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Active Campus, physical fitness, sport learning interest

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The exploration of “Activity Campus” action plan for elementary and middle schools in China has been gradually prevailed, but the impact of this plan on students has not been clarified. Based on this, this study is to explores the impact of the "Activity Campus" action plan on students' physical fitness and sport learning interest through research in “Activity Campus” plan, and provides theoretical support for implementation of the “Activity Campus” plan. 164 fourth-grade students from Shandong Province participate in this experiment, 80 in the experimental group and 84 in the control group. The Primary School Students’ Sports Learning Interest Scale was used to investigate the changes in students' mental health and the Physical Health Test Standard was used to measure students' physical and health levels. The scale and measurement tools have high reliability. At the same time, using independent sample T test analyze the data before and after experiment by spss21.0. For physical fitness level, no significant difference between experimental group and control group in the BMI, 50-meter run, one-minute skipping rope, one-minute sit-ups, and total physical fitness scores before the experiment. After the experiment, the control group had significant differences in vital capacity, 50-meter running, one-minute sit-ups, and total physical fitness for sports learning interest, also no significant difference between experimental group and control group before experiment among the degree of sports participation, positive interest in sports learning, negative interest in sports learning, degree of autonomous learning, and total score in sports learning interest. After experiment, there were significant differences between experimental group and control group in all of above. The research results show that “Activity Campus” plan can effectively improve students' physical fitness and health in terms of speed, strength, endurance, and flexibility, and can effectively improve students' interest in participating in sports and their ability to learn independently. This shows that implementation of the “Activity Campus” action plan in China has certain practical significance.