• Yuanlong Liu, PhD

    Western Michigan University, USA
    Specialty areas: Measurement and Evaluation
  • Assistant of Editor-in-Chief

  • Danji Lu

    Western Michigan University, USA
    Specialty areas: Sports Education
  • Editorial Board

  • Erin Centeio, PhD

    University of Hawaii at Manoa, USA
    Specialty area: Physical education teacher education, curriculum and instruction,
    school-based physical activity intervention

  • Alex Garn, PhD

    Louisiana State University, USA
    Specialty areas: Pedagogy and the Psychology of Physical Activity; Motivational and Emotional Determinants of Physical Activity, Motor Skill Performance, Learning, and Psychological Well-being

  • Yong Gao, PhD

    Boise State University, USA
    Specialty areas: Statistics, Measurement and Evaluation

  • Zan Gao, PhD

    The University of Minnesota, USA
    Specialty areas: Physical activity epidemiology, physical activity and health, physical activity and health disparities, emerging technology applications, digital health

  • Minsoo Kang, PhD

    The University of Mississippi, USA
    Specialty area: Big data analytics, measurement and evaluation, applied statistics

  • Weidong Li, PhD

    Ohio State University, USA
    Specialty areas: Curriculum and teaching in physical education, students motivation and cognition

  • Ken Lodewyk, PhD

    Brock University, Canada
    Specialty areas: motor development, physical literacy, and movement pedagogy

  • Denis Pasco, PhD

    University Bourgogne Franche-Comté, France
    Specialty areas: Technology integration in physical activity, motivation in physical education and physical activity, Teacher Education, Pedagogic Theory and Educational Technology

  • Qingwen Peng, PhD

    College of Huai Hua, China
    Specialty areas: Intercollegiate athletic administration, elementary and secondary school curriculum design and instruction, early childhood physical education teacher preparation,

  • Lynda Ransdell, PhD

    Northern Arizona University, USA
    Specialty area: Enhancing female sport performance, exercise and aging, gender equity in sport, and gender differences in athletic performance

  • Bo Shen, PhD

    Wayne State University, USA
    Specialty areas: curriculum and instruction in physical education, motivation, and physical activity intervention

  • Haichun Sun, PhD

    University of South Florida, USA
    Specialty areas: Curriculum & Instruction, Physical Activity and Achievement Motivation

  • Tao Zhang, PhD

    University of North Texas, USA
    Specialty areas: Physical Activity and Health Disparities; Physical Activity and Sedentary Behavior Interventions; Social Determinants of Physical Activity, Motor Skill, Physical Fitness, and Quality of Life

  • Copy Editor

  • Timothy Michael, PhD

    Western Michigan University, USA