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As the highest award platform in cheerleading competitions, the World Cheerleading Championship is participated by the elite teams and international judges and experts from all over the world. This paper aims to explore the similarities and differences between excellent teams from the aspects of complete sets of dance movements, difficult movements, complete sets of music, and stage visual effects. To collect data, we searched relevant documents and materials through China Knowledge Net, Wanfang data periodical net, and other information networks. Meanwhile, we watched videos of the top eight teams that participated in the 2019 World Cheerleading Championship. In addition, we conducted face-to-face and telephone interviews with cheerleading field senior experts. Comparative analysis was conducted to analyze the data. The analysis revealed a few patterns. First, almost all teams used a large number of collective movements and rich formation changes to give the audience a visual impact. Second, the choreographers made reasonable arrangements for difficult movements based on the team members’ abilities. Third, most teams chose the classical or current popular songs to arouse the audience. Fourth, choreographers decided on the theme of the music before choreographing dance moves and difficult moves, and how the set would be displayed at the climax of the program. Based on the results, we recommend Jazz cheerleading teams to consider adjusting the frequency of formation changes to stage space. Difficult movements should be chosen based on appropriateness and quality under the rules of collective jazz events. We also recommend using appropriate arrangement styles to showcase the physical qualities of athletes.