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Purpose: At present, the number of children with sensory unison disorder continues to rise in our country, which is a kind of disease that mainly happens in the children of the nervous system, so that the young children's physical quality drops, the uncoordinated movement, attention, and poor performance, affecting the normal healthy development. In the face of the disorder, the intervention can be improved by games in PE class and sensory integration training. Methods: In this paper, literature, mathematical statistics, questionnaire, and other research methods were used to test and study the vestibular function, proprioception, tactile defense and learning ability of freshmen. Two classes of experimental group (N=128) and two classes of control group (N=128) were randomly selected. The experimental group carried out the teaching of the first and second level of fancy rope skipping for the public in physical education class, while the control group carried out the routine physical education activities and carried out the exercise experiment intervention for four months, and the data before and after the experiment were compared. Results: 1) After the first and second action intervention of the general public, the experimental group of students improved in the four ability indicators of sensory integration, and the experimental group of students' sensory integration disorder significantly improved (P < 0.01), and compared with ordinary physical education activities, fancy rope skipping has more significant improvement on the transformation of students with sensory integration disorder into normal students. 2) After 16 weeks of fancy rope skipping intervention, the vestibular function and tactile defense of students in the experimental group were significantly improved, which were to improve their balance ability, concentration, and interest in physical fitness. 3) Both the fancy rope skipping, and the routine physical education activities can significantly improve the proprioceptive ability of the tested students, and their muscle control ability is more significantly improved; The coordination of physical quality and balance ability have improved significantly. Conclusion: It is of great significance for the healthy growth of freshmen to classify the symptoms of sensory dysregulation by means of systematic and targeted integrated training of skipping rope, and gradually increase the intensity and frequency of training.