Research Computing Days 2023


Research Computing Days is an annual conference sponsored by Research Computing Support at Boise State University. Each year students are encouraged to present posters about how computing/data and the use of coding tools have helped in research. As of 2023 faculty and students began presenting visual representations of data as art.

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Research Computing Days 2023 was held in the Student Union Building March 28 – 29, 2023.


Submissions from 2023

One Happy Y6 Molecule, Marjan Albooyeh and Gwen White


Convection Modeling of Ice-Ocean Interaction, Yao Gahounzo and Michal Kopera

Ice/Ocean Interactions, Yao Gahounzo and Michal Kopera

Fusion Welding and Mechanical Testing of Thermoplastic Polymers, Chris Jones and Eric Jankowski

Density Current on a Slope, Michal Kopera

Lock-Exchange, Michal Kopera

Lock-Exchange in a Simplified Fjord, Michal Kopera


GPU Accelerated Adaptive Wave Propagation Algorithm, Brian Kyanjo, Donna Calhoun, C. Burstedde, S. Aiton, J. Snively, and M. Shih


The Beauty of Computational Drug Design, Gabriel Miles


Hardware Trojan Detection in Chips by Removing Dependencies Between Features in Machine Learning, Alfred Moussa and Nader Rafla


Integrating Empirical Orthogonal Functions (EOFs) into Machine Learning Model, Kachinga Silwimba

VACUUMMS, Frank T. Willmore


Pattern Formation from the Gierer–Meinhardt Model on the Stanford Bunny, Grady Wright

Turing Patterns from the Gierer–Meinhardt Model on the Stanford Bunny, Grady Wright