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Understanding and integrating neuroscience research into clinical practice represents a rapidly growing area in mental health. An expanding body of neuroscience literature increasingly informs clinical practice by validating theory, guiding clinical assessment and conceptualization, directing effective interventions, and facilitating cross-disciplinary communication. Little attention, however, has been given to the use of neuroeducation with clients. In this article, the author provides mental health counselors with a definition of neuroeducation and a rationale for incorporating neuroeducation into clinical practice. The author identifies common neuroeducation topics and offers activity suggestions to illustrate their use in counseling. Finally, the author offers best practices for implementing neuroeducation, including attention to counselor competence, client readiness, and neuroscience of learning principles. Implications for research are also discussed.

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This document was originally published in Journal of Mental Health Counseling by the American Mental Health Counselors Association. Copyright restrictions may apply. doi: 10.17744/mehc.38.2.02