2024 Undergraduate Research Showcase

Vertically Integrated Projects: Art Science Integration

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Student Presentation

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Dr. Megan Cattau, Dr. Sarah Dalrymple, Dr. Stephanie Galla, and Dr. Allison Simler-Williamson


Art is an unspoken and unifying language; it is an expression of culture, religion, emotion, and our natural world. There has always seemed to be this division between the creative music and art loving “left” side of the brain in comparison to the structured logical math and science minded “right” side. This study is part of a VIP course at BSU and focuses on ways art and science can actually blend together in a way to better communicate and unify viewers and learners from either realm. The steps to make this a successful study started with interviewing and attending lectures, presentations, and demonstrations with a range of biologists and their work and artists in order to understand the range and how science and art can blend in each area. The approach is to focus on the topic of “ adaptation in a changing world” and finding a way our world has had to adapt as the world changes and portraying it artistically. The goal is to find a way to unify these two realms of art and science in a way that can educate and intrigue individuals.

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