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To promote the curriculum integration of Physical Education (PE) with other school subject matters (such as Chinese, Math, English, etc.), this paper explored the effects of the curriculum integration on the teachers' and students' development of core literacy. Teachers and students from the two campuses of Sanjiaohu education groups participated in this study. Teachers and students from one campus served as the experimental group, and the other served as the control group. The integrated curriculum include the integrated curriculum of “martial art · art”, which derived from the integration among three levels of “martial art”, the related period music subject elements (rhythm, drumming, appreciate), and art subject elements (painting, clay, paper). The integrated curriculum of the PE and the information technology and the curriculum of the science and the moral character were also developed. In addition, under the background of COVID-19 epidemic, the online teaching based on the integration of epidemic prevention and control with “my ‘PE + N’” disciplines were also developed. All these curricula were implemented in the experimental group. The comparison between the experimental and control group was conducted through methods of document retrieval, the questionnaire survey, and the behavior analysis. The results showed that the students' learning habits, core competence, peer communication ability, physical health, and academic performance in the experimental group were significantly better than that of the control group. Based on the statistical analysis of the pre-and post-tests of the experimental group, we found that the indicators which are mentioned above improved. Specifically, students’ academic performance increased by 3.13% and their physical fitness increased by 3%. In addition, the experimental teachers' enthusiasm on learning and their teaching ability also improved. Therefore, the research and practice of integrating content from other subject matters into physical education have a positive impact on promoting the healthy development of teachers’ and students' core literacy.