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Reviewing and summarizing the research of school physical education management can promote school physical education work. The purpose of this study was twofold: (1) sorting out the achievements and shortcomings of the current research of school physical education management, and (2) putting forward prospects for the future research of school physical education management. In this review study, we followed three steps. We used the following keywords: “school physical education management”, OR “physical education management” for the literature search via the libraries resources of a large university in Shanghai, China. A total of 396 relevant articles were retrieved and then saved to a data processing computer. Then we collated and classified all the articles and then analyzed the management mode, management system and management method at the macro level, as well as the management of physical education teaching in schools, the management of physical education teachers, and the management of field equipment at the micro level. (1) Achievements: The research in the field of school physical education management gradually realized that it was difficult to adapt the "experiential" management to the new requirements of school physical education development, and began to explore management concept renewal. The research on the management model of school sports began to draw lessons from the management of school sports in developed countries and put forward innovative new models. The research on the management system of school physical education puts forward the existing problems and inadequacies based on the current management system. (2) Shortcomings: the research field of school physical education management is relatively narrow, and the research on primary and secondary education themes is scarce; Lack of empirical research; The current situation of management and countermeasures were mainly studied using questionnaire survey, and some studies ignored the basic knowledge of sports management in countermeasures analysis. Future research should take into account era background and the perspective of teaching integration; specifically, to strengthen the empirical research on the management of school physical education, broaden the school sports management research field of vision, the sports management expertise and school sports management research depth fusion, make school sports research has a broader coverage, deeper theoretical depth.