Multidimensional Wellness Promotion in the Health and Fitness Industry

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Current trends in the United States indicate an increase in sedentary behaviors, obesity, stress and poor diet, contributing to heightened rates of chronic illness and mortality. These trends illustrate a need for prioritizing prevention and wellness promotion, and conceptualizing health as a multidimensional construct. The exercise and fitness industry is uniquely positioned to support individuals in establishing healthy lifestyle trends that address multiple domains of wellness. This research study utilized health and fitness professional survey data to assess relationships between the frequency of addressing each of the five primary domains of wellness (physical, social, emotional, intellectual and spiritual), and a number of demographic variables. Relationships between the frequency of addressing domains of wellness and all demographic variables (e.g. physical wellness by industry role) were examined using Pearson Chi Square Tests of Independence. Results indicate differences in the frequency that unique dimensions of wellness were addressed with clients, as well as differences based on industry role and gender. Implications are discussed, including challenges associated with a consensus organizational definition of wellness, and variability in training and education requirements of fitness professionals, that may impact the promotion of wellness domains beyond the traditional physical focus.