2024 Undergraduate Research Showcase

It’s 110° Fahrenheit Outside!: Managing Heat & Protecting Workers

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Student Presentation

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Dr. Cynthia Curl and Dr. Carly Hyland


Global temperatures and heat waves have increased due to climate change over the years, which can severely impact the health and safety of the outdoor working population groups. Agricultural workers are among the vulnerable populations impacted by heat stress due to the demanding work they perform under direct sunlight and in poor working conditions. In light of this, a literature review was conducted to identify and synthesize effective interventions to help decrease heat stress and prevent these severe health impacts. Findings were synthesized from 10 articles and summarized in educational outreach materials that were developed. These include a trifold pamphlet, poster, and business card infographic for distribution to community organizations and farmworkers. Feedback was solicited from farmworker-serving community organizations, and the materials were translated in Spanish. The effective interventions that were identified during the literature search and highlighted in the materials includes heat education and awareness training; water, rest, and shade; cooling interventions; workplace modifications; clothing; and team monitoring.

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