2019 Graduate Student Showcase

Title of Submission

E-Learning Module for the Installation of HotFix 18.2 for L&P Digital Front End Servers Running 5.2 IR7 Software for HP Indigo

Degree Program

Organizational Performance & Workplace Learning, MS

Major Advisor Name

Lisa Giacumo

Type of Submission

Scholarly Poster


This e-learning module for the installation of hotfix 18.2 for HP Indigo L&P Digital Front End Servers Running 5.2 IR7 is a course that uses visual demonstration, simulated practice, and knowledge assessment to assist the learner in the process for installing Digital Front End proprietary software for HP Indigo’s Graphic Business Unit. By adhering to multiple evidence based e-learning principles within the module, targeted worldwide learners have downloaded and completed the e-learning to successfully fulfill both procedural and declarative learning objectives to ensure organizational objectives and financial goals are met within HP Indigo.

JasonGroner_GraduateShowcase_2019.pdf (1091 kB)
PDF with screenshots and link to eLearning Module

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