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The State Sports General Administration issued "Some opinions on promoting the reform of sports event approval system" on December 30, 2014, clearly canceling the right of approval of mass sports events. Based on this, the community has reflected well, and the quantity and quality of sports events have been significantly improved, but this change has also increased the difficulty of sports event governance. This paper aims to summarize the problems existing in the governance of sports events and the corresponding optimization paths and provides suggestions for the healthy development of sports event. The literature was searched using a keyword “sports event governance” in CNKI. A total of 32 documents were retrieved. Based on the combination of literature content and certain expansion, thirty documents were included in this review. The research progress of sports event governance is expounded from the aspects of concept definition, background of sports event governance, problems existing in sports event governance, and the optimization paths of sports event in China. The problems in the governance of sports event in China include: (a) The power and responsibility of government departments are unclear; (b)The market system is not perfect and the market regulation function is weakened; (c) There lacks materialization of sports social organizations; (d) There are problems in the distribution of benefits among relevant departments, market players, and sports social organizations. The optimization paths of sports event governance include: (a) Clearing government ' s power and responsibility in sports event governance; (b) Improving the market mechanism to enhance the main regulatory capacity; (c) Establishing new supervision mechanism between government and society. The decentralization at the government level has greatly promoted the enthusiasm of social organizations to host sports event, but the new order will always be accompanied by some chaos at the early stage. There are some problems at the government level, the market level, and the social sports organization level. The solutions to these problems are still at the research stage. For example, the optimization schemes of various subjects mentioned in this paper have been gradually studied and summarized.