Clinical Supervisors’ Perceptions of the Clarity and Comprehensiveness of the Supervision Competencies Framework

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The purpose of current study was to solicit feedback from training directors and other clinical supervisors employed at APPIC-member clinical training sites (n = 123) regarding the comprehensiveness and clarity of the supervision competencies framework (SCF; Falender et al., 2004). Development of competence in clinical supervision is well-established as essential in the education and training of future psychologists (Rodolfa et al., 2005). The origination of the SCF was an essential step in comprehensively delineating numerous specific components of clinical supervision competency. However, the SCF was the result of 1 workgroup’s consensus and may not necessarily reflect the general views of psychologists who conduct supervision. More specifically, current supervisors may perceive that the SCF would benefit from additions, conceptual clarification, or removal of content. Results indicated that most participants found the SCF components to be comprehensive and clear. In addition, some participants recommended components for inclusion to the SCF as well as the removal of other SCF components. Overall, the SCF can be considered as an initial framework by which to guide the provision of competent clinical supervision. However, it still stands to benefit from further operationalization. Continued discussion on, and empirical investigation of, the framework and its competencies are recommended before any consideration toward potential implementation takes place. Practical implications, limitations, and future research recommendations are addressed.