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physical education and health curriculum, curriculum implementation, Guizhou Province

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The purpose of this study is to investigate the current situation of physical education and health curriculum in primary and secondary schools in Guizhou Province, and to provide reference for promoting the better implementation of physical education and health curriculum in Guizhou Province. In the form of questionnaires, 1549 parents' questionnaires and 254 teachers' questionnaires were collected and statistically analyzed in Guizhou Province, China. Use Excel to summarize and analyze the collected questionnaires. The results found the teaching content could basically meet the needs of students. The satisfaction of primary school students, junior high school students and senior high school students with physical education and health curriculum evaluation was 71.6%, 68.4% and 63.6%, respectively. Students' satisfaction with the content of physical education and health curriculum in senior high school decreased; both students and teachers believed that all students had the opportunity to participate in sports activities in physical education and health classes, but the time for skill learning and physical training in PE classes in primary and secondary schools was less than 20 minutes. The intensity of classroom exercise in 60% of primary and secondary schools was less than 75%. 94.1% of teachers control exercise load according to experience, and only 3.9% of schools use intelligent monitoring devices to monitor. 50.9% of primary and junior high school physical education classes did not meet the required number of class hours. 69.6% of the students were satisfied with the elective items in the physical education courses offered, but their satisfaction with the senior high school dropped to 61.6%. Primary and secondary schools in Guizhou Province should continue to increase the construction and investment of physical education and health curriculum venues, equipment and facilities, and optimize the use and development of existing physical education curriculum resources. Physical education teachers should constantly update teaching concepts, improve teaching methods and improve course teaching ability. Schools and teachers should carry out physical education and health courses according to the requirements of physical Education and Health Curriculum Standards, and actively promote the "Chinese Health physical Education Curriculum Model" put forward by JI Liu professor to ensure a certain exercise load and exercise density.