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Germany, family sports, enlightenment

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Family sports, as a breakthrough of national fitness in Germany, has gone through more than 30 years of development. This study examined the origin, management, operation, guarantee, and promotion mechanism of family sports in Germany by using the methods of literature and field investigation. It is found that family sports in Germany originated from the implementation of "Gold Plan" in Germany, which has the following characteristics: Taking the top management organization of national sports as the link, paying attention to the coordinated management of family and club; paying attention to the coordination and cooperation of multiple departments and organizations. To integrate social resources, to focus on the responsibility of sports clubs, to create a family sports guide, and to focus on family friendly development model are the mechanism driving force to promote the development of family sports. And get the following enlightenment: give full play to the guiding role of the policy, cultivate all kinds of social organizations to promote the development of family sports; based on the integration model of school, family and community, create a good environment for the development of family sports; create the family sports guide to guide the development of Court Sports in our country; adhere to the family sports development model of "family centered".