Responding to the 2008 EPAS: Baccalaureate Education Assessment Direct and Indirect Measurement

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To meet accreditation requirements, many programs have used indirect measurements focused on student perceptions, which are sufficient to meet current Educational Policy and Accreditation Standards (EPAS) requirements. This article assists programs with measurement of the ten 2008 EPAS competencies by presenting two new instruments that measure implicit and explicit curriculum and compliment the already-existing Baccalaureate Educational Assessment Package (BEAP) instrument set. The Foundation Curriculum Assessment Instrument provides a direct pre–post measurement of how well a program's curriculum prepares students for practice. The Field/Practicum Placement Assessment Instrument focuses on the measurement of field education competencies. As demonstrated in a matrix, the BEAP instruments provide measures of all 41 competencies and the knowledge, values, and skills that help define them.

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