2020 Undergraduate Research Showcase

Due to the Covid-19 Pandemic the 2020 Undergraduate Research Showcase has gone virtual. This online event includes live-streamed lightening talk and poster presentations, and is scheduled to take place April 17th and 24th.

Please see the following link for more information: https://www.boisestate.edu/undergraduate-research/showcase/

Students please contact us at scholarworks@boisestate.edu for more information about submitting your posters alongside your abstracts here in ScholarWorks.


Submissions from 2020

Golden Gate Bridge, Seth Mackley, Connor Eastwick, Adrian Marquez, and Kirsten Davis

Hidden Figures of Environmental Racism: Undocumented Farmworkers and Pesticide Exposure, Karla M. Magaña and Isaac Castellano

Characterizing Cattle Behavior in the Rugged Rangeland of the Southeastern Oregon Using Low-Cost GPS Collars, Angela N. Malliaras, Dylan Mikesell, Joe Champion, and Sergio Arispe


The Comeback Kid: Castor canadensis: Opportunities and Challenges to Reintegrating Beavers in Ada County and Owyhee County, Alicia E. Martin and Emily Wakild

Effectiveness of Cleaning Protocols in Radiology Departments, Kate O. Maryon, Nathan A. Drussel, Zach B. Williams, Moises Lazo, and Natalie Mourant

Hand Hygiene in the Hospital Setting, Katelyn Ann McAllister, Jaysee Willmorth, Preston Schow, Natalie Mourant, and Catherine Masters


Foot Progression Angle Predicts Knee Adduction During Load Running, Matthew W. McDonald, Alay Parikh, and Tyler N. Brown

Molecular Dynamics of Self Assembled Water Chains, Tragon A. McFall and Byung Kim

Evolution of Biomedical Research Community Over 20 Years, Tragon A. McFall, Diane Smith, and Julia Oxford


Photometric Monitoring of MRK 501: A Model for Measuring the Optical Variability of BL Lacs, Nathan J. McGregor and Daryl J. Macomb

Investigation of Localized Corrosion Resistance for Surface Treated Martensitic Stainless Steels, Samuel McMurdie, Brielle Ibe, and Michael Hurley


Revolutionizing Mechanical Engineering Undergraduate Curriculum, Shelby A. McNeilly, Krishna Pakala, and Don Plumlee

How Does Bullying Affect the Mental Health of Our Youth, Hailey Merrick, Megan Smith, Ashlee Decker, and Jenni Forsyth


Wiedemann-Rautenstrauch Syndrome: A Brief Synopsis, Maddie Miller, Austin Cram, Jacob Hart, and Julia Oxford


Topographic Effects of Infrasound Wave Propagation, Jerry C. Mock, Jacob Anderson, Jeffrey B. Johnson, and Scott J. Gauvain

Topographic Effects of Infrasound Wave Propagation, Jerry C. Mock, Jacob Anderson, Jeffrey B. Johnson, and Scott J. Gauvain

How Collimation Affects Patient Radiation Dose, Dylan Mogensen, Almira Mujic, Katelyn Bolam, and Natalie Mourant


The EDISIn Project: Engineering Design in Scientific Inquiry, ShaKayla Moran, Leslie Atkins Elliott, and Graham Johnson


Impact of Diaspora: A Study of the Rohingya and Palestinians, Abigail M. Morgan, Alessa Skelton, Jordan Warren, Margaret Hofmann, and Lisa Meierotto

Developing Social Cohesion: Educational Inequality in Kebribeyah Refugee Camp in Ethiopia, Ahmed A. Muhumed and Saleh Ahmed

Single Crystal Casting, Ali W. Mustafa, Brent Johnston, Dillon J. Eyer, Gianella Condor, Hailee Munoz, and Peter Müllner

Engagement with College Students: Could the Use of Social Media Platforms and Casual Information Sessions Bridge the Gap Between the City of Boise and the Modern Young Adult?, Haley E. Neill, Seth Hayes-Fugal, Bryan Schell, Hanna Veal, Emma Hill, and Samia Islam


Animating Volcanic Processes, Clare E. Nelson, Wyatt P. Wurtenberger, and Jeffrey B. Johnson

Engineering a Better Way to Transport Assistive Technology, Miranda Nelson, Alyssa Clark, Pardis Kabeh, Anjelica Lee, Amy Moll, Noah Salzman, and Vicki Stieha

Impact of Body Borne Load and Locomotor Speed on Tibial Compressive Force, Miranda Nelson, Elijah M. Walker, Gaervyn J. Salverda, and Tyler N. Brown

Walt Disney Concert Hall, Matt Ness, Skylar Huschka, Ben Armstrong, and Kirsten Davis


The Genetic Diversity and Heterozygosity in Six Sagebrush Populations: Estimating the Evolutionary Potential of a Keystone Species in a Changing World, Nicole Nimlos and Stephen Novak


Nano Vacuum Channel Transistors (NVCT), Oleksandr Novytskyy, Ranajoy Bhattacharya, Jessica Carlson, Adam Croteau, Addie Higgins, John McClarin, David Vogel, and Jim Browning

The Effects of Violence Proximity on Adolescent Depression, Kiana Nygaard and Megan Smith

Implementing a Research Based Reading Intervention to a Transition Age Student with an Intellectual Disability, Claire M. Oberg, Lauren Klokkevold, and Jeremy W. Ford


The Effects of Undergraduate Education Research on Our Lives: A Self-Study, Claire M. Oberg, Julianne Mori, and Sherry Dismuke

How Beaver Trapping Affects Social Relations, Riley T. O'Connor, Zachary Marcin, and Emily Wakild

The Effects of Exercise on a TgF344-AD Rat Model of Alzheimer’s Disease, Jillian S. Palmos and Stephanie Hall


Why Countries Transition to Clean Energy, Emily Pape and Brian Wampler

Childhood Depression Correlation with Parental Education, Madisyn L. Parker and Megan Smith


Stellar Composition May Reveal Origins of Bizarre Planets, Ciera Partyka-Worley, Brian Jackson, and Sevio Stanton


How ‘Climate Change’ Discourse in the Past Ten Years, 2010-2020, Has Been Viewed in a Rural and Urban County in Idaho, Mallory Payne, Arie Weidemaier, and Lisa Meierotto

Receipts Enhance Memory (REM), Kaylene R. Peet, Christy Suciu, Jordan Gray, Danielle Daniel, and Brandon Hazel


A Meta-Analysis of Clinical Advancement in Sanfilippo Syndrome Type A, Kassidi S. Petersen, Molly Ross, Molly Felix, Lauren Grillo, Cassandra Marshall, and Julia Oxford


Factors Influencing Children's Perception of Disability, Megan Pfohl and Iryna Babik

Active-Learning Strategies: A Different Approach to Teaching Climate Change to Idaho Students, Alison Phillips and Jen Pierce

Moving Day: Examining Translocation of the American Beaver (Castor canadensis) within the State of Idaho, Ian C. Pickens, Scott T. Cook, Rebecca J. Bouley, and Emily Wakild

North American Beaver Scent Communication, Nicole Piercy and Emily Wakild


How Gentrification Is Impacting Communities in Ada County, Kacie Pontius, Lisa Meierotto, Jennifer Adams, and Erik Lauritzen

Developing Conservation Measures to Restore and Rehabilitate Rangelands on Degraded Sage-Grouse Habitat in Southeastern Oregon, Noah S.J. Poulin, Sergio Arispe, Kirk Davies, and Dustin Johnson


Boise's Hiring Shortage: Why Boise's Businesses are Unable to Fill Positions, Tyler Qualls, Kali Greenwald, Joshua Olsen, Trevor Eicher, Will Hauscarriague, and Samia Islam

Australian Wildfires and How They Interact with Human and Natural Systems, Gabriella A. Rebata, Clare O'Brien, John Bates, Natasha Pederson, and Lisa Meierotto

Linguistic Perception on Multilingual/Unknown Speakers, Jesus A. Rivera Orozco and Gail Shuck


Perceptions & Stereotypes of Female Sex Offenders, Gabriela Roggy, Sarah Ritter, and Laura King


Wearable Bluetooth Interface for Flexible Piezoelectric Sensors, Betsy L. Rosales, Zhangxian Deng, and Benjamin C. Johnson

A Comparison of Two Ventilators Using Volume Guarantee Modes for Ventilation of the Neonate Using a Lung Model, Ashley Ross, Kelly Reilly, Celine Brown, and Ryan Forbush

The Expression and Purification of a Bioactive Inflammatory Cytokine for Structural and Drug Discovery Applications, Brittany R. Rushing, Briana R. Grantham, Luke Woodbury, Olga Mass, and Lisa Warner

Extracurricular Activities and Marijuana Use, Gloire Steven Rusingiza and Megan Smith


Analysis of Particle Attrition and Material Abrasion at Varying Temperatures for Solar Energy Applications, Andrew Russell, Todd Otanicar, Nipun Goel, and Mei-lin Fong

Carbon Storage in the Soil and the Role of Root Morphology, Abigail Sasso, Marie-Anne de Graaff, and Megan Kelly-slatten

Lay of the Land: Professional Identity in Our Student Body, Samantha Schauer, Eric Jankowski, Krishna Pakala, and Sara Hagenah

Virtual Office Hours and the Student Learning Experience, Samantha Schauer, Krishna Pakala, and Diana Bairaktarova


When Earth’s Tectonic Plates Collide: Reevaluation of the Pressure and Temperature History of Metamorphic Rocks in the Eastern Alps, Kyra L. Schroeder, Maya Cizina, Sam Couch, and Matthew Kohn


Acrylamide Detection in Food Using Near Infrared Spectroscopy, Jared Seale, Mark Skinner, Crystal Paulus, and Owen McDougal

Evaluation of Three Sizes of Nasal Cannula Interface to Deliver NIV to Neonates Using a Lung Simulator, Lynae Dawn Seifrit, Tiffany Silvestri, Jori Dudgeon, Jill Sherlock, Jeremy Gibbs, and Ryan Forbush

Linguistic Features of Shona, Taylor M. Sharp, Akira Enderle, Ben Geffon, Emma A. Halverson, Cation Jones, Matthew Lyman, Kayla Scord, Hailey Scott, Caroline Zasadny, Michal Temkin Martínez, and Tim Thornes

Acknowledging the Implications of Native North American Language Revitalization Efforts: A Focus on the Teaching of Western Shoshoni, Taylor M. Sharp and Tim Thornes


Weimar Anxieties Through Avant Garde Short Film, Wyatt Russell Sherod and Beret Norman


Sleeping Beauty Syndrome, Alexis Shusterove, Aubrie Tubach, Adriana Rodriguez, and Julia Oxford

Studying Limits to Self-Assembly with a Two-Dimensional Model of Virus Capsids, Rachel Singleton, Jenny Fothergill, and Eric Jankowski


A Northwest American Sound in Classical Music, Allen W. Skirvin, Eric S. Alexander, and Linda Kline


Modeling the Teton Dam Failure for Downstream Consequences and Validating Geoclaw Code with Geophysical Techniques, Hannah Spero, Donna Calhoun, Brittany Brand, and Jeffrey B. Johnson

Recycled P.E.T. Plastic, Gianna A. Stelluto, Lindsey Plum, Vaughn Pollock, Amy Moll, Vicki Stieha, and Noah Salzman

How Coaching Feedback Influences an Athlete’s Motivation: A Self-Determination Perspective, Emily A. Stevens and Eric Martin

Computer Accessibility, Kylie M. Stewart, Kirk Mendive, Adonis Olivas, and Amy Moll


Employees’ Time Off Experience, Yung Stiffler and Kendall House


Attitudes of Boise State Students on the Exemption of Immunizations Law in Idaho, Serena Stranger, Gail Fyanes, and Andy Hyer


Using Citizen Science to Examine the Range Expansion of Bewick's Wren and Lesser Goldfinch into Idaho, Carter M. Strope, Bryce M. Robinson, and Heidi Ware Carlisle


Animaltracker: Streamlining Spatio-Temporal Analysis and Visualization of High Sampling Rate Animal Data, Thea Sukianto, Joe Champion, Sergio Arispe, and Dylan Mikesell


The Chemical Signature of Dust in the Reynolds Creek Experimental Watershed, Idaho, Caitlyn Swanson, Jen Pierce, Bill Freutel, Erin Murray, and Clayton Roehner

Exercise Protects the Brain… But Why?, Brandi Sweet, Miranda Fischer, Erica Rowe, Stephanie Hall, and Luke Montrose

The Relationship Between the Type of Resources Teachers Use to Develop Lesson Plans and Teacher Characteristics, Natalie C. Swesey and Gena Nelson


Suicidal Bacteria Strikes Again!: Influencing Culture Condition for Promotion of Enhanced Growth and Increased Sustainability for Laboratory Maintenance of Fastidious Organisms: Pseudomonas aeruginosa, Lactococcus lactis, and Serratia marcescens, Savannah Marie Temple and Tim J. O'Donnell

Denver International Airport Main Terminal, Aaron Terrell, Tucker Ewing, Kenny Bradley, and Kirsten Davis


Physical Properties of High-Cholesterol Containing Membranes, Jackson Thieme, Mason Marosvari, and Laxman Mainali

Bucket List Hospice, Shaylee A. Thompson, Eli Foli, Michael Storch, and Christy Suciu

Fabrication of a Nanoscale Electrical Thermometry Platform for 2D Materials, Annalies G. Tipton, Karen Perez, Elton Graugnard, and David Estrada

Spectroscopic Determination of Acrylamide in Coffee, Rebecca K. Torres, Maranda Cantrell, and Owen McDougal


Wildlife and the Spread of Rabies, Ethan H. Van-Derpoel and Jared Romero

Simulation Study of Sweeping Actuation of a Magnetic Shape Memory Micropump with Electromagnetic Coils, Ian D. Varie, Peter Müllner, Brent Johnston, Andrew Armstrong, and Nader Rafla

Investigating Mechanisms of Protein Degradation During Stem Cell Differentiation, Peyton B. Vasquez, Nick Lehning, and Brad Morrison

Characterization of Steroidal Alkaloids Isolated From V. californicum, Jeffrey C. Watkins, Owen McDougal, Matthew Turner, Joseph Collins, Madison Dirks, Jared Seale, and Hanna Seppa

Cystic Fibrosis, Chloe Watt, Leyla Cufurovic, Joe Peterson, Janae Stockton, and Julia Oxford

Idaho Trail Blazers, Stephan Weathers, Kaleigh Hollingsworth, Rob VerPlanck, Anes Srna, and Christy Suciu

Using Distributed Bragg Reflectors to Improve Photon Collection From Quantum Dots, Ariel Eden Weltner, Christopher F. Schuck, Kevin D. Vallejo, Kathryn E. Sautter, Trent A. Garrett, Kevin Silverman, Galan Moody, and Paul J. Simmonds

APRV: A Comparison of APRV/Bilevel, PC-APRV, Bilevel and BiVent, Megan Anne West, Camille Hinchcliff, Morgan Sorg, and Lonny Ashworth


Foreign Gifts and Higher Education: Evidence From the Us, Cade White and Jayash Paudel


Effects of Oxide Additives on the Microstructure of Surrogate Nuclear Fuels, Riley C. Winters, Cayden Doyle, Adrianna E. Lupercio, Andrew T. Nelson, and Brian J. Jaques


Student Athletes in STEM Majors, Ellie Woerner and Krishna Pakala

Project Plastic Funnel, Maxwell Wojcik, Amy Moll, Noah Salzman, Vicki Stieha, Iris Torres, and Edward Bowers

Machu Picchu, Maxwell Wojcik, Riley Roppel, Ben Tolomeo, and Kirsten Davis

Government Transparency, Alissa Dianna Wolfe, Abigail Thomson, Zachary Marcin, Isaac Davis, and Samia Islam

Theoretical Ecology: Areas of Application, Christopher W. Wright, Christian Friday, Travis Moody, Cole Pavlik, and Lisa Meierotto

Wage Inflation in Boise: Unskilled Positions, Katie Wright, Rachel Yingling, Jared Puglisi, Tara Allegood, Aaron DeNagy, and Samia Islam


Stressors and Supports That Affect Refugee Fathers’ Parenting and Their Children’s Development, Rabia Zahid and April S. Masarik