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PE teachers, value orientation, gender difference

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This study analyzed the performance of gender differences in value orientation of physical education teachers in junior and senior high schools. Researcher selected 16 middle school PE teachers(8 males and 8 females) in China under the premise of controlling the environment(all objects work in first-tier urbans), education background (same degree and graduated from same university) and working years(3 years). Participants’ value orientation was assessed with the value orientation scale and individual interviews. The results illustrated that female teachers rated the self-actualization index and social responsibility index the highest, while male counterparts were more likely to orient teaching towards disciplinary mastery and learning process. Interview data further confirmed the assertion. Compared to females, male teachers were more masculine- and authoritative- oriented, more likely to be dominant in terms of skill acquisition and sports development based on students’ interests. However, female teachers were better at carry out teaching through praise, encouragement and patient communication. A systematic analysis of the gender difference in value orientation and underneath reasons leading to the difference is needed to enhance teaching and cultivate talents in physical education.