Conference Proceedings

The Idaho Science Talent Expansion Program: Improving Freshmen Retention for STEM Majors, Janet Callahan, Judith A. Garzolini, Gary LeRoy Hunt, Joe Guarino, Doug Bullock, Susan Shadle, and Cheryl Schrader


The Inflexibility of Relative Truth, Alexander Jackson

The Value of Interactive Simulations Used in an Undergraduate Math Class, Seung Youn Chyung, Joseph Guarino, Marion Scheepers, Rey DeLeon, Charles Adams, and Paul Williams

Through the Looking Glass: A Learning Adventure in Second Life, R. Trevor Hall

Toys and Mathematical Options for Retention in Engineering (Toys’n MORE): Initial Implementation of the Four Intervention Strategies, Janice M. Margle, Catherine L. Cohan, Yu-Chang Hsu, Jill L. Lane, Amy Freeman, Javier Gomez-Calderon, Dhushy Sathianathan, and Renata S. Engel

Using No-Stakes Quizzing for Student Self-Evaluation of Readiness for Exams, Kirsten A. Davis


WinDSK8: A User Interface for the OMAP-L138 DSP Board, Michael G. Morrow, Cameron H. G. Wright, and Thad B. Welch


WinDSK8: The Continuing Saga of WinDSK, Michael G. Morrow, Cameron H. G. Wright, and Thad B. Welch


Wireless Sensor Network for Aircraft Cabin Environment Sensing, Joshua Kiepert, Sin Ming Loo, Derek Klein, and Michael Pook