Fall 2023

Type of Culminating Activity

Student research paper


Idaho Giving Garden was founded in 2020, and official recognition as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization is set to be granted in January 2024. Idaho Giving Garden’s mission is to combat food insecurity in its community by growing and distributing fresh and nutritious produce to the Meridian Food Bank, fostering a healthier and more equitable food system for all. For my service-learning capstone project, I developed a website for Idaho Giving Garden to raise awareness of its mission and goals and engage volunteers, funders, and donors to support its cause. With greater community engagement through the website, Idaho Giving Garden hopes for significant benefits to its beneficiaries and a sustainable future as a nonprofit organization.

Degree Program

Bachelor of Arts in Interdisciplinary Professional Studies


Margaret Sass, J.D., Ed.D.


© 2023, Amy Elizabeth McIntyre.

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