Campus Farmer's Market

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Student Presentation

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Scott Lowe


Climate change, energy consumption, and the question of what a sustainable community really means to a population, lead us to pursue a campus farmer’s market. A campus market would allow the Boise State University population to reconnect with the food they consume as well as reconnect with the community around them in a healthy, fun, and convenient way.

This research project addresses the potential for a farmer’s market on the Boise State University campus. The market would provide students, faculty, university employees, and local community members with convenient, healthy, and sustainable food items, and would include produce grown in two campus gardens that are operated by students. The market would also provide other student organizations and clubs a venue to showcase their art, music, or other talents. As a test case, we propose a “pop-up” market, operated for two weeks, which will help us to determine the optimal time of day, and the day of week that would be most successful. The pop-up market will also allow feedback from all participants and vendors, including chef demonstrations, gardening education and overall community involvement.

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