2022 Undergraduate Research Showcase

2022 Undergraduate Research Showcase


The 2022 Undergraduate Research Showcase took place virtually on Friday, April 22rd. It featured poster and lightning talk presentations by undergraduate Boise State researchers, and was supported by the Institute for Inclusive and Transformative Scholarship at Boise State University.

Please see the following link for more information: https://www.boisestate.edu/undergraduate-research/showcase/


Submissions from 2022


Let’s Make it Clear: The Integration of Plain Language into Technical Communication Coursework, Vienne Aberle

Comparing Infant Hip Joint Center Estimations Between Manual and Digital Measures, Jess Adamson, Erin Mannen, and Abby Brittain

Socioeconomic and Environmental Risks Increasing the Prevalence of COPD, Andra Arnell, Renee Walters, Idanna Cobb, Kiera Stansall, Lucky Mendoza, Rikki Reis, Saige Murphy, and Jason Blomquist

Custom DNA Origami Scaffolds for Digital Nucleic Acid Memory, Benjamin Balzer, Eric Hayden, Amanda Wolf, Sarah Kobernat, Luca Piantanida, George Dickinson, and Will Hughes

Comparing Atmospheric and (Inferred) Dust Devil Data from NASA’s Insight and Perseverance Landers, Ryan Battin, Brian Jackson, Hallie Dodge, and Justin Crevier


VIP Digital Humanities: Music Recognition, Chandler Beitia, Hunter Baum, Calvin Reese, Mason Brady, Elisa Barney Smith, and Nishatul Majid


Medial-Lateral Center of Mass Displacement and Knee Adduction Biomechanics for Old and Young Adults Descending Stairs with Varying Surfaces, Jack D. Bianchi, Nicholas L. Hunt, Amy E. Holcomb, Clare K. Fitzpatrick, and Tyler N. Brown

Thyroid Dose in Relation to Scapular Y Positioning, Sierra Blanke, Natalie Mourant, Melinda Barry, Michelle Ehlke, and Jacque Dodson

Does the Implementation of In-School Interventions Decrease Depression in School-Aged Children?, Brooke Bradley, Jason Blomquist, Phoebe Bowes, Molly Gocken, Olivia Wilkins, Alison Black, Kailey Gibson, Austin Barnes, and Jacob Edson

Fabrication of MEMS in Low Temperature Co-Fired Ceramics, Russell Briggs, Jim Browning, and Brady Sainz

EEG-BCI Prosthetic Ecosystem Coding and Experimentation, Clarity Brown, Marion Scheepers, Liljana Babinkostova, Michelle Bukkhegyi, and Jahan Jangi Josheghan

Characterization and Analysis of Cerberin, 2-O-Acetyl Neriifolin in Pong Pong Seeds from the “Suicide Tree”, Olivia Brown and Owen McDougal

Eiffel Tower, Ivan Brustad, Kirsten Davis, and Evan Shannon

The Effect of Biological and Environmental Factors on Object Exploration and Language Development During Early Childhood, Kerrigan Bull and Iryna Babik

Model Registration Techniques for 3D Optical Scanning, Dylan Burruel, Trevor Lujan, and Kate Benfield


The Effect of Different Types of Sports Injuries and Time Out of Sport on Intrinsic Motivation, Ellie Cain and Eric Martin

Kamiah Community Resilience Project, Nathaniel Campbell, Brittany Brand, Kade Anderson, Chloe Bauer, and AJ Chopra


Time and Environment Influence Abundance of Fungal Microbe Associated with Sagebrush Leaves, Rachel Capezza, Jacob Heil, and Leonora Bittleston

Medusa with the Head of Perseus, Alma Ceja and Amy Arellano


Digitizing Historical Forest Service Data, Florina Ciaglia, Catherine Olschanowsky, and Kelly Hopping

The Reintroduction of Wolves, Joe Citi and Michail Fragkias

Management of Cirrhosis, Morgan Cobley, Jason Blomquist, Molly Lopke, Sarah Moodie, Callie Silcox, Carly Ganske, Corinne O'Callagha, Carolyn Merrick, Carolyn Nitschman, and Renee Walters


Solution to Pollution: An Attack on Asthma, Kayla Cocozzo, Natasa Copic, Balee Duro, Paige Guenther, Erika Johnson, Jake Monaghan, Katie Nursall, and Desi Overacre


The Jumping Ability of Wild Age-0 Brook Trout, Clara Comer and Bart Gamett

Effects of Prosthetics on Scatter Radiation, Daniel Connaughton and Natalie Mourant


Professional Communication Skills: Interventions to Effectively Teach Undergraduate Students, Claire Conner

Securing Sustainability by Building Resilience Against Political Extremism Through Social Trust, Elizabeth Corder and Michail Fragkias


Designing Healthier Communities, Savannah Cowman, Tom Pham, and Cassie Williamson


Pre-Plinian Perplexity: Constraining the Transition from the Blast to Plinian Phases of the 18 May 1980 Mount St. Helens Eruption, Justin Crevier

Liposomes as Carriers for Large DNA Molecules, Kyrie Davis, Daniel Fologea, and Malyk Walker

Suez Canal, Ethan Delwiche, Kirsten Davis, Jordan Smith, and Jake Dyer

Message and Audience Factors That Trigger Fake News Consumption, Emily Eker and Iryna Babik

Challenges and Opportunities in Human Subjects Research: Assessing Glyphosate Exposure in Pregnant Women, Brianna Ellison, Alejandra Hernandez, Allison O'Brien, Carson Schvaneveldt, Elysia Watkins, Annica Balentine, Meredith Spivak, Carly Hyland, and Cynthia Curl


Using Remotely Sensed Data to Track Sít’ Kusá (Turner Glacier) Surge Movement, Madeline Gendreau

The Impact of Climate Change on Coastal Communities in Oregon, Nick Goulter and Michail Fragkias

Idaho Insulin Cap to Manage Type II Diabetes, Samantha Greatorex, Jason Blomquist, Renee Walters, Olivia Johnson, Hailey Opperman, Cara Leonard, Carly Newsum, Emily Coolidge, Katrina Fabbri, and Shelby Jackson


REVIEW: The Effects of Parental Phthalate Exposure on Newborn Defects, Tram Ha Pham Bich and Jonathon Reeck


Humane Education Curriculum Encourages Concern in Animal Wellbeing and Increases Public Engagement with Local Shelters, Hannah Hedelius

Reducing Sodium: A Population Approach, Frances Helling, Jason Blomquist, Lauren LeBouvier, Ashley Wyatt, Ashley Cooper, Claire Ahmann, Lida Rerecich, and Tessa Godfrey

The Importance of Community for a Study Examining Pesticide Exposure and Risk Perceptions Among Latinx Farmworkers, Alejandra Hernandez, Carly Hyland, Cynthia Curl, Rebecca Som Castellano, Lisa Meierotto, and Irene Ruiz


Relationship Between Lack of Sleep and Stress, Stephanie Holman

Identification of Novel ADPRTs in Salmonella infantis, Lydia Howell and Juliette Tinker


“Knowledge is a Lamp to Lighten His Path”: Investigating Melville’s Marginalia to Schopenhauer, Brandon Hurst, Steven Olsen-Smith, Christopher Ohge, and Elisa Barney Smith

How Does Social Media Affect Student Involvement in Post-Secondary Peer Mentorship Programs for Students with Disabilities?, Katie Killmer, Jeremy Ford, and Erin Milliken

The Effect of Athletic Identity on the Transfer of Life Skills of Division I Athletes, Felix King and Eric Martin

The Great Wall of China, Justin Kusar, Kirsten Davis, Brian Purtell, and Matt Kovacs


How Does Inter-Annual Snowpack Variability Impact Reservoir Storage in the Magic Reservoir?, Kyle LaCoursiere and Kendra Kaiser


Visualizing Melville's Marginalia: Visualizations, Remington Lambie, Steven Olsen-Smith, and Elisa Barney Smith


Projection Effects of Galaxy Clusters, Andy Lee, Heidi Wu, and Andres Salcedo

Environmental Injustice: Hazardous Waste in Los Angeles County, Abbie Loree and Michail Fragkias


From Statistics to Solutions: Putting Hope within Reach, Brittany Love


Analysis of Undergraduate Mathematics Coursework for Curriculum Design, Marissa Maldonado and Laurie Cavey

Drone Imagery Enables Fine-Scale Detection of Sagebrush Dieback During a Summer Heatwave, Valorie Marie, Anna Roser, Andrii Zaiats, Peter Olsoy, Donna Delparte, Jennifer Forbey, and Trevor Caughlin

Degree of Acyl Chain Unsaturation Modulates Cholesterol Solubility Threshold of Phospholipid Membranes, Mason Marosvari, Laxman Mainali, Max-Florian Mortimer, Dieter Haemmerle, and Nawal Khadka

Assessing the Role of Micronutrients on N. oculata Growth in Struvite Based Media, Kaitlyn Matteo, Kevin Feris, and Alex Torres

DNA Methylation as a Potential Molecular Mechanism Underlying Exercise-Induced Rescue of Alzheimer’s Disease Memory Deficit, Julie Mauck, Luke Montrose, Adam Schuller, and Stephanie Hall

Sprawl in the Treasure Valley and Infill as a Solution, Arbay Mberwa and Michail Fragkias


Sagebrush UV Fluorescence Viewed and Documented with a Mobile Darkroom, Andrea C. Meyer, Jennifer Forbey, Lisa Warner, Aurora Zantman, Debbie Conner, and Justan Meyer

Optimizing Biofilm Growth Conditions in Synthetic River Sediments, Jason Mick and Kevin Roche


Covid-19 in Boise Sewage Anticipates Hospitalizations and Deaths by 1-2 Weeks, Erin Milliken, Ernie Ogden, Lexi Skinner, Minu Kesheri, Nida Ajmal, and Greg Hampikian

The Effect of Culture on Parental Beliefs and Attitudes Toward Children’s Play, Magalli Morado and Iryna Babik

Attitudes of Undergraduate Students Regarding Online Classes and In-Person Classes, McKenna Mulligan, Andy Hyer, and Destinie Triplett

Is Boise Water Consumption Sustainable?, Emile Murdock and Michail Fragkias

Dose Effects on of AP vs. PA Positioning During Scoliosis Studies, Davi Murphy, Natalie Mourant, Kassidy Hunter, Lindsey Schwinning, and Destiny Moore

An Analysis of South Africa Social Capital, Maranda Nava, Michail Fragkias, and Jonah Dionne

The Larynx: Vocal Fatigue Association and the False Notions of Healthy Practices, Franco Nero and Michael Porter

Assessing the Influence of Political Skill on Leaders’ Choice of Humor, Chi Nguyen, Liam Maher, and Timothy Dunne


Impact of Structural Water on the Electrochemical Performance of Anatase Titanium Dioxide Nanoparticles, Dustin Nguyen, Tristan Olsen, Pete Barnes, Jorge Perez, and Claire Xiong


Sustainability & Waste: Environmental, Economic, & Social Implications of Trash, Lauren Noeker

HIV/AIDS Education in High Minority and Impoverished Communities, Caitlin Norton, Jason Blomquist, Renee Walters, Brenna Menzel, Brennen Porter, Katherine Setera, Erin Rodriguez, Kaitlin Slagter, and Mikayla Ruzicka


Word Formation in the Dari Language, Ashlyn Nutting, Celeste Gibson, Reba Maderious, Michal Temkin Martínez, Selda Delsooz, Danielle Ali, Tim Thornes, Bryan Cain, Anna Gamino Garcia, Grace Jurhs, Janel Neukom, Caitlin Nguyen, and Megan Ostermann

Sounds of the Dari Language, Megan Ostermann, Michal Temkin Martinez, Danielle Ali, Bryan Cain, Anna Gamino-Garcia, Tim Thornes, Ghostie Gibson, Grace Jurhs, Reba Maderious, Janel Neukom, Caitlin Nguyen, Ashlyn Nutting, and Selda Delsooz

Special Education Resources, Meghyn Parker, Lisa Beymer, and Claire Conner


How Does Prey Type Affect Pitcher Plant, Sarracenia purpurea, Microbial Community Function?, Stacey Pedraza, Jessica Bernardin, and Leonora Bittleston


Development of a Pin-On-Disk Test Fixture to Quantify Meniscus Wear Parameters, Zachary A. Pinkley, Kate J. Benfield, and Trevor J. Lujan


Weight Stigma & Communication Skills: Experiential Learning to Reduce Bias, Margaret Quatraro, John Dye, Sarah Llewellyn, and Kelley Connor

Mindfulness Rx: Affecting Stress Using a Mindfulness App for Nursing Faculty and Students, Margaret Quatraro and Cara Gallegos

Effectiveness of Lead Gloves and Eyewear at Decreasing Dose to Medical Professionals, Nichole Quinn, Natalie Mourant, Vayle Johnson, and Charlina Lancaster

How OID Affects Dose to Surgical Team and Patient When Using a Mobile Fluoroscopic Unit in Surgery, Maria Rink, Natalie Mourant, Jenni Forsyth, Alyssa Vermeer, and Peyton Simis

Pulsed Electric Fields and Potato Product Applications, Samantha Robinette, Owen McDougal, Priscila Santiago, Caitlin Lahey, Joseph Collins, and Elizabeth Ryan

Impact of Age and Surface on Lower Limb Muscle Activity During Walk and Pivot Tasks, Matthew Robinett, Tyler Brown, and Nicholas Hunt

Prevention of Substance Abuse in Adolescents, Joshua Roff, Jason Blomquist, Renee Walters, Rachel Lopke, Jessica Myers, Hannah Peacock, Kim Smith, Angela Tracy, Jaydyn Kuhlman, and Alicia Lopes


Development of Purification Protocol for Inflammatory Cytokine Protein, Brittany Rushing, Halle Torgerson, Alli Wade, Kenzie Ballinger, Eric Baggs, and Lisa Warner


The Influence of Scholarship Status on Motivation Type and Grit Levels in Division-I Athletes, Carsten Schmidt and Eric Martin

School Nurses and Telehealth Services as Social Determinant Pathway Disruptors for Youth Diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes, Taya Shoemaker, Jason Blomquist, and Renee Walters

Hillside to Hollow: The Road to Restoring Trail Systems, Endemic Plant Species, and Grasslands, Hailey Smith, Michail Fragkias, and Amanda Jones


Preventing Idaho's Deadliest Disease: Policy Proposals to Prevent Heart Disease, Levi Smith

Musical Storytelling in the National Parks, Kensie Stallings and Nicole Molumby

The Effect of Undiagnosed Learning Differences in Generations of Families, Stella Stigers, Lisa Beymer, and Claire Conner


Factors Influencing the Development of Passion in Collegiate Athletes, Alexis Stokes, Ellie Cain, and Eric M. Martin

Investigating Seasonal Growth Patterns and Drought in Big Sagebrush, Amethyst Tagney, Trevor Caughlin, and Andrii Zaiats

Sound Dependence on Discharge and Wave Configuration at Boise Whitewater Park, Taylor Tatum

Measuring Entrance Dose Differences Between Different X-Ray Machine Manufacturers, Tabitha Thompson, Natalie Mourant, Sierra Rede, and Kayla Wileman

Framework for Increasing Equity Impact in Obesity Prevention, Hannah Thornton, Jason Blomquist, Lauren Zuba, Adria Jelinek, Marissa Gustaves, Avery Villa, Callie James, Hayley Brown, and Kati Powell

Visualizing the Human Experience in Melville's Marginalia: Nathaniel Hawthorne, Hunter Tonkin, Steven Olsen-Smith, Abby Price, Elisa Barney Smith, and Jonathan Cook

Symbol and Communicative Grounding Through Object Permanence, Josue Torres-Fonseca, Casey Kennington, and Catherine Henry


Mapping Riparian Corridors with Aerial LiDAR and High-Resolution Remotely-Sensed Data: A Variable Width Model Approach for Sagebrush Steppe Ecosystems, Claire J. Vaage, Trevor Caughlin, and Anna Bergstrom


Dogs Produce Distinctive Play Pants: Confirming Simonet, Shelly Volsche, Cameron Brown, Hannah Gunnip, Makayla Kiperash, Holly Root-Gutteridge, and Alexandra Horowitz

Greenbelt Urban and Ecological Sound Dataset, Owen Walsh and Jacob Anderson

Culture and Ethnic Hierarchies as Factors Influencing Intergroup Biases and Behaviors Towards Outgroups, Mia Watson and Iryna Babik