2024 Undergraduate Research Showcase

Underneath the Uniform: The Unseen Struggles of First Responders' Mental Health

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Student Presentation

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Dr. Eric Martin


In this project, I am going to overview several systematic reviews and meta-analysis articles to provide an overview of what type of interventions have been done and what implications that provides for those who are thinking about entering a first responder field, in charge of training for first responders, or those support groups who might interact with first responders. First responders consistently view traumatic events and understanding how to support these individuals both pre-trauma and post-trauma would be helpful to ensuring their overall well-being. The ultimate goal of this project is to gather data on each study and find out which interventions have been most effective. Upon completion of the summaries, there will be a determination of the effectiveness of each intervention and what should be done in the future that can provide recommendations to help these critical workers and their well-being.

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