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Student Presentation

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College of Engineering


Department of Civil Engineering

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Dr. Bhaskar Chittoori, Dr. Robert Hamilton, Dr. Mandar Khanal, Dr. Yang Lu, Dr. Sondra Miller, Dr. Debakanta Mishra, and Dr. Mojtaba Sadegh


Deep Creek Bridge is located in Latah County, Idaho along US Highway 95. The bridge was built in 1938. An inspection completed in 2016 determined the damage on the bridge was too great for repair and marked it necessary for replacement. Currently, the foundations are exposed and the hydraulic performance needs improvement. The joints are severely damaged, reinforcing bars are exposed and rusting, and large deep cracks are seen throughout the bridge. The bridge will not last another 10 years with the increase in traffic flows.

To maintain traffic flow during construction, a 4.6-mile detour takes traffic north through a rural road and down to Highway 6 which will connect people to US 95. The span of the bridge will be increased. An integral abutment with discrete piles will be used in conjunction with rip rap to prevent further scour from happening and the bridge secured. The girders and handrails of the bridge are made from steel while the decking will be concrete. High-water level and the 100-year floodplain were used to determine the height of the bridge. Deep creek does fall under categorical exclusion, therefore, neither an environmental impact statement nor an environmental assessment is required.