2019 Graduate Student Showcase

Title of Submission

Evaluation of Idaho Prescribers’ Attitudes Toward Opioid-Related Policy

Degree Program

Health Promotion, MHS

Major Advisor Name

Sarah Toevs

Type of Submission

Scholarly Poster

Judging Session

10:30am - 12pm - Judging Session #2


This study explored Idaho prescribers’ attitudes and perceived barriers toward mandating the use of the prescription monitoring program (PMP) and linking controlled substance licenses to opioid-related continuing medical education (CME). In partnership with the Idaho Office of Drug Policy and the medical licensing boards, students surveyed prescribers who hold controlled substance licenses. Results indicated a majority of respondents did not support a mandate requiring PMP consultation before prescribing an opioid. Many prescribers acknowledge the usefulness of the PMP but it was too much of a time burden. Results also indicated general opposition to requiring opioid-related CMEs.

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