Submissions from 2018


Increase in Intra-Abdominal Pressure During Airway Suctioning-Induced Cough After a Successful Spontaneous Breathing Trial is Associated with Extubation Outcome, Lonny Ashworth


Clinical Management of Pressure Control Ventilation: An Algorithmic Method of Patient Ventilatory Management to Address “Forgotten but Important Variables”, Lonny Ashworth, Yasuhiro Norisue, Megan Koster, Jeff Anderson, Junko Takada, and Hatsuyo Ebisu

Submissions from 2017


Impact of Physician Education and Availability of Parameters Regarding Esophageal Pressure and Transpulmonary Pressure on Clinical Decisions Involving Ventilator Management, Lonny Ashworth

Submissions from 2016


Evolution of an Interprofessional Patient Skills Course with the Incorporation of Simulation Scenarios, Lutana Haan, Rosemary Macy, and Leslie E. Kendrick


Esophageal Pressure Measurements in Patients With Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome, Grace Hofmann, Lutana Haan, and Jeff Anderson

Submissions from 2015


Resolving Bottlenecks: Converting Three High-Enrollment Nursing Courses to an Online Format, Ken-Zen Chen, Jeff Anderson, Elizabeth Lyon Hannah, Christine Bauer, and Corinna Provant-Robishaw

Submissions from 2014


Implementation of Do Not Attempt Resuscitate Orders in a Japanese Nursing Home, Nobuhiro Asai, Yoshihiro Ohkuni, Lonny Ashworth, and Norihiro Kaneko

Submissions from 2013

Expanding Students' Global View of Health Care, Megan Koster

Submissions from 2011


Strategies for Managing Large Online Classes, Patt Elison-Bowers, Jaime Sand, M. Rose Barlow, and Thomas J. Wing

Submissions from 2003


Are Inhaled Drugs Delivered to the Bronchial Smooth Muscles Through the Bronchial Circulation?, N. B. Charan, J. Wolf, M. Henrichs, J. M. Williams, R. Sullivan, and L. J. Ashworth

Submissions from 2001

Ventilator Graphic Interpretation, Jeffrey M. Anderson, Lonny Ashworth, and Lisa Crystal

Submissions from 1995

Cardiopulmonary Implications of Neuromuscular Blockade, N. P. Sandmeyer and Lonny Ashworth

Submissions from 1990

Pressure Support Ventilation, L. J. Ashworth

Submissions from 1989

Survey of Respiratory Care Faculty Salaries, Lonny J. Ashworth and Conrad Colby