The Role of Grain Boundary Character on Dynamic Recrystallization

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Dr. Megan Frary


This study investigates the role of grain boundary character on dynamic recrystallization. During hot working, the induced stress can be relieved through nucleation of new grains; this process is known as dynamic recrystallization (DRX). This study will use experimental analysis and computer modeling to determine the effects of grain boundary character on DRX in stainless steel and nickel alloys. In the experimental analysis, stainless steel 316L and nickel will undergo grain boundary engineering (GBE). This technique uses a series of cold-working and annealing steps to obtain predetermined levels of special boundaries. The GBE material will be deformed at high temperature, and the effects of the varying levels of special boundaries on the dynamic recrystallization behavior will be analyzed. The computer modeling will be based on the results of the experimental work and will offer insight to the role that the fraction of low energy boundaries has on the deformation behavior.

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