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Australia F45 functional training is a high-intensity intermittent cycle training method, integrating life, interest, competitiveness and cooperation together. The purpose of this study was to examine the effect of this training method on college students’ physical quality. 30 Participants from a university in southwest of China were recruited and were divided into two groups. The control group used traditional training methods while the experimental group used indirect circular training method, moderate intensity (pulse control at an average of 140-160 times / min), with the cooperation of music training. The corresponding fitness was tested before and 6 weeks after the experiment. Before and after the experiment, the scores of 50m, standing long jump, pull up / sit up, sitting forward, 800m / 1000m were tested respectively. The content of classroom training was composed of the auxiliary training contents of the five qualities: high leg lifting, small step running, frog jump, upright jump, push-up, flat support, standing forward and so on. The fitness of the students in the control group and the experimental group was improved, and the improvement of the experimental group was more obvious, especially the standing long jump, sit ups and long-distance running. It is suggested that college students accept the medium intensity intermittent cycle training method, which can improve the physical quality of college students.