Optimism and Relationship Satisfaction: Do Self-Disclosure Behaviors Make a Difference?

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Student Presentation

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Kimberly McAdams


Optimism is largely becoming an important personality trait to understand. Optimism has been linked to better health and psychological functioning. The ways in which an individual views life can have lasting effects on life satisfaction. Prior researchers have established an association between the personality trait of optimism and relationship satisfaction. Researchers have also found that the association between optimism and relationship satisfaction can be partially explained by co-operative problem solving skills. The purpose of my study is to extend that research by looking at self-disclosure as another possible explanation for the association between optimism and relationship satisfaction. Intimacy is a foundational element of satisfying and lasting relationships. Intimacy is developed through gradual disclosure between partners. Understanding the variables that contribute to relationship satisfaction may have future implications on clinical practice. It is important to understand such variables in order to further clinical practice. I hypothesize that optimistic individuals are more likely to self-disclose to their partners, which then increases relationship satisfaction.

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