2023 Undergraduate Research Showcase

2023 Undergraduate Research Showcase


The Undergraduate Research Showcase is a celebration of research and a forum for Boise State undergraduate students from all academic disciplines to share their research with the campus community. Its purpose is to provide students with a low-stakes opportunity to present their work and receive constructive and helpful feedback.

The 2023 Undergraduate Research Showcase took place on Friday, April 21st and Monday April 24th. It featured virtual poster presentations and an in-person reception featuring lightning talks, OUR Mentor of the Year awards presentation and a gallery walk of select posters.

This event is supported by the Institute for Inclusive and Transformative Scholarship at Boise State University. Please see the following link for more information: https://www.boisestate.edu/undergraduate-research/showcase/


Submissions from 2023


The ZERO: Zip-Tie Revolver, Nuha Akhtar, Dylan Brown, Adam Crayton, Joshua Fernando, Julian Darden, Keith Lindsey, Madison Long, Victor Nguyen, Genevieve Overmyer, Ian Peña, Morgan Roberts, Ryan Samolis, Alex Smith, Soren Witter, and Iz Varland

Mechanotransduction in Stem Cells, Alejandra Almaraz, Paul Davis, Sean Howard, and Gunes Uzer

Conquest and Culture: The Exchange of Moorish and Spanish Musical Traditions, Meliah Anchustegui and Rachel Becker

Increasing Mental Health Crisis Training in First Responders, Layne Anderson, Jason Blomquist, Ariel Rogers, Elyssa Olson, Katie Mosier, Macy Gathman, Mason Sanders, Nicole Macaluso, and Shelby Hymas


Engineering Properties of Coquina: An Interesting and Historic Building Stone, Alejandra Arizmendi Sanchez and Nick Hudyma


Addressing the Nationwide Shortage of Radiologic Technologists, Travis Armstrong and Jeleana Loa

The Lingering Effects of NAFTA: An Ethnographic Dialectical Analysis of Neoliberalism, Resistance, and Hegemony in Michoacán and Idaho, Julian Arreguin Vega and Christopher Courtheyn


Testing for Genomic Control of Ephemeral Leaf Phenotypes in Artemisia tridentata, Sam Billingsley, Mia Cinello-Smith, Trinity Hamilton, Catherine Merrill, Anthony Melton, and Sven Buerki


The Fight Against Femicide: An Analysis of Globalization Through Instagram in #NiUnaMás and #NiUnaMenos, Madison Blatter, Lia Harelson, and Christopher Courtheyn


Automaticity with Balance in Dual-Task Tests in Healthy Adolescents, Samantha Bobrowsky, Shuqi Zhang, and Jiahao Pan


Sociocultural and Parenting Factors Affect Children's Cognitive Development Through Mastery Motivation, Serena Brendel and Iryna Babik


How Clean is Clean Energy?, Ammon Butler and Connor Morton

A Comparison Between Three Different Ways of Shielding from Occupational Radiation, Madalynn Butler and Natalie Mourant


Oxygen and Carbon Isotopes in Modern and Historic Mussels from the Snake River, Idaho, May Show Modern Rise of Corn Production, Akira Byrne, Matt Kohn, Linda Reynard, and Mark Plew


An Intervention to Combat the Negative Effects of Perfectionism by Incorporating Elements of Self-Compassion for Youth Gymnasts, Ellie Cain and Eric M. Martin


Vertebral Body Tethering (VBT): Quantifying Tension in a VBT System for Scoliosis Treatment, Phoebe Cain, Christy Farnsworth, Jason Caffrey, Tony Olmert, Salil Upasani, and Erin Mannen


How the COVID-19 Pandemic Highlights the Effects of Genetic Conflict During Pregnancy, Madelyn Cardwell and Jessica D. Ayers

"The Right to Feel Afraid": What are the Common Precursors of Deadly Force?, Angel Casiano and Lisa Bostaph

Prevalence and Correlates of Sleep Deprivation Among Teenagers in Boise, Idaho, Angelina Catalno and Vinita Sharma


α-Hemolysin as a Candidate for a Vaccine for Staphylococcus aureus in Bovine Mastitis, Madeline B. Clark and Juliette K. Tinker

What Effect Does Ocean Acidification and Coral Bleaching Have on Developing Nations?, Logan Cloninger and Mari Rice

Impact of SES, Home Environment, and Parental Behaviors on Children’s Executive Functions, Kenna Cole and Iryna Babik

The Framework of Making Connections: Theories of How to Develop and Maintain Relationships, Gator Colón and Christina Ivey


Attraction and Adherence of Senior Adults to Exercise Programs, Susan Copple


Pre-Plinian Perplexity: Constraining the Transition from the Blast to Plinian Phases of the 18 May 1980 Mount St. Helens Eruption, Justin Crevier

Microcontroller System for Controlling Serial Functionality for App Operated Flexible Electronics, Brian Cummings and David Estrada

Snow Science, Adam Dickson, Ellyn Enderlin, Rainey Aberle, Alexandra Friel, Aman KC, and Karina Zikan


Text Analysis Identified Semantic Differences in Ideologically-Motivated News, Emily Eker and Iryna Babik


Body Dissatisfaction in College Students, Sawyer Ellis, Elaine Kozmiuk, Mary Pritchard, and Heather Schoenherr

Recovery and Quantification of Folic Acid from Ethyl Cellulose, Nicholas Franklin, Owen McDougal, Mia Rheede, Gennivyve Williams, and Morgan Fong

Accumulation and Density of Snow at Lower Deer Point, Alexandra Friel, Ellyn Enderlin, Adam Dickson, Rainey Aberle, Aman KC, and Karina Zikan

Childhood Trauma and Resilience: A Look at the Impact of Protective Factors, Tionna Gardner and Jennifer Weaver

Therapist Evaluation vs. Self-Perception: Which Is a Better Predictor for the Success of Romantic Interpersonal Relationship?, Clover Godfrey and Vinita Sharma

Interaction of Beta-Crystallin with Membrane: A Study Using Atomic Force Microscopy, Dieter Haemmerle, Laxman Mainali, and Nawal Khadka

Pregnant Women in Poverty, Leah Harbaugh, Jason Blomquist, Ashlyn Bengtzen, Kendra Howerzyl, Grace Soderblom, Dariana Navarrete, Hong Sook Kim, Paityn Mattson, and Emma Beauchamp

The Effects of Thyroid and Gonadal Shielding During Radiographic Imaging, Emily Harding, Natalie Mourant, Traci Foster, Tracie Thompson, and Joanie Raftery

Children in Poverty Facing Inadequate Nutrition, Ryneal Lin Hart, Jason Blomquist, Renee Walters, Bonu Boynazarova, Makenna Craig, Megan Joerger, Yvette Asker, Alex Steiner, and Shauna Wallace

Are We Live?, Nathan Hathorn and Anne Hamby

Reduction of Acrylamide Production Using Pulsed Electric Field Treatment in Lamoka Potato Chips, Alyssa Hendricks, Owen McDougal, Tauras Rimkus, Mark Skinner, and Priscila Santiago Mora


Gender and Writing in Melville's Erased Marginalia to Shakespeare, Netanya Hitchcock, Steven Olsen-Smith, and Elisa Barney Smith


People’s Perceptions of Language Variation, South Korea, Subin Jang


Conservation of Sharp-Tailed Grouse (Tympanuchus phasianellus columbianus) Through Fecal DNA Extraction, Elizabeth Jessmore, Morgan Calahan, Michael Schroeder, Jennifer S. Forbey, and Stephanie J. Galla


Functional Connectivity in Gait Under Dual-Task Paradigm in Healthy Adolescents, Braden Johnson, Jiahao Pan, and Shuqi Zhang


Canine Play Pant: Bioacoustics Project of ECHOS Lab, Veronika Keeton and Shelly Volsche

Reaching Across the Doorstep Rather Than the Aisle: Reclaim Idaho’s Grassroots Organizing Strategies Across Rural and Urban Communities in a Conservative State, Marisa Keith, Christopher Courtheyn, and Ziggy Slanetz

COPD Administration and Adherence, Lily Knudsen, Jason Blomquist, John Dye, Madison Stuart, Mia Stallard, Micaela Cantrell, Morgan Folan, Ryan Sahwell, and Yanira Madrigal

Survivability of Transgenic Zebrafish (Danio rerio) with the ApoE41-151 Fragment, Alex Lafollette, Troy Rohn, Saylor Leising, Maydson McCarthy, Sofi Leon-Gonzales, and Emily Egan

Environmental Justice Through Water Crisis: Lessons from Flint, Jessica Lambert, Christopher Courtheyn, and Frankie Khayat


The Effect of Sociocultural Factors on Body Image and Social Physique Anxiety, Magalli Landaverde Morado and Mary Pritchard


The Impact of a College Course on Mental Health: A Scoping Review, Aurelia Lencioni, Sabina Mursalova, Robin Phipps Woodall, and Lynda Ransdell


Shapes and Orientations of Galaxy Clusters, Kaitlyn Linder, Heidi Wu, and Ananth Tenneti

Analyzing the Effects of Pulsed Electric Field on Wine Production, Matthew Lorentz, Owen McDougal, Priscila Santiago Mora, Rose Saxton, and Kylie Johnson

Pattern Analysis of Perceived Dialect Regions, Oliver MacDonald and Gail Shuck


Ethnographic Analysis of Student Media: Uplifting Creative Young Adults, Marissa Maldonado and Kendall House

Vaping Prevention and Control Interventions Among Adolescents within the United States: A Review of Present Literature, Jacob McKeever and Vinita Sharma

The Effect of Collateral Consequences on Plea Bargaining, Olivia McMahon and Jacqueline Lee

Influenza Crashes the SARS-CoV-2 Viral Wastewater Party, Erin Milliken, Greg Hampikian, and Ernie Ogden

Certain Terrains Lead to Larger, Faster Ground Reaction Forces During Loaded Running, Olivia Monarres, Tyler Brown, and Eric Eric Francis

Synthesis of γ-Phase Electrolytic Manganese Dioxide for Use in Aqueous Zinc Batteries, Allison Muenzer and Claire Xiong

Wild and Widowed, Stella Naprstek, Lorraine Gaudio, Cookie Klinger, Laura Hunter, Elizabeth Farley, Faith Plattor, and John Ziker


Interacting with Transphobic Content on TikTok is a Gateway to Alt-Right Radicalization via the Algorithm, Victoria Northrop

Assessing Variation of Bioactive Alkaloids in Commercially Available Kratom Products, Delaney Odell, Owen McDougal, Jordan Hoover, McKenzi Riggs, and Anna Shuey

Rolling from Home: A Methodology for Classifying Infant Rolling Movements from At-Home Video Analysis, Melissa Ogle, Erin Mannen, and Danielle Siegel


Exploring the Growth Rates of Different Bacterial Isolates Found in Purple Pitcher Plants (Sarracenia purpurea), Kaitlyn Opland, Jessica Bernardin, and Leonora Bittleston

Who’s at the Party?: Exploring Microbial Communities in the Sagebrush Steppe of the Western US, Ayana Pattison, Stephanie Galla, Natalie Sofaly, Molly Garrett, Morgan Calahan, Michael Schroeder, Jennifer Forbey, Paul Hohenlohe, and Lisette Waits

Hegemonic Masculinity on Attitudes Towards Seeking Help, Monica Potts and Matthew Genuchi

Do Gender Ideology and Social Support Impact the Mental Health of European Mothers?, Rhyann Power, Kristin Snopkowski, Amy Josey, and Sonia Perizzolo

Cheaters Sometimes Prosper: Identifying Environmental Conditions That Correlate with High Cheatgrass Abundance on the Sawtooth National Forest, Karsyn Preble, Kelly Hopping, Lilly Wilson, and Madelyn Sorrentino

Swing and Sink: Investigating the Relationship Between Self-Talk and Attentional Focus in Motor Performance at the Behavioral and Psychophysiological Levels, Laney Prichard and Mariane Bacelar


Thyroid Shielding in Radiographic Procedures: Fit vs Dose, Carlie Purdom and Natalie Mourant

Mana Motuhake: A Māori Look at Self Determination in Response to the Treaty of Waitangi, Kelsi Ramakers and Christopher Courtheyn


The Justice in Frame: Photographic Narration of Citizenship in the Chicano Movement, 1968-1971, Veronica Reynolds and Christopher Courtheyn

Co-Culturing to Examine Interactions of Sagebrush Phyllosphere Microbes, Michael Robison, Leonora Bittleston, Mitchell Edwards, and Jacob Heil

Measuring & Comparing Elite Political Polarization in the Idaho State House of Representatives & Senate Over the Last 25 Years, Gabriel Rodriguez and Tony Roark

LTCC MEMS Fabrication for High Temperature Vacuum Applications, Patricio Sainz, Jim Browning, Ranajoy Bhattacharya, and Russell Briggs

Preventing Hospital Readmissions in COPD Patients, Kelsi Sanderson, Renee Walters, Jason Blomquist, Emma Schiebout, Keirsten Burnett, Dallin Dufort, Katy Halland, Lane Young, Linnea Graham, and Taylor Dawson


Sex-Based Biomechanical Models Impact Knee Joint Moments, Cristian J. Sandino, Abigail R. Brittain, and Tyler N. Brown

Analysis of Proteins in Bovine Milk Using HPLC, TKN, and MIR for the Application of Chemometrics, Angelica Santana-Cabrera and Owen McDougal


Soil Carbon Decomposition in Grass Based Biofuels, Abigail Sasso, Megan Kelly Slatten, and Marie-Anne de Graaff

Radiation Dose for Parents from Pediatric Holding, Courtney Scott, Natalie Mourant, Kelly Tebbe, Lauren Stone, and Vitaliy Goretoy

Habitat Conservation and Restoration at the Diane Moore Idaho Bird Observatory, Romane Seaton and Gregory Kaltenecker


Speed and Surface Speed and Magnitude of Knee Adduction, Mason D. Shaffer, Nicholas L. Hunt, Matthew V. Robinett, and Tyler N. Brown


A Step Toward Resolving Spatiotemporal Distribution of Suspended Sediment Concentration Using Remote Sensing, Cheyon Sheen, Hannah Spero, Arash Modaresi Rad, and Mojtaba Sadegh

Scoping Review of the Aplomado Falcon (Falco femoralis), Lily Smith and Christopher McClure


Palestini in Peter Comestor’s Historia Scholastica, Mandee Snowden-Edmonds, Nicholas Canfield, and Krystian Fichat

Reducing the Risk of Hip Fracture and Complications from Hip Fracture in Older Adults by Reducing Food Insecurities in the Elderly Population, Brynn Sorensen, Jason Blomquist, Kathleen Wolfley, Nicolette Laroque, Alli Glenn, Ivy Wang, Cathy Whinery, and Sydney Schultz


Changes in Lipid Order Induced by Hypoosmotic Stress and Channels Insertion, Sevio Stanton, Rosey Whiting, Ilinca Flacau, Aviana Smith, Julie Li, Daniel Robertson, and Addison Hobson

Encouraging SNAP and WIC Participation, Kaitlyn Stark, Renee Walters, Isaac Purvis, Brooklyn Oswald, Brooke Wager, Haily Young, Abby Sorensen, and Raquel Navarro


“That Contemptible Man (Tho’ Good Poet, in His Department)”: Examining Melville's Complex Relationship with Wordsworth, Xavier Suarez, Roland Wagoner, Keoni Hayward, Steven Olsen-Smith, and Elisa Barney Smith

The Effect of Cerebral Palsy and Preterm Birth on Sensorimotor and Cognitive Development, Jessica Synold and Iryna Babik

Pollination Biology of a Rare and Threatened Endemic Plant: Evaluating the Floral Constancy of Astragalus mulfordiae Insect Visitors, Amethyst Tagney, Ian Robertson, and Clara Buchholtz

Examination of Chronological Changes to Groundwater Flow Paths in the Upper Reaches of the Kimberly Watershed in Kimberly, Idaho, Dylan Thompson and David Huber

Socioeconomic Status and Female Health in Medieval London, Nora Rose Thornton, Cheryl Anderson, Kaylee Manning, Samantha Beier, and Sarah Brudenell


Social Support Among Student-Athletes and Coping Strategy Differences Among Student-Athletes and Non-Student-Athletes, Dillon Travis and Eric M. Martin

Alternative Clavicle Projections to Reduce Breast Tissue Radiation Exposure, Brenda Trejo and Natalie Mourant

Climate Justice Challenges as the Outcome of Multidimensional Stressors of Refugee Populations: Insights from Rohingya, KaraLeigh Troyer and Saleh Ahmed

Jail Blocked: The Fight Against the Jailscraper in Manhattan’s Chinatown and the Broader Implications of Urbanization on Ethnic Enclaves, KaraLeigh Troyer and Christopher Courtheyn

The Cause and Consequences Between Poverty and Mental Health, Abigail Tucker, Renee Walters, Bailey Ketchum, Cecelia Gedrose, Courteney Mchargu, Hannah Russo, Maddy Gibler, and Shelby Lange

Relationships Between Social Media Use, Peer Pressure, Drive for Thinness, and Social Physique Anxiety in College Students, Tiahna Vladic and Mary Pritchard

Human-Wildlife Conflict, Benjamin Wall, Matt Williamson, Sarah Breedlove, Katie Murenbeeld, and Laura Potter