Persuading Students: Video Use in Persuading Students to Develop Soft Skills

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Student Presentation

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Eric Landrum


To be competitive in the workforce as a Psychology Bachelorette program graduate, students need to develop skills as well as knowledge. Employers look for more than knowledge when hiring employees, such as communication and effective time management skills. While traditional 4 year degree programs provide knowledge of the Psychology field there is little development of the skills necessary for a successful transition into the work force. While employers emphasized the desire for knowledge level skills often referred to as “hard skills”, the most desirable skill is a set of “soft skills” such as willingness and ability to learn (Coll & Zegwaard, 2006). This requires students to develop skills beyond the “hard skills” they acquire in their time at college. While there is data available, that can be used to support this claim; the effectiveness of the information delivery methods should be evaluated. I hypothesize that the use of interview videos with perspective employers will be effective in persuading the current students to pursue individual “soft skill” development.

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