College of Social Sciences and Public Affairs Poster Presentations

College of Social Sciences and Public Affairs Poster Presentations



Submissions from 2012

Comparing Self Report and Physiological Stress Responses in Survivors of Childhood Trauma, Kristin M. Batten, Amy Jo Claffey, Melissa D. Pullin, and Lindsey C. Ward

Effect of Parental Drug and Alcohol Use on Children in College, John Bowker

The (Undergraduate) Major Choices in the Economic Downturn, Roger Clark and Linsey Amaya

The Influence of Parent-Child Attachment on Romantic Relationships, Monica Del Toro

Fighting for Our Youth’s Future, Shwaye Eibensteiner

College Adaptation among Traditional and Non-traditional College Students, Sofia Fernandez

The Neoliberal-Commercialization of Faculty: The Rise of Adjunct Professors, Jared Fitzgerald

President Civic Leadership- Business Management Internship, Emma Gibson

Analysis of Human Remains from the Siriki Shell Mound, Northwestern Guyana, Beki Jumonville

Student Internalization of Neoliberal Model of Higher Education: Students as “Consumers” of Commoditized Education, Makala Knutson

The New Evangelization: Loving America Through Catholic Radio, Heidemarie Martin

A West European Style Populist Radical Right Movement in America? The Case of the Tea Party, Daniel May

Nursing in Action, Jeanette McMillan

Effects of Prisoner Location on Visitation Patterns, Anjannette M. Monroe

Sprawl in the Western United States: Do State Growth Management Programs Reduce Sprawl?, Jenna Nash

An Exploration of Historical Idaho Through Photography, William Neely

Emancipative Values, Development, and Democracy: Regime Legitimacy and Economic Voting Trends Across Nations, Verona Schaller

The Effects of Dual Enrollment Courses: Do They Prepare Students for College?, Ernesto Soto

Non-Profit Theatre: A National Epidemic, Breck Thompson

Career Decision-Making Self-Efficacy among College Students with Symptoms of ADD, Charlotte Tomevi

Gender Differences in Physiological Responses in Stressful Situations, Charlotte Tomevi, Brad Burbank, Elsira Gramajo, and Megan Donnelly

Racial Lens and Interpretations in Video Games, Mario Venegas

Early Childhood Special Education Services, Delanie Williamson

Assimilation of Hmong Refugee Students, Lesley Yang

PACO: Determining Throttle Position in NASA’s T‐38 Talon, Mallory Yates