2024 Undergraduate Research Showcase

Off Grid Renewable Energy

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Student Presentation

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Dr. Sondra Miller


The demand for data centers and other high energy cost systems is increasing, which puts a lot of stress on the current electrical grid. This project will present how renewable energy can be used to power data centers in off grid locations, especially underwater. Offshore wind farms are a great option for powering data centers and are capable of producing enough energy for underwater data centers. Tidal energy is another good energy option as it can be located very close to where the data centers will be. Battery storage is an important part of the off-grid energy solution to compensate for inconsistent wind and tidal energy. A reliable and efficient battery technology such as lithium ion is needed to keep the off-grid energy option viable. We have discovered that renewable energy such as wind farms and tidal generators are a viable option to power underwater data-centers and there are options to store the excess energy from these sources for tough times.

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