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Bilingual Education

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Claudia Peralta

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Student Project


In the last two decades, transnational marriages have been growing in Taiwan, Republic of China (R.O.C). Increasing numbers of Taiwanese men have married bride immigrants from Southeast Asian countries (Vietnam, Indonesia, the Philippines, Thailand and Cambodia) and Mainland China. These women usually are from low socio-economic class and have little formal education (Chen, Katsurada & Wu, 1998; Tsai, 2006; Tsai & Hsiao 2006). Their offspring are the so-called “New Taiwanese Children”(NTC). The academic performance of New Taiwanese Children has become a contested issue in Taiwanese society, because these children are viewed by some as not being able to contribute to society. The goal of this study is to explore the bride immigrants’ roles in Taiwan as mothers in the community. This study is a qualitative study that uses ethnographic tools. The data was collected through informal and semi-structured interviews and reflective journals. This study hopes to inform others in the field of international migration and share how bride mothers have learned to navigate their new adapted culture, the Taiwanese culture.