Submissions from 2018

Do Career Interest and Major Alignment Matter?, Cierra Abellera

I-15 Rose Road Interchange, Andy Adams, Alex Poortinga, Anthony Jankowski, Mohammed Alotaibi, AbdulAziz Alfoudri, and Chris Ayers

Toward Securing Healthcare Data Using Smart Contracts, Private, and Public Ethereum’s Blockchain Technology, Chandra Adhikari

Massively Parallel Solvers for Computational Fluid Dynamics on Multi-Block Cartesian Grids, Scott Aiton and Brenton Peck

The Fear of the Masses: How Humanity’s Most Basic Emotion Remains a Literary Focus through Time, Brogan Andrews, Karly Workman, Shannon Brennan, Malia Cole, Emily Schureman, Natalie Tyler, Evan Fishburn, Jenean Tetrault, Leigh Price, Gecko McDowell, George Evans, Will Cole, and Denise Holbrook

How Does the Value of Higher Education Enable Students to Embrace Paying Higher Tuition While Advocating for Commercialization and Lower Quality of Higher Education?, Erin Applegate

Potential Commercial Kitchens for Permanent Boise Farmers Market Location, Hannah Arnold, Jenna Shaw, J. D. Mueller, Gabby Thompson, Brian Fredline, and Gregory Wallingford

Spurious Diversity: How Consumable, Comfortable Diversity Enables White Students to Safeguard Their White Privilege, Fructoso Basaldua and

Low Intensity Vibrations Augment Proliferation and Differentiation in Aging Mesenchymal Stem Cells, Guniz Bas Uzer, Stephanie Hudon, Shin Pu, Julia Oxford, and Eric Hayden

Exploring Self-Efficacy with Undergraduate Students, Olivia Bates

When Disaster Strikes, Taylor Beckman, Sarah Lew, Catherine Ostrem, and Alanna Belz

A Review of Expressive Therapies for Refugee Populations, Alex Beers

Modulation of Membrane Transport via Lysenin Channels Controlled by Electrochemical Gradients, Philip Belzeski, Nisha Shrestha, Daniel Prather, Samuel Kosydar, and Sheenah Bryant

User-Defined Privacy Policy, Stacy Black and Rezvan Joshaghani

Radio Dim/Gamma-Ray Bright Active Galactic Nuclei, Amanda Bohney

Boise Open Space - Stack Rock Reserve Recreational Trail Feasibility Study and Environmental Assessment, Bryan Brown


Virtual Reality Gaming: Reducing Student Anxiety and Increasing Skill Mastery, Kimberly Brown

Macedonia Landfill, Curtis Butterfield, Dalia Alnajjar, Jasem Altannak, Duncan Breedlove, and Mauricio Montoya

The Fear of Public Breastfeeding: A Cultural, Not Moral, Issue, Brianna Campbell, Burke Crofts, Paige Hatch, and Anyssa Loux

Isolation, Purification and Characterization of Novel Steroidal Alkaloids from Veratrum californicum, Vannessa D. Campfield and Matthew W. Turner

Automating Biomedical Computational Modeling: Research of Methods to Manipulate Cartilage Geometry on Three-Dimensional Model of the Knee Joint, Jessica Carlson

Economically Dragooned: How the Rich Get the Destitute to Participate in Their Own Impovershment, Jeffrey Cates

Pedagogy For Sale: How Neoliberalism Reduces Student Freedom, Jeffrey Cates

Difference Defines the Body: Rhetorical Perceptions of DACA Farmworkers, Mitzi Ceballos


Healthy Habits, Healthy U: Knowledge and Intention in Primary Cancer Prevention, Marcus Chapa, Bailey Wilkinson, Katelyn Geselle, and Kirk Ketelsen

Building an Arduino Weather Station, Emma Chard

How Hot Is “Hot”?: Comparison of Crystallization Thermometers in Metamorphic Garnets, Mayara Cizina

Geochemical Signature of Aeolian Material in Reynolds Creek Critical Zone Observatory, Mayara Fernanda Cizina, Clayton Roehner, William Freutel, Marion Lytle, and Jennifer Pierce

Using Infrasound to Detect and Characterize Avalanches, Javier Colton

Density Functional Theory Studies of Nanoporous Materials, Andres Correa Hernandez and Eric J. Cockayne

Food Insecurity in Adults and Children with Cystic Fibrosis: A Secondary Analysis and Translational Research Project, Abigail Cortez

Commodifying Conspicuously and Covering It Up Culturally, Joshua Cox

Starting from Scratch: Learning from the Nation’s Best Student Sections, Clesi Crochet, Chase Blakley, and Brooke Sutton

Prosodic Encoding of Sexuality in the Speech Patterns of Gay and Straight Men, Christopher Dale, Taylor Belloli, Kaitlyn Cheatham, Autumn Ellis, Rylee Godfrey, Tianna Hinson, Alexandra Howard, Scott Landrum, Hannah Masson, Holly Neyer, Hannah Pettibone, Nathan Philipps, Jacqueline Phillips, Rachel Roskelley, Makayla Schoen, Abagail Sparks, Christina Trouten, Kirsten Wingrove, and Roxana Winston

Kifuliiru Language Structures, Christopher Dale, Taylor Belloli, Autumn Ellis, Rylee Godfrey, Tianna Hinson, Alexandra Howard, Scott Landrum, Hannah Masson, Kaitlyn Cheatham, Holly Neyer, Hannah Pettibone, Christina Lang, Abagail Sparks, Roxana Winston, Makayla Schoen, and Kirsten Wingrove


#Metoo: Not My Movement, Brooke Damico

An Analysis for Construction of a Commercial Kitchen in the Boise Farmers Market, Andrew Davey, Michael Byrd, Mckenna Yetter, Siena Kalina, Britt Gable, and Austin Guza

Dendrochronological Estimation of Glacial Retreat and Glacioisostatic Uplift, Davidson Glacier, Southeast Alaska, Christopher Denker

Sustainable Solutions to Disposal of Solar Batteries in Kakamega, Kenya, Alex Dey, Travis Spring, and Britt Gable


Rhetoric Towards Undocumented Mexican Immigrants in Idaho, Celeste Dimas

Gary/Glenwood/State Intersection Project, Anthony Dini, Steven Cranney, Johnathon Owsley, Diego Breedlove, and Ammar Yadikar

Simulating Volcanic Infrasound, Using Lab Based Experiments, James Duncan and Tom Florence

The Ghettoization of Humanities Degrees, Ashlee Enbysk

GIS Visual Representation: Commercial Property Ownership in Downtown Boise/ SE Garden City, Ravyn Farber, Savannah Willits, Hailie Johnson, Jake Thornberry, and Andy Rodriguez

STEM Cultural Deficit Ideology, Colin Fenello

The Female Athlete Triad: An Expanded Perspective on a Complex Disorder, Olivia Filicetti

Military Body Borne Load, but Not Sex Impact on Postural Stability, Brad Foote, Nick Lobb, and Auralea Fain

Inter- and Intra-Monitor Validity of the Atlas Activity Monitor During Resistance Training Exercises, Alecia Fox, Alexander H.K. Montoye, Joe Mitrzyk, and Jeremy A. Steeves

Analysis Method of Twin Boundary Motion in Ni-Mn-Ga Micropump, Justina Freilich, Brent Johnston, and Andrew Armstrong

Punishment Beyond Bars: Pursuing Education with the Mark of Incarceration, Michelle Fretwell

(S)exist (T)echnology (E)levating (M)asculinity in Higher Education, Michelle Fretwell

Women’s Food Sharing in Siberia: Social Network Analyses by Frequencies of Transfers versus Values and Amounts Given, Karen Fulk

People Can Underestimate the Happiness Effect of Being Outdoors!, Michael Garrett and Sander Taylor

The Impact of Women in Politics, Kennedy Gelnette, Elizabeth Daron, Amy Fort, and Lindsey Lopez

The Perception of Gender Wage Gap, Kennedy Gelnette, Elizabeth Daron, Amy Fort, and Lindsey Lopez

Korean Speaking Contest, Joshua Goltermann, Michelle A. Belden, Hailey Aspen Bennett, Lauren Bryant, Reilly Carter, Jill Estacio, Ali Hileman, Bibiana Ortiz, Moon Yong Park, and Makena Pooley

Developing a Differential Scanning Fluorimetry Assay to Measure Protein Stability In vitro, Rafael Gomez

1-D NMR Spectroscopy of C-13 Labeled Metabolites, Briana Grantham


Molecular Interactions of Polydimethylsiloxane and Ni-Mn-Ga, Jaime D. Guevara

Fresh Air Manufacturing Company Shipping Dock Expansion and Site Optimization, Piper Gutridge, Ahmad Dashti, Mohammed Khan, Vincent Schlageter, and Micah Smith

From Lucas Sequences to Lucas Groups, Kayson Hansen

Spectroscopic Measurement of Denatured Protein in Milk Products, Tyson Hardy

The Architecture and Strength of Peroneal Musculature Differs Between Sexes, Sareya Harvey

The Effect of Graphitic Carbon Nitride Crosslinking of Polyvinyl Alcohol Hydrogels, Bradley Henderson

iHSP Judges: Comestor's Cartography, Joseph Hess, Cary Smith, and Nathan Philipps

Advanced Scanning Probe Microscopy for Materials Research, Kari A. Higginbotham


A Measure of Ideological Formation: Visualizing the Metaphysical in Melville’s Marginalia, Denise Holbrook, Cheyene Austin, and Cora Oxley

Strength or Strain: A Discussion on the Impacts of Child Language Brokering, Anna Holdiman

For-Profit Colleges and Agnotology, Daniel Hopkins

Boise State General Education and Experiential Learning, Daniel Hopkins, Evangelina Rodriguez, and Cerena Lee

The Impacts of Mechanical and Electrical Stimulation on Mesenchymal Stem Cell Proliferation and Differentiation, Vanessa Howard

Creating Sustainable Solar Energy Solutions in Kakamega, Kenya, Africa, Mitchell Huffman, Megan Foster, Natalie Chopko, and Tevrin Fuller

Isotyping and Purification of Antibodies for Therapeutic and Diagnostic Use, Amanda Ireton

Division and Diversity in American Literature: Post-Civil War to Present, Noelle Johansen, Heaven Andrus, Shannon Brennan, Jessica Campbell, Nolan Cimoch, Joseph Hess, Sydney Kuisti, Kaitlyn Lange, Rebekah Leipold, Jamie Maas, Caitlin McGowan, Cora Oxley, Max Peterson, Caitlin Recla, Bethany Reinstein, Cheyanne Schenck, Charlie Sutton, Jordin Taylor, Jocelyn Thom, Alex Torres, Leah true, and Karly Workman

Comparison of Light Detection and Ranging with Structure from Motion Technique Accuracies in Riparian Areas Through a Case Study on the Boise River, Joel Johnson

Statistical Analysis of Idaho Counties Through USDA Census and Survey Data, Joel Johnson

Discovering Ultra-Short-Period Exoplanets in K2, Samantha Johnson

Sexual Assault and Boise State University, Paige Jones, Brook Chick, Jeff Jackson, and Mark Hiller

In vitro Collagen Gel Model for Tissue Damage: Towards a Study of Dystrophin-Glycoprotein Complex and Reactive Oxygen Species, Lynn Karriem, AnnaGrace Blomquist, Jennica Compton, Hanna Suman, and Jianna Gimenez

Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell: Homonormativity and Body Politics within Neoliberal Higher Education, Christina Kopper

An Observation of Student Conceptions of Success and the Value of Higher Education at Boise State University, Aaron Jacob Lampe

Empty Promises: An Observation of the Effects of Neoliberalism on Student Conceptions of Success and the Value of Higher Education at Boise State University, Aaron Jacob Lampe

People and Nature: Urban Life and Wetland Use, Jacob Lang and Ryan Knutzen

Thermodynamics and Kinetics of the Electrochemical Reduction of Uranium, Matthew Lawson

Zircon Exsolution from Rutile: Constraints on Ultra-High Temperature Metamorphism of Lower Crustal Granulites, Travis Leach

Expanding Sustainable Reporting & Practices Across BSU, Jennifer Lightfoot, Calen Beaudoin, and Jonathan Rodriguez

Anti-Fans, Troy Livesey, Katarina Myers, Max Falore, Alyssa Hagler, Albert Beckham, and Yusuke Uchikoshi

Mapping Boise Air: Spatio-Temporal Differences in Particulate Matter Distribution in the Greater Boise Area, Javier Luna, Zachary Traylor, and Eric Swider

Cerium Oxide as a Surrogate Nuclear Fuel, Adrianna Lupercio and Jennifer K. Watkins

Development of a Phase-Controlled Magnetron Using Gate Field Emission Arrays, Tonglin Lu, Ryan Harper, Marcus Pearlman, Andy Yue, Steven Saldivar, Tiffany Berntsen, Stephen Longmuir, and Omar Betancourt

Barenaked Automobiles: Safe Alternatives for Paint Stripping, Miranda McCall, Corey Rich, and Natalie Hui

Gene Expression in Response to Mechanical Stress, Kylie McGhee, Megan Lomas, Morgan Jacobsen, and Jenesis Lopez

I Want to be Successful: Identity and Investment in Language Learning Among Adult Refugees with Interrupted Schooling, Desirée Midby Touati

Protective Factors that Promote Resilience Among Refugees, Courtney Moore

Assessment Strategies and Pay for Performance: Is there a Form of Assessment That Indicates the Quality of a Teacher?, Julianne Mori, Claire Oberg, and Lane Pitts

Get a Grip: Multimodal Visual and Simulated Tendon Activations for Grounded Semantics of Hand-Related Descriptions, Daniele Moro


Manipulating Fibroblast Environment to Study Specific Gene Expression, Elizabeth Mosqueda, Jericho Schroeder, Dana Small, Caitlyn Dodge, Stephanie Frahs, and Julia Oxford

Probing Stability of Lyophilized Vaccine Against Bovine Mastitis, Omid Mohammad Mousa

Duration of General Anesthesia Is Associated with Development of Delirium among ICU Patients, Hannah Nakashima

Analysis of Length Spectra in the Complement of the Borromean Rings, Kayla Neal

Paying For Prestige: Student Impressions Regarding Cost of Higher Education, Martin Neher

Development of Low Variability 3-D Printed Tissue Punch, Sean Nelson

The Debtor Class: A 'Missing Element' in Understanding Higher Education and Income Inequality, Lindee Neumeier, Jeffrey Cates, Ashlee Enbysk, and Colin Fenello

Nuclear Response to Low Intensity Vibrations, Josh Newberg, Jesse Schimpf, and Paul H. Davis

Briarhill Townhomes Neighborhood Improvements Project, Kristy Newkirk, Sydney Shoemaker, Jaber Alarbash, Hamad Alkhaldi, and Dale DeRossett

HSP Judith Fact or Fiction in Comestor's Histories, Abigail Niedholdt, Tonya Leavell, and Joseph White

Ultraviolet Raman Spectroscopy of Epitaxial ScFeO3 Films, Nicholas Parker

Modeling Mobile Cyber-Physical Systems’ 2D Navigation Control Logic, Parker Parrish

Effects of Simulated Microgravity on Mesenchymal Stem Cell Mechanosensitivity, Conner Patricelli, Stephanie Frahs, Hallie Touchstone, and Julia Oxford

Resilience Among Refugees: Context, Culture, and Community, Jonnie Pedersen

Towards Nanoscale Electrical Thermometry for Heat Flow Measurements Across 2D Material Interfaces, Alondra Perez, Karen Perez, Tyler Webb, and Steven Letourneau

Mechanical and Chemical Performance of High Temperature Irradiation Resistant Thermocouples, Beck Perrine

The Use of Survey 123 to Improve Field Data Collection for IDARNG, Silvia Perritte and Lucas Spaete

Characteristics of LGBT Allies and Opponents, Justin Petersen

The Neoliberal Institution and the Rural Student: Processes that Undermine the Rural Student, Jacqueline Phillips

The Perception of Femininity and Masculinity, Rachel Pollreis, Ashley Rothrock, Candyce Utter, and Taylor-Lee Mocaby

Air Quality in the Treasure Valley, Rachel Pollreis, Scott Woodworth, and Chandler Craft

State Highway 44 Canyon Canal Bridge Project, Jake Poulsen, Nasser Alenezi, Taeyun Kong, Angela Lively, Lucas Rodrigues Vieira, and Kaleb Tackett

Defining Consent on Campus, Samantha Powers, Brittany Krogel, Tiera Meadows, and Andrea Perrin

LGBTQA+ Sex·u·al ha·rass·ment & Intercollegiate Speech and Debate Activities, Ron Price

Quadratic Equations, Prime Numbers, and Graphs, Michelle Pyles

Child Fatality Trends: Insights from a Rural County Analysis, Julie Rekiere

Optimization of Novel Ceramic to Metal Joints for High Temperature and Pressure Applications, Yaiza Rodriguez

Effects of Reducing Access to Anthropogenic Foods on Conflicts Between Humans and Grizzly Bears in Western Montana, Anna Roser

Expansion of White Domination in Neoliberal Higher Education, Clifford Ross

Cole Road & Lake Hazel Road Intersection Design, Ben Rowett, Ahmad Almoumen, Jawad Almubarak, Madison Austin, and Brandon Woods


Arresting the Gaps in Criminal Profiling Literature, Ryanne Royce


Analyzing Variability in Exoplanetary Eclipses, Wesley Sandidge, Steven Kreyche, Jennifer Briggs, and Brian Jackson

Novel Ceramic to Metal Joint Design Optimization using Finite Element Analysis, Luke Schoensee and Timothy L. Phero

Does Candidate Party Affiliation in a Senate Race Affect the Candidate's Fundraising Ability?, Brooklyn Sciborski

Seeing Is What You Hear: Inducing Visual Hallucinations via Pavlovian Conditioning, Joshua Semko

Effects of Vegetation Treatments on Soil Invertebrate Populations in the Great Basin Rangelands, William Sipe

Nursing Pain Algorithms for Opioid Use in Post-Op Ortho Patients with Acute Pain, Kristen Smith, Jacob Moscrip, and Maddee Meacham

5th/Fort/Hays Intersection Project, Kelsie Styrlund, Ahmed Alomari, David Rau, Luke Rudolph, and Andrew Smith

Konsko River Remediation, Garett Tapia, Abdulaziz Almusaad, Cullen Eckhart, Kendall Teitenberg, and Shahad Almajed

Structure from Motion as a Viable Tool for Quantifying Diffuse Post-Fire Erosion, Luke Telfer

Noise Reduction in Correlation of Fluorescent Time Series Data, Garrett Tisdale

The Effect of Nerve Growth Factor on Neurite Extensions in Rat Pheochromocytoma, Pc12, Cells, J. T. Titmus

Effects of Microgravity-Induced Compromise of Cell Structure On Stem Cell Differentiation, Hallie Touchstone

Forming a Bovine Mastitis Vaccine Using S. Aureus IsdH and Cholera Toxin, Nateijie Truman

Generating Code Variants Using Data Flow Graphs, Azamat Tulepbergenov and Eddie Davis

Big Data Analytics: The Use of Recommender Systems as Viewed Through an Ethical Filter, Gabrial Turner, Frances Lippitt, and Kimberly Gardner

Erosion Management in the Boise Hillside to Hollow Reserve, Bernhard Vering, Cassie Connolly, and Kelsea Donahue

Defects in Zinc Oxide Nanocrystals Studied by Photoluminescence and Raman Spectroscopy, Katelyn Wada

Arduino Weather Monitoring Station, Sarah Wanless

Refugee Resettlement in Boise, ID: Understanding Self-sufficiency Through a Foucauldian Lens, Kelsey Wilber

The Misrepresentation of LGBTQ+ Relationships in the Media, Kelsey Wilber, Hannah Morrison, Ashlyn Heubach, and Christina Trouten

What Ecosystem Services Do Artificial Wetlands Provide to an Urban Setting?, Hannah Wynn, Aubri Kelly, Shawna Embry, and Kendra Rebal

Fabric Analysis of Unconsolidated Pyroclastic Density Current Deposits, Patrick Zrelak, Nicholas Pollock, Trevor Hawkins, and Damiano Sarocchi