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social determinants, obesity, overweight, mental health, wellbeing, BAME

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Obesity's multifaceted causes give rise to a complex and diverse range of health associated morbidities and comorbidities, including diabetes, hypertension, and cardiovascular disease, particularly among British Asian and Minority Ethnic (BAME) populations within in the UK. As found within the recent COVID-19 pandemic these can have wider reaching implications including increased risk of mortality within this population group. Understanding the potential social determinants of the causes of obesity is essential if effective strategies are to be developed to tackle this. A comprehensive search of the CINAHL, ASSIA and Web of Science databases was undertaken with 148 papers identified. Through application of inclusion and exclusion criteria two papers were included within this review. Inductive content analysis was undertaken, through which four conceptual categories were identified: impact of social culture, the "limitless" consequences of empowerment, the power of knowledge, and external elements. Social determinants such as culture, perception, family, and mental health have been found to impact significantly on the ability of many individuals within the BAME population to effectively engage with obesity and weight loss strategies. A greater understanding of these social determinants is needed if future strategies aimed at addressing the obesity pandemic within this population is to be effective.