2023 Undergraduate Research Showcase

2023 Undergraduate Research Showcase


The Undergraduate Research Showcase is a celebration of research and a forum for Boise State undergraduate students from all academic disciplines to share their research with the campus community. Its purpose is to provide students with a low-stakes opportunity to present their work and receive constructive and helpful feedback.

The 2023 Undergraduate Research Showcase took place on Friday, April 21st and Monday April 24th. It featured virtual poster presentations and an in-person reception featuring lightning talks, OUR Mentor of the Year awards presentation and a gallery walk of select posters.

This event is supported by the Institute for Inclusive and Transformative Scholarship at Boise State University. Please see the following link for more information: https://www.boisestate.edu/undergraduate-research/showcase/


Submissions from 2023


How Volcanic Explosions Interface with Infrastructure: A Brief Analysis of Volcano Infrasound's Influence on Fuego Observatory Near Fuego Volcano, Guatemala, Owen Walsh and Jeffrey B. Johnson

The Effect of Irrigation on Soil Carbonates in Kimberly, Idaho, Robert Welle, Jen Pierce, David Huber, Tanzila Hanif, and Zahra Ghahremani


Surface, but Not Age Impact Lower Limb Joint Work During Walk and Stair Ascent, Thomas A. Wenzel, Nicholas L. Hunt, Amy E. Holcomb, Clare K. Fitzpatrick, and Tyler N. Brown

Development of Reproducible Workflows for Quantum Chemical Parameterization and Validation of Model Organic Photovoltaics, Gwen White and Eric Jankowski

Monitoring the Behaviour of Dissolved Oxygen Levels During Stream Dry-Down in the Dry Creek Experimental Watershed, Matthew Wilken, Anna Bergstrom, and Kevin Roche

Is Shielding Effective and Which Type of Shield Would Be the Most Effective at Protecting a Pregnant Woman's Abdomen from Radiation?, Jaylynn Wolfe, Natalie Mourant, Adysen Haines, and Keelee Fisher