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physical education, curriculum evaluation, teacher training certification

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The purpose of this study was to summarize the main body, content, method and application effects of physical education curriculum evaluation, to understand the current situation of physical education curriculum evaluation in China, and to construct an evaluation index system based on teacher training professional certification. The Chinese and English databases were searched by systematic evaluation, and the retrieval time was from December 31, 2018. The research literature that met the standard were included, and qualitative analysis was conducted by subject analysis method. A total of 100 studies were included, most of which summarized the concept, content and subject of physical education curriculum evaluation in different historical backgrounds. It has the following characteristics: The main body of evaluation is diversified, but it is still dominated by teachers' and administrative departments' top-down evaluation. The content of evaluation is diversified, but the homogenization is serious, and the essential problem of course evaluation is not explained enough yet. Evaluation methods are diversified, but there are few methods combining information technology and cross-boundary evaluation. Based on the three core concepts of teachers' professional certification, the evaluation standard is established. With the student-oriented concept, establish the evaluation subject, content, method and means; Taking output orientation as the concept, integrate various methods or means to improve the quality of teaching and student training; Build a developmental evaluation system and promote the continuous improvement of physical education curriculum system.