-University Partnerships: Befuddled, Bewildered, and Even Bemused, Cheryl A. Franklin Torrez, Jennifer L. Snow, and Susan Martin


“That’s how you know.” Exploring Young Children’s Roles in Meaning Construction, Anne E. Gregory and Mary Ann Cahill


Minding the Gate: Challenges of High-Stakes Assessment and Literacy Teacher Education, Susan D. Martin, Maggie Chase, Mary Ann Cahill, and Anne E. Gregory


Navigating the Terrain of Third Space: Tensions with/in Relationships in School-University Partnerships, Susan D. Martin, Jennifer Snow, and Cheryl A. Franklin Torrez


Multicultural Literature, Literally!, Stan Steiner, Maggie Chase, and Eun Hye Son

Rediscovering Cultural Diversity in Korea Through Song and Poetry Picture Books, Yoo Kyung Sung and Eun Hye Son

Submissions from 2010


Children's Choices 2010, Lois A. Buckman, Pamela J. Farris, Susannah Richards, Deborah Setliff, and Stan Steiner

Sharing Our Writing with Students: Examining Tensions and Questioning Our Motives, Maggie Chase and Susan Martin

A Dozen Great Books: Taking Action in the Face of Adversity, Maggie Chase, Eun Hye Son, and Stan Steiner

The Value of Coordinated Services with Court-Referred Clients and Their Families: An Outcome Study, Kenneth M. Coll, Roger A. Stewart, Renée Morse, and Amber Moe


Kindergartners Can Do It, Too! Comprehension Strategies for Early Readers, Anne E. Gregory and Mary Ann Cahill


VideoPoetry: Historical Photography in the Desert Garden, Peter Lutze, James Armstrong, and Laura Woodworth-Ney

Children's Literature Reviews: Books that Set Their Own Standards, Detra Price-Dennis, Marlene Beierle, Maggie Chase, Eun Hye Son, and Jackie Wissman

Submissions from 2009


VideoPoetry: Integrating Video, Poetry and History in the Classroom, James Armstrong, Peter Lutze, and Laura Woodworth-Ney

Beyond the Test: Writing to a Prompt as a Unit of Study, Maggie Chase and Susan D. Martin

Distinguishing Between Higher and Lower Risk Youth Offenders: Applications for Practice, Kenneth M. Coll, Roger A. Stewart, Gerald A. Juhnke, Patti Thobro, and Robin Haas


Constructing Critical Literacy: Self-Reflexive Ways for Curriculum and Pedagogy, Anne Gregory and Mary Ann Cahill


Which Path to Educational Equity? How External Policy Influences Internal School Goals, Jennifer Snow-Gerono and Anne Gregory


Children's Choices 2009, Stan Steiner


Bullies, Gangs, and Books for Young Adults, Stan Steiner and Ben Steiner


To Learn Korean Food Culture in English, Stan Steiner and Joy Steiner


Complex Interactions in Student Teaching: Lost Opportunities for Learning, Sheila W. Valencia, Susan D. Martin, Nancy A. Place, and Pam Grossman

Submissions from 2008

College Student Retention: Instrument Validation and Value for Partnering Between Academic and Counseling Services, Kenneth M. Coll and Roger A. Stewart

Improving Your Reading Rate, Lee Dubert


Understanding Early Writing and Instructional Opportunities in the Inclusive Classroom, Anne E. Gregory and Carolyn Loffer


Understanding Early Literacy Learning in the Inclusive Classroom, Anne Gregory and Jennifer L. Snow-Gerono


Teaching About Peace Through Children’s Literature, Stan F. Steiner

Two Libraries on Two Continents: How Do They Compare?, Stan F. Steiner, Dong-Ro Shin, and Sae-Hoon Park


Multicultural Literature that Brings People Together, Stan Steiner, Claudia Peralta Nash, and Maggie Chase

Books from 2007

Patterns and Connections, James Armstrong

Textual Importations Following a Modified Dialogic Reading Approach, Anne E. Gregory and Maribeth C. Schmitt


Jim Bridger: Trapper,Trader, and Guide, Rosemary G. Palmer

The D&D Boys: What’s Wrong With This Picture?, Bruce Robbins and Maggie Chase

Submissions from 2006


Leisure Reading: Impacting the Affective Domain Across Borders, Stan Steiner, Dong Ro Shin, and Diane Boothe


Curriculum Materials for Elementary Reading: Shackles and Scaffolds for Four Beginning Teachers, Sheila W. Valencia, Nancy A. Place, Susan D. Martin, and Pamela L. Grossman

Submissions from 2005

A Factious Analogous Analysis of No Child Left Behind Through the Lens of Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, Anne Gregory, Mary Ann Rawley, Lawrence R. Rogien, Jennifer Snow, and Debra L. Yates

The Impact of an Early Literacy Intervention: Where Are the Children Now?, Maribeth Cassidy Schmitt and Anne E. Gregory

American History Through Diverse Eyes, Stan Steiner

Submissions from 2004


Developing a Culture of Reclamation: Integrating History, Poetry and Video, James Armstrong, Peter Lutze, and Laura Woodworth-Ney

Authentic Pedagogy and the Novice Teacher: Acculturating Teachers into a Reflective Practice, Jonathan L. Brendefur and Anne E. Gregory


Finding Balance: Impact of Classroom Management Conceptions on Developing Teacher Practice, Susan D. Martin

Honorable Intentions: An Explanation of No Child Left Behind, Mary Ann Rawley and Anne E. Gregory

Teacher’s Choices for 2004, Stan Steiner

Submissions from 2003

Changing the Culture of Teaching, Anne E. Gregory and Jonathan L. Brendefur

Teacher's Choices for 2003, Stan Steiner

Multicultural Stories: Preserving Oral and Written Treasures, Stanley F. Steiner and Joy Steiner

Submissions from 2002

Collaboration Between Counseling Services and an Academic Program: An Exploratory Study of Student Outcome, Kenneth M. Coll and Roger A. Stewart


Building Bridges: Books Bring Us Together: 60+ Great Multicultural Books, Stan Steiner

Teachers' Choices for 2002, Stan Steiner

Books from 2001


Promoting a Global Community Through Multicultural Children's Literature, Stanley F. Steiner

Books from 2000


Freirean Pedagogy, Praxis, and Possibilities: Projects for the New Millennium, Stanley F. Steiner, H. Mark Krank, Peter McLaren, and Robert E. Bahruth

Story Collections from Around the World, Stan Steiner and Joy Steiner

Submissions from 1999

Counterpoint: Another View of Laurence's 'Where the World Began', Lee A. Dubert

Young Adults' Choices for 1999, Stan Steiner

Navigating the Road to Literacy, Stan Steiner and Joy Steiner

Submissions from 1998

Upstream in the Mainstream: Pedagogy Against the Current, Roberto E. Bahruth and Stanley F. Steiner

Books That Bring People Together, Stanley F. Steiner

Who Belongs Here?: Portraying American Identity in Children’s Picture Books, Stanley F. Steiner

Young Adults' Choices for 1998, Stanley F. Steiner

Refugees and Homeless: Nomads of the World, Stanley F. Steiner and Lane Cobiskey

Submissions from 1997

Children's Choices for 1997, Stanley F. Steiner

Literature Books: Tools to Problematize Identity, Stanley F. Steiner

Books That Bring People Together, Stanley F. Steiner and Lane Cobiskey

Submissions from 1996

Interview with Yetta Goodman, Lee A. Dubert

Strategies for Science Learning, Kenneth W. Miller and Stanley F. Steiner

Ordinary People on an Extraordinary Adventure: Reliving the Oregon Trail, Stan Steiner

Children's Choices for 1996, Stanley F. Steiner

Critical Theory: The Pedagogy of True Words, Stanley F. Steiner and H. Mark Krank

Submissions from 1995

Interview with Louis Sachar, James Armstrong and Stanley F. Steiner

Coming Home: The Power of Discourse About Literature, Stanley F. Steiner

Submissions from 1994

Using Program Music for Interdisciplinary Study, Thomas S. Kite, Thomas Smucker, Stan Steiner, and Mina Bayne

Interview with Ben Mikaelsen, Stanley F. Steiner and James Armstrong

The Middle Ages, Stanley F. Steiner and Linda Marie Zaerr

Submissions from 1993


Locating Information in Text: A Focus on Children in the Elementary Grades, Bonnie B. Armbruster and James Armstrong


Preparing Prospective Elementary Teachers to Teach Geographical Features with an Integrated Approach, Stanley F. Steiner

Literature That Stirs the Dust and Stirs the Soul, Stanley F. Steiner and Pat Ware