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The importance of information technology guiding the development of physical education is reflected in every field of physical education curriculum and teaching. However, due to China's late start in this field, the relevant literature is relatively confusion, lack of systematic arrangement and summary, which is not conducive to future research. The purpose of this study was to provide reference for further research in this field, and to lay a theoretical foundation for improving the level of physical education curriculum and teaching in our schools and the formation of students' good physical and mental health. In this scoping review study, we used the following keywords: “information technology”, AND “physical education curriculum” AND “physical education teaching” AND/OR “applications” for the literature search via the CNKI. Through the method of literature and content analysis, this paper mainly analyzes the current situation and problems of the application of information technology in physical education curriculum and teaching. At present, especially in rural areas, the construction of extracurricular exercise information platform in schools in China still has great limitations and imperfections. In addition, part of the physical exercise APP is not perfect, people in the physical exercise is easy to be misled, resulting in sports injury. China's physical education teaching management covers a lot of content, the lack of school talents, the implementation is relatively difficult. The integration of information technology and physical education teaching methods has been a hot topic since the 1980s today. However, schools in China have not shown good results in the implementation, and teachers' teaching ideas, teaching creativity and professional knowledge are the main restraining factors. The mainly factors that affect the construction of online physical education curriculum and teaching resources in China include low utilization rate of the platform, weak computer ability of teachers, weak innovation ability, backward thinking, and unclear objectives of the platform construction. The development of information technology accelerates the reform of physical education. Therefore, it is necessary to clarify the nature and goal of physical education curriculum, and give full play to the role of information technology in curriculum construction and teaching under the guidance of advanced educational science theory. At the same time, the government, schools and society should coordinate efforts to address these problems.