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physical exercise, mobile phone addiction, loneliness

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Mobile phone addiction has become a common phenomenon among college students, which seriously affects their physical and mental health. In this process, individuals with a strong sense of loneliness tend to seek social support and belonging in the virtual network, which leads to the occurrence of mobile phone addiction. At the same time, studies have begun to explore ways to reduce mobile phone addiction by improving physical activity. The purpose of this study was to explore the impact of low-level college students' physical exercise on mobile phone addiction, and focuses on the mediating mechanism of loneliness. The mobile phone addiction scale, the physical activity level scale, and the loneliness scale were selected as the subjects. SPSS 23.0 was used to perform descriptive statistics, correlation analysis, multiple regression analysis, and bootstrap mediation effect test on the data. There were significant differences in gender dimensions between physical exercise, mobile phone addiction, and loneliness of low-level college students. Correlation analysis shows that there is a significant negative correlation between physical exercise and mobile phone addiction (r = -0.14, P < 0.01) and loneliness (r = -0.15, P < 0.01). Loneliness and mobile phone addiction (r = 0.29, P < 0.01) was significantly positively correlated. The test results of the mediating effect show that the 95% confidence interval of the indirect effect Bootstrap produced by loneliness does not contain a value of 0, indicating that loneliness has a significant mediating effect between the level of physical exercise and mobile phone addiction (standardized effect value = -0.58, Accounted for 29% of the total effect). The level of physical exercise of low-level college students is significantly negatively related to mobile phone addiction and loneliness, and loneliness is significantly positively related to mobile phone addiction. There is a mediating effect of loneliness between physical exercise and mobile phone addiction.