Fall 2023

Type of Culminating Activity

Student research paper


Creating Homes for Ethiopia’s Future is a fundraiser project inspired by my travels to Ethiopia and opportunities to work with Maji’s Miracle, a nonprofit organization in Meridian, Idaho, advocating for vulnerable youth who have aged out of orphanages in Ethiopia. This capstone project was narrowly focused on one specific portion of the Maji’s Miracle intake process identified as a point where having a restricted reserve fund would allow the organization to act more efficiently to get youth into safe, secure housing, reduce delays and pressure on the organization and youth leaving orphanages, and eliminate concerns for potential homelessness while awaiting payment of initial apartment set-up costs by new sponsors. The fundraising outcomes of this capstone project allow for the creation of a restricted reserve fund at Maji’s Miracle that can be replenished by fundraising events and/or new sponsor or donor opportunities. Additionally, this capstone project raises issue awareness and introduces prospective new donors to Maji’s Miracle.

Degree Program

Bachelor of Arts in Interdisciplinary Professional Studies


Margaret Sass, J.D., Ed.D.


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