Spring 2023

Type of Culminating Activity

Student research paper


The process of training and integrating new employees is a key element to the long term success of any organization. In the past Parker Toyota has had a laissez faire approach to training and new employee onboarding. It was the goal of this project to address those areas of need and establish a new training program to increase employee retention, effectiveness and efficiency.

Degree Program

Bachelor of Arts in Interdisciplinary Professional Studies


Margaret Sass, J.D., Ed.D.

Lee, Stephen (2023) Appraisal Objection.pdf (46 kB)
Appraisal Objection

Lee, Stephen (2023) ASST Manager Training outline.pdf (79 kB)
ASST Manager Training Outline

Lee, Stephen (2023) BDC Guidelines.pdf (109 kB)
BDC Guidelines

Lee, Stephen (2023) BDC Lead Expectations.pdf (217 kB)
BDC Lead Expectations

Lee, Stephen (2023) Communication Order.pdf (72 kB)
Communication Order

Lee, Stephen (2023) Customer worksheet.pdf (52 kB)
Customer Worksheet

Lee, Stephen (2023) Handling objections.pdf (45 kB)
Handling Objections

Lee, Stephen (2023) How to Deal with Common Sales Objections.pdf (165 kB)
How to Deal with Common Sales Objections

Lee, Stephen (2023) Lead Check List.pdf (97 kB)
Lead Check List

Lee, Stephen (2023) On Boarding New BDC Agent.pdf (77 kB)
On Boarding New BDC Agent

Lee, Stephen (2023) Sales Meeting Check List.pdf (98 kB)
Sales Meeting Check List



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